Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

The Life and Teachings of
Yeshua the Messiah






Vivus, The Third Book of Celestine Light, is a monumental book containing 100 chapters detailing the life and teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth during the time corresponding to the extremely limited account in the Christian New Testament.

Vivus not only includes many sermons and descriptions of profound miracles not found in other books, but also fills in many lost details to the sermons, miracles and accounts that are mentioned in other documents.

In Vivus we get to witness the evolution of both Yeshua and Miriam as they both come to a full understanding of who they are and the great power that comes with that knowledge to both of them.

Yeshua calls twelve Apostles or ‘special witnesses’ in Vivus, and Miriam, as one of the twelve, becomes the ‘Apostle to the Apostles.’

Throughout much of the latter half of Vivus Yeshua is continually teaching his Apostles the secrets and mysteries of the Celestine Light by which all things are possible. In the course of this we learn that the Earth is only one of countless Earths and Yeshua explains many paranormal activities and abilities, and how these can be utilized and controlled by the Adepts of the Children of Light.

Like Nexus, the chapters of Vivus are chronological and are best read one after the other, as there are often essential foundations laid in earlier chapters that help you to better understand the events in later chapters.

Vivus Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Second Sermon in Bethany
Chapter 2: Sojourn in the Wilderness
Chapter 3: Announcement to the Family
Chapter 4: Confrontation in Capharsalama
Chapter 5: Commitment to the Light
Chapter 6: Covenant of Light
Chapter 7: Yochanan the Baptizer
Chapter 8: Oneness by the Lake
Chapter 9: Equality of Women
Chapter 10: Temptations of Yeshua
Chapter 11: Baptisms of Yeshua and Miriam
Chapter 12: Disciples of Yochanan
Chapter 13: Kingdom of God
Chapter 14: Disciples from Bethsaida
Chapter 15: The Samaritan at Jacob’s Well
Chapter 16: Wrath in the Temple
Chapter 17: Enlightenment of Nicodemus
Chapter 18: Baptisms in Bethany
Chapter 19: Testimony of Yochanan
Chapter 20: Imprisonment of Yochanan
Chapter 21: Challenges in Nazareth
Chapter 22: Healing the Nobleman’s Son
Chapter 23: First Sermon at Gennesaret
Chapter 24: Sermon on Unorthodox Marriages
Chapter 25: Sermon at Sycthopolis
Chapter 26: First Sermon at Ptolemais
Chapter 27: Second Sermon at Ptolemais
Chapter 28: By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them
Chapter 29: A Prophet Rises to His Glory
Chapter 30: The Nature of Eternity
Chapter 31: Second Marriage of Martha of Bethany
Chapter 32: Challenges of the Children of Light
Chapter 33: Sermon in Capharsalama
Chapter 34: From This Day the Light Goes Forth
Chapter 35: Many Miracles of Gennesaret
Chapter 36: Callings of the Children of Light
Chapter 37: The Gifts of Elohim
Chapter 38: The Calling of Mattayah
Chapter 39: Standing for the Truth
Chapter 40: The Old and the New
Chapter 41: Passover at Jerusalem
Chapter 42: By Their Love You Will Know Them
Chapter 43: Calling of the Twelve Apostles
Chapter 44: Salome
Chapter 45: Sermon on the Mount
Chapter 46: Miracles and Suffering
Chapter 47: Setting Apart the Apostles
Chapter 48: Builder of Eternity
Chapter 49: Destiny Fulfilled
Chapter 50: Eternal Love

Chapter 51: The Powers of Lanaka
Chapter 52: In the World But Not of It
Chapter 53: The Destiny of Miriam
Chapter 54: The Youthfulness of Age
Chapter 55: Miracles of Body and Mind
Chapter 56: He Who Shall be Last Shall be First
Chapter 57: Sins Forgiven
Chapter 58: Confrontation upon the River Qishon
Chapter 59: Belief and Faith
Chapter 60: Miracles of Knowledge
Chapter 61: Miracle at the Ladder of Tyre
Chapter 62: Lessons at the Beach
Chapter 63: Gifts of the Earth
Chapter 64: The Healing of Tyre
Chapter 65: Escape from Tyre
Chapter 66: Bringing the Light
Chapter 67: Greater Gifts Come Forth
Chapter 68: A Peculiar People
Chapter 69: Secrets of Magic Revealed
Chapter 70: Conversion of Adronicus and Yunia
Chapter 71: Astonishing Powers of Heaven Revealed
Chapter 72: Yeshua Explains the Celestine Powers
Chapter 73: A Question of Nudity
Chapter 74: The Importance of Dreams
Chapter 75: Unrighteous Taxation
Chapter 76: Circles of Power
Chapter 77: The Power of Sound
Chapter 78: The Power of Colors
Chapter 79: The Power of Stones
Chapter 80: The Power of Herbs
Chapter 81: The Power of Aura
Chapter 82: Preparations for a New Beginning
Chapter 83: Yeshua Walks on the Sea
Chapter 84: Last Tour of the Holy Land
Chapter 85: Resurrection of Lazarus
Chapter 86: Conspiracy of the Sanhedrin
Chapter 87: Eternal Principles of Truth and Light
Chapter 88: The Last Supper
Chapter 89: The Garden of Gethsemane
Chapter 90: The Trials of Yeshua
Chapter 91: Crucifixion and Resurrection
Chapter 92: Illumination by the Jordan
Chapter 93: Harmony and Resonance
Chapter 94: Portal Between Worlds
Chapter 95: Explanation of Entities
Chapter 96: Rebellion and Fall of Lucifer
Chapter 97: The Sixth Kingdom
Chapter 98: The Fifth Kingdom
Chapter 99: Pathway to Exaltation
Chapter 100: The End of the Beginning