Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Sermon at Sycthopolis


Yeshua travels throughout Galilee, Syria, and Judea, teaching the Gospel and healing the sick and diseased. Many people come to hear him speak, and he explains in great detail how to pray to our Heavenly Mother and Father and what to pray for. Many are baptized.

1 During the following months, Yeshua traveled all through Galilee and into Syria and Judea, teaching the Gospel of Celestine Light in the synagogues and in the open-air temples of Elohim.
2 In each town and village, he healed the sick and diseased who were pure in heart and came to him with a contrite spirit.
3 Miriam and his disciples baptized many who had heard his words and felt the spirit of Elohim moving in their hearts, and they rose from the water and were called Children of Light.
4 Those who were baptized showed the truth of their convictions by repenting of their sins and covenanting before man and God to henceforth live in the light.
5 The fame of Yeshua went all throughout Galilee and Syria, and many people with sicknesses and diverse diseases, and torments of the mind and heart, and those possessed with devils and those that had palsy were brought to him; and he healed all of them who were pure in heart.
6 And it came to pass that large crowds began to follow him, and people came from Galilee, from Decapolis and Jerusalem and Judea, and from Perea and lands beyond the Jordan.
7 One morning, while encamped near Sycthopolis, Yeshua arose well before dawn and went out to a solitary place toward the mountain, west of the town, and prayed there.
8 When Miriam and the disciples awoke, the disciples wondered where he was, and Miriam told them and they went to him.
9 When they found him, alone on a hillside, Cephas asked, “A great crowd looks for you this morning. When shall I tell them that you will come?”
10 Yeshua began walking back down the hill as he answered Cephas, saying, “I will come now and speak to those who are here this morning. Then let us go into the next towns that I may preach and you may baptize, for that is why we are here in this moment.”
11 Coming down to the people waiting for him on the outskirts of the city, Yeshua said unto them, “When you pray, do not pray to an unseen God without a body or form.
12 Know that you are truly children of a Heavenly Mother and Father, and they are as real and tangible as I am.
13 When you pray to them, do not just let words flow out of your mouth, nor repeat each day the same thing you said the previous day.
14 Speak your prayers aloud when you are in a private place, but only in your thoughts when you are in public, unless you have been called upon to stand and pray as a representative for your brothers and sisters of spirit for something which you all desire.
15 In all prayers, before you say a word, take a deep breath and slowly let it out, then another and another, until you are in a quiet place of peace in your heart.
16 Then let your spirit expand beyond your body until you feel one with the grass and the waters and the birds and all life around you.
17 Then expand into the Sun and the stars and feel the spirit of Elohim moving in your heart and feel oneness with God in all that you are.
18 When you then pray, speak not to the ethers, nor to a rock, or to the wall in your home, but to the spirit of your heavenly parents which dwells within you, which you are one with in your heart.
19 In humility, bow your head, then raise it up with closed eyes to the Sun in your prayers, for all light comes from God, both the spiritual and the physical, and when your eyes are upon the light, it is easier to feel the spirit of Elohim moving in your heart and hear the voice of Elohim speaking in your thoughts.
20 Be a thankful son or daughter of God, for you have been given a life on a most blessed world where food grows of its own accord and beauty and life abounds and surrounds you wherever you look.
21 When you are in the sacred place of prayer in your heart, ask of Elohim any selfless and worthy desire, beyond that which you can do for yourself, and the means for it to come to pass shall be given to you.
22 But ask not for worldly things; save it be with selflessness; only for help with your simple needs and for the good of others and the glory of God.
23 Elohim is not like a distant rich relative to be called upon to grant your temporal wishes, but a true parent who teaches you good principles that you may prosper on your own, both spiritually and temporally.
24 Verily, your heavenly parents greatly desire your continual well-being and spiritual fulfillment upon Earth and your eternal happiness and progression in Heaven.
25 Know that you have been blessed by your heavenly parents with great gifts when you were born to help you in your journey in life.
26 With your talents and listening to your inner light, you can gain all that you seek in the world that is worthy of a son or daughter of God.
27 Not by wishing it were so, but by using the gifts you have been given with prudence and diligence.”
28 Then a man named Zuriel asked, “The previous moon, my fishing boat was overcome by a storm and sank into the sea. Now it is hard for my family, for I cannot earn as much working for another as I can for myself. I have asked God for another boat, but you say I should not pray for such things. How then may I get a new boat, for I cannot pay for one on my own?”
29 Yeshua answered him, “You may certainly ask Elohim to help you acquire another boat as it is not for you alone that you ask, but for the good of your family; and you do not ask for an excess, but merely to fulfill your humble needs.
30 But do not expect a new boat to magically appear the next morning at your door, for Elohim helps you with inspiration and ideas and by guiding the answers, the people, and the situations and materials you need, to help manifest your prayer. Then it is in your hands to use the gifts of Elohim along with your own gifts and talents to help yourself.
31 Have you used your talents and done all that you can do?”
32 Zuriel rubbed his chin as he considered the words of Yeshua and answered, “In truth, I have not. Even as we speak, I have thought of a way I can acquire a boat that I had not considered before and realized that I have spent more time lamenting my misfortune than doing things within my power to remedy it.
33 I will act now in earnestness and call upon God to lend favor to my actions.”
34 Yeshua smiled saying, “And so shall your worthy desires and prayers be fulfilled.”
35 Then Yeshua continued with his sermon, saying, “Remember, Elohim is the essence of love and light, while the adversary within and the minions of evil spew forth hatred, violence, and darkness.
36 Therefore, let every action of the righteous man or woman always be one of light and life and love, and you shall ever have the spirit of Elohim as your constant companion to lift your spirit and surround you in the light you seek, and the adversary shall have no place within you.
37 With the Celestine Light of Elohim in your heart and guiding your thoughts and actions, you will find contentment in simple things and success in your selfless endeavors, both great and small.
38 If you choose your actions based upon the good that will be gained for others by accomplishing your tasks, you will always find the favor of Elohim to help you in your desires.
39 That is not to say that you cannot also gain, but that he who seeks only for himself has no favor from God and no friends upon the Earth, while he who seeks righteous things of which others may also freely benefit shall be blessed by Elohim and honored in sincerity by men.”
40 Then Yeshua beckoned for the sick and afflicted to come to him, and the repentant and pure in heart, he healed, every one.
41 When he made ready to depart to another city, the people asked him to stay with them and were greatly desirous that he should not depart from them.
42 But with love, he said unto them, “It must needs be that I also preach across the land that others might see the true Celestine Light of Elohim and repent and be healed both inside and out; that they might be a light of God among men even as the good people of Sycthopolis.”
43 And though they were sad at his departure, they understood his words and, with thankfulness, asked that he would return again to them soon.
44 But some could not bear to see him leave, and they followed after him.
45 And the families of Hiram and Abner having heard from his disciples about the new Community of Light at the north end of Lake Gennesaret gathered their families, and carrying their belongings, they moved there straightaway.