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"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21


Here are some comments sent to us by readers of the Oracles of Celestine Light

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I stumbled on your site by accident searching for something else on Google. When I saw I was on the wrong page I almost surfed off but the quote on the home page caught my attention enough that I checked out a few more pages. Before the night was done I ended up reading the entire book of Nexus. That was already an unbelievable thing for me to do. Then I surprised myself again the next morning and actually prayed to know if it was true in the manner laid out in the Preamble of the Apostles. What I felt after that prayer was something like I have never felt before. I will be contacting you again.

Gregg D.

I have savored every word of the Oracles of Celestine Light for the last 21 days since a friend told me about it. I had to write to let you know how much it has meant in my life. May God bless you for having the courage to publish this most treasured of all books. I used to read the King James Bible everyday and it always uplifted me and still does, but when I read the Oracles it seems as though I am floating on air. Each word resonates with my soul and I have come to know God deeper and with greater fulfillment in my everyday life. Everything in the world, from the people I talk with to the flowers and the trees seems so much more vibrant and alive now. I think I am more vibrant and alive now. Thank you.

Sarah R.

Sorry I didn’t give my email. Because of my position as a minister of my church, at this point I can’t risk being contacted. I just wanted to say that from my reading of Nexus Chapter 1, [it] is the only part where Yeshua is actually speaking directly to the readers and specifically to those of us who read the Oracles of Celestine Light today. This is an overwhelming chapter. I felt for the first time in my life as if the Savior was actually speaking directly to me.

Rev. John D.

Your book is very new, not 2,000 years old like the [Christian] Bible. There are a group of sixteen of us studying it here in Germany at our university in our religion studies. Before we read it we considered that it must be some modern New Age mysticism that would be illogical. But some of us have found it to be profound. No one finds it illogical because it is clear and reasonable but some find it difficult to accept that God ever spoke to man, let alone in the 21st century. To think that there is a Prophet on the earth today…and that there is more of the Oracles of Celestine Light to come with Vivus and Genesis…that is something to ponder upon, for it could be more significant than we realize.

Lucas B.

A friend of mine read the Oracles of Celestine Light-Nexus and hated it. He asked me to read it so we could vilify it together. At first that is exactly how I felt as it was so contrary to my mainstream Christian upbringing. But by the time I finished it I realized that if I filtered my gut-reaction prejudice and honestly asked myself how I felt and what I thought, it was closer to Jesus, with a tinge of belief that this book might just be for real. So I read it again with a more open mind. This time I really let the words sink in. The stories are very special. In the end I came away a better person than I was with some invaluable keys to help me in my everyday life. The only problem is now my friend doesn’t want to speak to me.

John K.

I found your site on a Christian forum. I checked it out only because I like to keep abreast of cult rubbish. Imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying what I was reading. The Travels in Egypt chapter really hit home.

Dell V.

Thank you so much for the precious Oracles of Celestine Light. It is all so inspiring and comforting. My mother recently passed away and it has been very hard on me. Nothing I read or heard from many well meaning people helped to lift my heavy heart. Then I discovered the Oracles and read the chapter Celebrate the Life and that has made all the difference in my life. Thank you! I have been a Catholic all of my life, but my heart says I am now a Celestine!

Teresa G.

I have just discovered your site, and what a treasure it is! I am reading the Oracles of Celestine Light with great enjoyment, and joy. It seems that there are things here I have always known, but forgot in my sojourn in this world. There is a feeling described by Yeshua (feeling one with all life) that I experienced as a child. Would that I understood then that the light of God was within each one of us, guiding us always, unerringly and perfectly in our paths. It is unfortunate that the true teachings were covered over, but thank God/Goddess that I now live in the times when they are coming forth again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this forth! May the Mother/Father God shine their love and blessings on you, along with mine, for all eternity.

Tessa B.

Thank you so much for this site. I have been searching so long for the truth and deeply feel I have found it.

Samuel S.

I love everything I’ve read so far. And believe me I had to overcome a lot to even consider reading anything regarding “church” doctrine. I’d read everything else about Celestopea and my spirit and heart sang, this helped me to open to the Community of Light. My childhood upbringing in the church began when I was 9 and it was negative and unhealthy for me. My spirituality and my connection with spirit, nature, animals, birds, trees and especially water had been long formed before the traumatic changes I faced at 9. As a child my spirituality was one I trusted, believed in and one in which I had to learn to keep to myself after I was indoctrinated. Tho I remained silent in the church, it was also my saving grace through those years. Thank you for finally coming back into my world.

Anihana D.

Just wanted to add my thanks for making this book available for free on line. It’s very inspiring and very empowering of women, which is refreshing compared to most religions.


Hi, I am a being who is on a path of light and I like what I see here. I like inspirational information from all paths that rings in my heart with true messages, as I believe all paths have something to offer for those that are supposed to get it from there.  I wish to become a member as I love this divine information.

A. Feather

God loves you and so do I. You have a beautiful way of writing…you are very gifted…I pray that God will use you mightily for His kingdom. We are all here for the same reason…to reach others who are lost.

Maryann M.

I have to say I am mad at your group. (Just kidding). But I have been upset with my friends. I have been a Christian for over 30 years. I am active in my church, have sung in the choir and currently teach Sunday School. I read Nexus online about two months ago and found a lot of good teachings inside, some of which I incorporated into my life such as the Contemplative Movements. That made a HUGE difference in my mental attitude and health, so of course I shared it enthusiastically with my friends at church. I thought they would be happy for me, but I have become a pariah. My pastor told me last week that if I didn’t stop doing the Contemplative Movements they would have to ask me to stop teaching Sunday School. That hurt me a lot as I have given a great deal of my time and money to support my church, but I am not about to give up something that has had such an amazing positive action on my health and happiness.

Ruth L.

The chapter containing the Twelve Commandments was quite interesting. When I read them I realized I was reading profound truth. I don’t know anything about your church and I honestly would have dismissed it except for the feeling that washed over me and still does every time I read the Twelve Commandments. You have something. I’m not sure what yet, but you have something.

Robert J.

This is an interesting book. I would probably be referred to as new age in my perspective and normally religion and me don’t mix well. But I still like to study them. I’ve read the Bible and found nothing interesting. Same for the Koran and the Vedic scriptures. I came to your site because I thought it had something to do with the new Celestine Prophecy movie. Even though it doesn’t, I feel I was led here for a reason because for the first time in my life I am resonating with something religious.

Jordan E.

I recently began researching the link between Yeshua and the Essenes. I came across a reference to the Twelve Commandments. When I began to research that I found you. But what really grabbed me was the Nexus. I was reading the Book of Mormon and it was talking about the ‘Church of Christ’. As I was looking for a better word I stumbled on “Nexus” as a synonym for “church.” When I looked up nexus I found that it was defined as the legal way to say “causal connection.” I considered that a better word to use than “church.” To say ‘Nexus of Christ’ seemed to be more correct to me. Imagine how my heart burned within me when I saw it used in reference to the life of Yeshua. I really would like to know more.

Hazel W.

As a yoga teacher for the past twelve years I must say that I was very impressed with the Contemplative Movements explained in the Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus. Not only are they very original, but they work! I have been doing them everyday for the past three weeks and have felt a great change in my spirit. I am more forgiving and I certainly feel more connected to all other life in ways I hadn’t imagined. And I feel closer to God, something that has been absent from my life since I was a child. I certainly understand a previous comment made by someone whose church wanted her to give up doing the Contemplative Movements. No Way sister! These movements can revolutionize your life. To anyone who reads this in cyberspace, if you haven’t tried the Contemplative Movements, do them today. No matter how old you are or what your physical conditioning, you can do these easy exercises and you will be glad that you did.

Alicia G.

Sorry I didn’t give my email. Because of my position as a minister of my church, at this point I can’t risk being contacted. I just wanted to say that from my reading of Nexus Chapter 1, [it] is the only part where Yeshua is actually speaking directly to the readers and specifically to those of us who read the Oracles of Celestine Light today. This is an overwhelming chapter. I felt for the first time in my life as if the Savior was actually speaking directly to me.

Rev. John D.

Came on your page looking for something else a couple of days ago. How is it possible that so much could have been left out of the Bible if God wanted it in? I can’t answer that question but I can’t deny that the Oracles of Celestine Light moves my spirit either.

Alicia A.

Just wanted to let you know your site has opened up my eyes and I didn’t even think they needed opening. I read the Origin of the Bible and looked at the Chronology Time Line and I thought you were a bunch of kooks to state such things. I have always believed the Bible to be inerrant so your timeline and origin stuff couldn’t have validity. Plus, you basically said our Bible came from the Catholic Church rather than the early Christian Church. That was a really big laugh. But to reassure myself, I did my own research and was first flabbergasted, then pained, to find out you might be right. My faith isn’t any less, but I just wanted you to know I am looking at the Oracles of Celestine Light now with a little more open mind. Even though it still seems improbable, there are beautiful passages that do call me closer to God.

Robert T.

Just thought I’d warn you that I attended a meeting of my church and two others in the area last Sunday to discuss ways to counter anti-Christian websites. Your site came up in the discussions. As I never heard of your book before I did a search and then read it. This week we met again on the same subject and I mentioned that I hadn’t seen anything anti-Christian after reading Nexus on your site. I was the only one in the audience who felt that way, and apparently I was also the only one who had actually read Nexus. I liked it and I don’t discount that it could be true. But watch out for some negative posts to come shortly on Christian forums.

Joan P.

I just concluded reading the Oracles of Celestine Light Nexus, every page, every word, and have made a great discovery. It can not be true. It simply makes too much sense. It is much too easy to understand what Yeshua is meaning. There are no obscure, veiled references to things no one knows what is being talked about. You do not need 2 or 3 commentary books or 4 or 5 ministers to interpret the teachings, which is a sure sign that Nexus can’t be from God. If you are trying to emulate Christianity, you’re going to have to come up with another book. I mean how do you expect there to ever be hundreds of different denominations of your religion if you don’t have a book of scripture that is sufficiently contradictory and confusing that it can be interpreted a hundred different ways? But it was a good read.

Terrill H.

When I read Nexus Chapter on Healing a Broken Heart I thought Jesus was more physical than possible in his action to Dryhus. But after thinking about it, this could be possible. Later when I read Nexus Chapter on A Life Renewed, it finished this story and it is good.

Yuri P.

I wanted to tell you that the Oracles of Celestine Light Nexus is in my heart. I have been searching for many years and nothing has filled my emptiness until I read Nexus. I have looked at Christianity and other religions and many New Age avenues. The religions seemed either angry, judgmental and restrictive or like the New Age material, fluffy and without substance or responsibility. But Nexus is like a magical book. It must be from God because it could not have come from the mind of man. It is the perfect blend of love, virtue, common sense and a clear guide to finding a oneness with God. My emptiness is now filled. Thank you.

Tamara G.

I saw the Davinci Code yesterday and it made me think of the differences between that story, the New Testament story and the story in Nexus. I don’t see how anyone could read Nexus and not believe that they were reading the true story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. It makes so much more sense. I see all the controversy caused by the movie and it makes me laugh. Everyone is keying on the wrong subject. The premise of the movie seems to be accepted by many Christians and that is the problem. The premise of the movie is if Jesus really married Mary Magdalene then he was just a mortal man, not God. What about being married and having children makes him undivine? Can’t he be both? The position of the Christian churches claims Jesus was divine, God, and therefore could not have been married or had children. Why not? Only the Oracles of Celestine Light Nexus has it right. Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, but he was ALSO divine. Being married and having children did not take away or diminish his divinity. How long is it going to take everyone to figure this out? Thank you God for the Oracles of Celestine Light and bringing the truth back to earth.

Joshua R.

I read a lot of the comments about how people have had good experiences from reading the Oracles of Celestine Light but only one or two that actually talked about whether this is really a book of scripture, and if it is, does it replace the Bible that has been in use for 2000 years; or is it just a second witness so to speak? For myself, I read Nexus twice, prayed about it like it said in chapter 2, and I definitely got an answer. I have prayed to God all of my life and never experienced anything close to what I did after reading and praying about the Oracles of Celestine Light. Anyone who reads it and doesn’t also pray about it is doing themselves a disservice. Read, pray, and be amazed!

George F.

My husband and I read the Oracles of Celestine Light together during the last week and it has caused a rift. I like it because it portrays women in a strong and equal way, but my husband says it cannot be true because women were only property in those days and Christianity would have never got started if they taught that women were equal to men. He showed me in the Bible where Paul said they are not and that godly women must serve men. It just reminded me of one of the reasons I never liked going to church- only men can be priests and women are second class citizens. But the Oracles of Celestine Light calls to my heart. It seems to be very different from regular Christianity in many of the things it teaches and certainly in the feeling it gives me when I read it. I actually get tears in my eyes at some parts. What can I tell my husband to help him feel what I feel?

Lakeisha B.

I am a Christian and have been reading posts about the Oracles of Celestine Light on Internet forums. I’ve been surprised at some of the very negative comments some Christians have made, so I want to give a positive one so you know all Christians don’t feel negative about it. I read Nexus, the part that is online, and it just reinforced my Christian faith. The New Testament is pretty sparse in information about what the Savior was really like in a personal way so it is hard to focus on anything except his love for us. As Christians, we love the love. We reciprocate it but we really have little idea of the personality of the savior we reciprocate love to. Nexus helped me to have a feeling in my heart for the Lord that became very precious. My love for Jesus is greater now than it was before because thanks to Nexus I feel I know him so much more and that gives me even greater reason to love and worship him. Thank you for giving this book to us. I know it is something that God made sure came into the world.

Cassie S.

I have read Nexus five times. Each time I feel closer to God and a more personal connection. When I pray now I feel the spirit of God in my heart communicating with me in a way that fills me up. I will continue rereading the wonderful Nexus and praying that Vivus and Genesis will also soon be available online. Thank you.

Jarred W.

I discovered Nexus about two months ago when a friend I go to church with showed the site to me. Like another person wrote, it has also brought me closer to Jesus. This book has inspired me. I study the scriptures and pray more often now and I feel a greater connection in my heart to God. God seems so real and present to me now when I pray. I have a wonderful feeling of peace and serenity in my heart. Thank you God for Nexus.

Robin G.

Well I thought I would be the first Christian minister to write in about Nexus but I see from the Comments that I am the second. Oh well! I am still unsettled about Nexus. All of my training cries out that it must be false but all that it conveys tells my heart that it speaks truth. At first, I thought it must be misleading truth, truth that is given initially to setup falsehoods later. Some doctrines that are taught in Nexus lend credence to that point as they are not in keeping with traditional Christian teachings. But I have one big problem. Even though my mind and previous theological foundations would repudiate this book, my heart cannot. I almost cry to admit that. Why? Because I have prayed many times to God Almighty about Nexus, hoping to feel his wrath at the book, only to find a wonderful peace and joy in my heart instead. It is a mystery of God to me. At first my mind and beliefs kept trying to lash out at my heart, thinking it was being somehow misled by Satan. But finally my mind admitted that my heart was right because the words of Nexus, all the words of Nexus, ring true. Live the principles taught within and you will be a better person with a life closer to the life God would have you live. This realization has hit me like a ton of bricks. I am uncertain of my future course but last Sunday I gave my first sermon based upon a story from the Oracles of Celestine Light. I can only pray that the Almighty God will further guide me with love and truth.

Rev. Ralph K.

I first read the Oracles of Celestine Light Nexus about six months ago. It was intriguing. I read it again about three months later. Some parts began to touch me. I read it again about a month later and actually got choked up in some parts. Now a day doesn’t go by that I don’t read at least one chapter. My friends want to know what I’m drinking because I seem so happy. I tell them sunshine from God. I now feel a closeness to God that is so real and alive I can’t even describe it any other way.

Jonathan R.

I was looking for The Esenios and Yeshua for few weeks, because my soul needs more about Yeshua and what happened in His life when He was on earth, and I found this page, and every day for three or four days came to continue to read The Oracles of Celestine Light, and every time I had more to fulfill my desire to know more about Yeshua. I would like to know if I can have The Oracles of Celestine Light to read and reread at home. May Elohim bless you and keep you and shine His Face Upon you like is written in Numbers 24. For making others to enjoy this also.

Shalom B’Shem Yeshua L’Adonai. In Yeshua’s Great Love,

Miryam E.

Now I understand some things in my life from this chapter, The Power of Sound. I used to sing professionally but I quit because I felt my daughter deserved to have a mother. I didn’t like singing in night clubs with the exception of nice dinner clubs. I didn’t really feel a good energy in it. It was meaningless. In later years, I loved writing my own songs for church. Now I want to get my voice back so I can sing spiritual love songs and share music with like minded others. Now I understand my experiences with chanting, drumming and dancing and feeling the divine energy. I understand what I was looking for in studying various religions….unity, oneness, coming together in one common purpose. My life makes more sense in reading this wonderful chapter. I don’t know how anyone could read this bible and not feel their pulses moving. Every chapter has its own rhythm and color; there is an underlying harmony.  One understands where it is heading but one doesn’t realize the impact at a deeper level. This one chapter touched me in so many ways and it is always that way. It is impossible not “to take it personally” because it touches the heart and anyone can relate to it because it is universal at the human level. I feel artifices in me begin to fall away when I read it. I am so good at making simple things complicated. I find that aspect in myself addressed every time I read it. There is healing in reading the Oracles of Celestine Light. I am experiencing transformation. I’m not always comfortable with it but it’s good and it’s gentle. If anyone would have told me that power flows through this text from Yeshua…I wouldn’t have understood it. Always with gratitude.


I have become rather intrigued by your site since I found it a month or so ago and I’ve been wondering where the “extra” text originated from and how can we be sure its authentic? I must admit I’m both excited to find this information and skeptical at the same time. I remember hearing about false profits and to be leery of them, but at the same time I cant imagine that God would stop sending up prophets to guide us. I’ve always felt there was something missing and not exactly right with the normal school of thought on this matter and I look forward to learning more, I just want to be careful.


Wow, I knew all along that the truth had been altered, especially on Gay Marriage. In a committed relationship, like any other, love abides. I knew this in my heart. My lifestyle was not chosen; I was born this way, full of love to share with others and not in a lustful way. I have been in a committed relationship for 20 years and in my heart I know it is right. I found your website on my own — I was looking for the 12 Commandments. I knew of the 10 commandments but Jesus, in his teachings in the New testament, said I leave you 2 more commandments, so I figured that made 12. Anyway is there a published version of this teaching?

Michael J.

I LOVE what I am seeing from your website AND the Oracles of Celestine Light. I am delving into it almost non-stop and things are starting to really make sense. Thank you!

Paul S.

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