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"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Breath of Life


Yeshua shares some of the wisdom that Anish imparted to him with his family, which are movements very similar to yoga. Below are the detailed instructions for the three exercises that make up the Contemplative Meditation Movements.

1 A few moons after Anish had departed from Nazareth, the family of Yeshua began to be concerned because of his activities. Usually, it was accepted that his ways were different than others, and it was accustomed to leave him to do as he would without explanation, even though some of his actions were peculiar.
2 But of late, he had been given to rise before daybreak and journey beyond the confines of Nazareth, not to return until about one hour after sunrise. This he had been doing ever since the departure of Anish, and finally one day upon his return, his mother Miryam asked him, “What great things are you doing early in the morning that have kept you away from home every day until after the Sun has risen?”
3 And Yeshua said unto her, “There were many secrets Anish gave unto me, which seekers of truth from far-off places have used to commune with God in Heaven and God in our soul. I have been practicing his teachings away from the eyes of others to prove them, be they true or false, and not to be noticed of men and thereby bring ridicule to my family.”
4 Then Miryam came and embraced her son and said unto him, “There is nothing that you could do that would cause shame upon our house, and many have been amazed at your life.”
5 Yeshua returned the embrace of his mother with deep affection and said unto her, “You are kind, but I know that for every person who hears my words with an open heart and a discerning mind, there are many who laugh at my strangeness of words and actions.”
6 But Miryam did not allow such sentiments and said unto him, “Elohim is with you every moment of your life, and when God stands with you, of what significance are those who stand against you? I tell you in truth, you would honor me and your father Yosef and your brothers and sisters, if you would share at least with us, your closest family, some more of the things you have learned from Anish.”
7 So it was that upon the following morning, just as the Sun was cresting the horizon, the family of Yeshua, his mother and father and sisters and brothers, made their way together to the side of a small hill outside of Nazareth.
8 And Yeshua said unto them, “Just before he departed, Anish shared with me a ritual which he said was one of the most powerful ways for man to come closer to God and to discover the god within himself. It is a set of meditations involving the movement of the body and breath in harmony with the mind and heart. And this he called the Contemplative Meditation Movements of the Breath of Life.
9 This is not known among the Children of Israel. Therefore, lest I be led astray, I first asked my Father and Mother in Heaven to know whether that which Anish revealed was of light or darkness.
10 The Holy Spirit of Elohim testified within my heart and mind that this teaching was in harmony with God. Then I heard the voice of my Father and felt the promptings of my Mother in my heart, which guided me to change that which Anish had given, that it would be even more pleasing unto them and of greater benefit unto man.
11 I have done these movement meditations taught by Anish, as amplified by God for many days now, and proven their worth, for they have caused me to know myself more.
12 So too have I come to feel my heart beat as one with the Earth and all of nature and come closer to my Father and Mother in Heaven and to all men and women and children upon the Earth.
13 Therefore, I say unto you that which Anish has given and God has magnified is good, although it may seem strange to the children of men.”
14 As they seemed ready to learn, Yeshua asked all of his family to remove their sandals so their feet stood upon the bare ground and to hold their arms outstretched to their side to measure how far to stand apart from one another, then to relax, standing with their arms hanging comfortably at their side.
15 And he said unto them, “Anish asked that whenever possible, to do these movements and contemplations facing the Sun as it rises each day, saying the new day’s Sun gives energy directly from God through the eyes and skin and into the heart of man.
16 Thus have I found it to be, for when the day begins in contemplation with the warmth and light of the Sun filling the body, the thoughts and actions of man are of peace and harmony and more called to the light of Elohim throughout the day.”
17 Then Yeshua asked each of his family to stand comfortably, facing the rising Sun with their palms together and their fingers pointing up, and to position their hands thus joined against their chest, near their heart, then to close their eyes and to slightly bow their head. And this he said was the prayer position.
18 Next, Yeshua said unto them, “Take a deep comfortable breath through your nose and push it out slowly and deeply and thoroughly through your mouth. Throughout the Contemplative Meditations, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, as deeply as you can in gentle comfort and as often as you need.
19 Upon the next breaths, contemplate the Father, that is, God and the good and responsible energy of the male that is within you.
20 Upon the next breaths, contemplate the Mother, that is, God and the good and nurturing energy of the female that is within you.
21 Upon the next breaths, contemplate the Son, that is, God and the good and playful energy of the child that is within you.
22 As you continue to thus breathe, consider how Elohim has made the heavens and the Earth and you and all the people of the world upon it. Let your spirit feel the connection of the creator running through you and through the Earth and through the Sun and all the heavens. Reach out with your spirit and feel the spirits of the people beside you.
23 While in this contemplation and expansion of your spirit and while continuing to breathe comfortably and deeply, raise your head to a level position and lift your hands in unison until your arms are outstretched above your head, with your open palms facing the rising Sun, your fingers wide open, and your thumbs and forefingers touching, forming the Triangle of the Trinity of Elohim.
24 While in the same contemplation and expansion of your spirit, exhale slowly and deeply. Then with your arms and fingers raised up and outstretched and your open palms facing the Sun, separate your hands and smoothly rotate your arms down in opposite directions, until your arms are outstretched at your waist level, with your palms still facing the Sun.
25 As your arms are descending, open your eyes for a long blink and gaze upon the fiery orb of the Sun and contemplate the physical light of God, which shines forth upon the Earth and gives life to all things.
26 With closed eyes and movements close to the body, return your hands to the prayer position. All of this is called Welcome to Light. Repeat it two more times if you desire.”
27 And thus did Yeshua and all of his family.
28 Then Yeshua showed them the second contemplative movement, which he called the “Bridge of Light” in which they should feel the energy of Earth and all living things upon it, flowing through them and the power of God coming from the Heavens, through them, to benefit all the world.
29 At the beginning of the Bridge of Light, Yeshua asked his family to each say aloud the words he would tell them, if they felt them to be true in their hearts. And thus spoke Yeshua, “I covenant to keep the temple of my body pure inside and out and to faithfully live the light of Elohim that I might always be a worthy vessel to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth.”
30 Then Yeshua said unto them, “Stand now relaxed, with your arms low at your sides, your open palms facing the Sun, and spread your feet in a comfortable way, about the distance of your shoulders.
31 Take a deep breath and slowly raise your arms to shoulder height, fully extended to each side, with palms facing the Sun and fingers spread apart. Hold this position as you slowly and thoroughly exhale.
32 As you take in another deep breath, bring your outstretched arms in front of you until your extended fingers are again in the Trinity Triangle, with palms facing the Sun and the Sun framed within the triangle. Then exhale a slow, thorough, and gentle breath.
33 Hold that position and look through slightly parted eyelids at the Sun. Breathe several calm and normal breaths through your nose and expand the boundaries of your spirit through Earth and connect with all living things; feel the wetness of the oceans and lakes and the coolness of the forests; smell the salt in the air by the sea and fields of wildflowers; feel the cold of the snow upon the mountaintops and the sand moving between your toes on a warm beach; hear children laughing and the music of creeks flowing over rocks; connect your spirit to Earth and all that is upon it. Be one with Earth and all life that is upon it.
34 Now take a deep breath through your nose and, holding the Trinity Triangle, thrust the triangle up toward the heavens and exhale. Then take a big breath and exhale slowly as you lower the triangle down toward the ground, bending over at the waist and with knees gently bent as far as necessary to touch your hands or at least your fingertips to the ground, holding the Trinity Triangle.
35 As the triangle descends from the apex to the ground, in your mind, call upon all the life force of the Earth and all living things upon it to touch your hands and swirl within the Triangle of the Trinity.
36 Continuing to hold the Trinity Triangle, take a deep breath and bring your hands up along your legs with palms facing your body, pulling your connections to all the life forces upon the Earth up through your body.
37 Your greatest point of incoming breath is near the area of your heart. At this spot, move your palms forward so they are facing the Sun while still holding the Trinity Triangle.
38 Now quickly push your hands upward while forcefully and fully exhaling, ending with your hands in the Trinity Triangle, facing upward toward the sky.
39 Now lower your arms in front of you until you are again looking at the Sun framed within the triangle. Hold this position and breathe normal easy breaths. Send your spirit forth to Elohim bringing with it all of the spiritual connections you have made to all the life of the Earth and ask Elohim to bless all the Earth with goodness and light.
40 Then, with words in your mind and feelings in your heart, ask Elohim to use you as a worthy vessel; feel the power of God swirling in your hands between the Triangle of the Trinity, coursing up through your arms and swirling through your body, filling your heart and expanding your mind so much so that the light of Elohim is radiating from you.
41 Repeat this contemplative meditation movement two more times if you desire, beginning at this position. As you move your hands back toward the Earth with love and humility, send the power of Elohim whose spirit dwells within your heart, back through you, and into the Earth and unto all living things upon it that for a moment in time, they might feel the exquisite joy of the Celestine Light of Elohim.”
42 After this last contemplation, there was much complaining from many of the family of Yeshua, for the movements were awkward to them and not in the ways they were accustomed to move and hold their bodies.
43 And Yeshua said unto them, “It was also difficult for me in the beginning, for so much was I caught up in the unfamiliar movements and breathing that I was not able to benefit as much in my spirit as I was after several more days of effort, when the movements and the breathing had become easy.
44 Each contemplative meditation movement can be done just once if it is easier for you, and you can still gain many good things. But take heed to not dismiss these things because of their difficulty on your first attempts or because of the strangeness from the teachings and traditions which you know.
45 For I say unto you that they work greatly to balance your spirit and the powers of your body and mind. They help you to begin your day in harmony with God, in rhythm with the Earth, and connected in peace and oneness to all life. These contemplations are good for the soul and of benefit to man during all of his day.”
46 Then Yeshua showed them the third contemplative movement, which he called, the Wind of Love.
47 And he said unto them, “The ills of the world, wars, plagues, famines, pestilences, disease, and all other things, that haunt man and make his sojourn on Earth a trial come to man because of his lack of love.
48 Because a man does not love God, he does not have the spirit of God to inspire him to do good or the Celestine Light of Elohim to guide him and help him in his life. Therefore, he inherits the opposite of the light, which is darkness.
49 Because a man does not love his neighbors, he covets their life and possessions and thinks of ways to deprive them of that which they have, which brings jealousy, adultery, dishonesty, murder, war, and plundering.
50 Because a man does not love himself, he does not keep the temple of his body pure and clean on the inside and the outside or give his best effort at his labors or in relationships with his family and the children of men. And this brings many plagues upon man: diseases, pestilences, famines and other hardships, and an early end to a life that could have been much longer and fuller and given to greater joy.
51 Therefore, it is the purpose of this contemplative meditation movement to reach out your spirit to all living things and to send your love and thanksgiving to them with the essence of your spirit.
52 Whereas before everyone moved in unison, during most of the Wind of Love, each will move as their spirit guides them, which may be different every time you do the contemplation. Because each person’s spirit and the way it communes with others is unique to them and to that moment in time.
53 Remaining within the space where you are standing, close your eyes and stand comfortably with your arms held loosely at your side, with your palms facing the Sun.
54 Now breathing as you desire, begin to move any part of your body as little or as much as you desire, in ways that your spirit calls upon you to commune with the energy of all living things.
55 Begin by reaching out with your mind and your heart to send the essence of your spirit to touch the essence of the spirit of the person next to you and then the person beyond them and then beyond them.
56 Touch no one with your body, but touch everyone with your spirit. Nor should you make any sounds other than the quiet sounds of your movements and your breathing.
57 Take all thoughts of worldly things from your mind and think only of the unconditional love that the nobility of your spirit is giving to the nobility of the spirit of the person next to you, with thankfulness for the good things they bring to your life. Then do likewise with the person beyond them and then all of the people in this town and then in this land and then in the lands beyond, even to lands you have never known and people you cannot even imagine.
58 Now think of the animals that are kept by man and known to you, being in or near your home, and send them your spirit of unconditional love and thanksgiving for the good things they bring to your life. Then expand your spirit to touch all of the animals kept by man in this land and then to all those in nearby lands and then to all in the world.
59 Return again to the spot where you move as your spirit directs and think of all of the wild animals that dwell here. Send your love to them for the grace and beauty they bring to man and balance to the Earth and for the many lessons they teach. Now send your love beyond this land to all the lands of the Earth and to all the wild beasts that roam those lands, even those you know not and cannot imagine.
60 Return again to the spot where you move with a free spirit upon the Earth, sending out your essence of love and receiving love from all who send it to you. Now send your spirit of love into the seas and the fishes, many which give their lives to feed the multitudes. Swim with them in your mind and spirit and be one with them.
61 Return again to the spot where you move freely. Now send your spirit of love out to the birds in the sky, fly with them and see the world from above through their eyes, and feel the lightness of your spirit as you move effortlessly through the air.
62 Return again to the spot where you move in harmony with your spirit. Now send your essence of love and thanksgiving to all men and women and children upon the Earth, for they are your brothers and sisters, though they know it not.
63 Return again to the spot where you move in joy and send love and thanksgiving unto every plant and tree and crop that nourishes both man and beast, gives beauty to the eye, shelter from the storm, and warmth on nights of cold.
64 Now stand as one, facing the Sun with arms outstretched from your sides, and hands intertwined in the hands of those beside you. Breathe in and push out deeply for three breaths as you sense and feel and see in your mind the essences of your souls united, radiating out from every part of your body and spreading across this spot, across this town, across this land, and across the world with the marvelous light of love.
65 After three breaths, return to the prayer position, take one more deep breath and push it out, then open your eyes and turn to the people around you and greet them with ‘Namaste.’”
66 Yeshua continued to do the Contemplative Meditation Movements most of the days of his life as the Sun crested the horizon each morning. But even among his family, most were not inclined to continue that which he taught that day, nor among many who later came to follow him, for he did not teach it as a commandment of God. But in the days to come, there were those who heeded that which he showed, and the secret of the Contemplative Meditation Movements went forth into the world.

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