Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Celestine Beliefs

A basic foundation of our beliefs is contained in the Twelve Commandments and the Articles of Faith. What follows below is a more detailed and thorough explanation of many beliefs and practices.

Afterlife: Our beliefs on the afterlife are more detailed than most religions, which tend to be rather vague if not outright obscure on the subject. To get a thorough understanding of Celestine beliefs, please follow this link to read about the afterlife as described by Yeshua at the funeral of Yochanan the Baptiser (verses 19-71).
Angels: Angels are very real beings and we are exceptionally familiar with them as we call upon them to assist us in their various stewardships frequently. There are 176 principal angels. However, contrary to the popular perception, an angel is an office, like mayor, or governor, not a particular individual that never changes. They serve in their angelic capacity, in the office, in the stewardship, for a time and then they progress to something greater and another individual is called to serve in that angelic office for a time by Elohim. So the Angel Gabriel (Stewardship: Messenger of Elohim) that is recorded in the Celestine, Muslim, Jewish and Christian scriptures speaking of events 2,000+ years ago, was a different higher Celestine being than the one who holds the office called Angel Gabriel today. An angel who is in the fullness of their office, is a resurrected being of the Celestine Kingdom, having a glorified and perfected immortal body. Guardian Angels also exist, but they are something entirely different. (See Guardian Angels)
Apostasy: The Apostasy, or falling away from the truth, never occurred in the manner that some churches believe, because the fullness of the teachings of Yeshua and the establishment of his church never were given to the general public in his lifetime or during the later time of his Apostles. Yeshua never intended for the general population 2000 years ago to have a fullness of his teachings because he knew they would be unable to live them. However, even with the limited light he did give, there certainly was a rapid falling away from those teachings after there were no longer any of the original twelve apostles remaining on the Earth. Men in power quickly modified, deleted, and added to the teachings of Yeshua to suit their own ends; ultimately as a means to keep the people under the control of church and state.
Apostles: Yeshua called Twelve Apostles to walk with him as he traveled and to hear his words and see his miracles in person, that they might be able to be Special Witnesses of him and lead the believers when he was no longer present. The same is true today with the restoration of all things and the fullness of his church on Earth. Our church is to be led by the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, comprised of both men and women, each who have been given a Special Witness of Yeshua of Nazareth.
Aura: Everyone, and every living thing, has an aura, and learning to understand, control, and expand your auric field is very empowering. The auric field generated by God or man or other entities, is the mechanism by which miracles and all “paranormal” activities or abilities manifest. When a miracle comes from God, it is through Elohim’s projection of their aura. When an Adept performs a miracle or a paranormal ability such as telepathy or telekinesis, or a spiritual healing, it is by projection of their auric field, and in the case of a healing, oftentimes combined with the auric energy sent by Elohim. The aura can project itself in physical ways such as with electromagnetism or by creating heat, and also in non-physical ways that excite the physical atoms of whatever is focused on, be it air, liquid, solid, and can also stimulate non-physical aspects such as emotions or thoughts.
Authority: When Yeshua was on the earth he called, set apart, and ordained his twelve Apostles, which included his wife Miriam. They were specifically told not to pass on their authority, except to a select few new Apostles, and that the fullness of his church could not be established for two millennia, once the people of the world had gained greater knowledge and higher consciousness. We are the generation that has the opportunity to receive that fullness, which was restored to the prophet, Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, by Yeshua, with a laying on of hands during travels of his spirit in the night, (see Dreams) with keys and authority further given by Miriam and the Apostles in the same manner. Holding all keys and authority to act in the name of Yeshua and the Elohim, the prophet then calls and ordains other virtuous and worthy individuals and gives them the keys and authority they need to fulfill their responsibilities. They in turn can call and ordain others to lesser responsibilities within their sphere. Thus the full authority to perform all sacred ordinances is spread through the church and around the world.
Baptism: We believe that baptism by immersion is an essential part of a living persons progression as they choose to throw off their old ways that held them back, and begin to walk a new path of light. Yeshua himself showed the importance of this ordinance by being baptized, even though he was without sin.
Bible: The Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible contain some truths and some true recordings of events, but by and large the Christian Bible is so full of false teachings inserted by man and incomplete recountings of actual events as to be of little benefit. Our church uses the Oracles of Celestine Light which is a complete and chronological record of the life and teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth, as well as the true early history of the world as recorded in Genesis. The doctrines of the two books have few similarities and take opposite positions on many subjects.
Chastity: Yeshua’s teachings and the Twelve Commandments are quite clear in regards to the importance of chastity, which means no fornication (sexual intimacy before marriage) and no adultery (sexual intimacy outside of marriage). We hold these to be important doctrines of light.
Commandments: The Great Commandment and the 12 Commandments of Sinai are the commandments we live in the church. Follow the 12 Commandments link to read these in detail or the Great Commandment link to read Yeshua’s explanation in Vivus 24:10-17. Most of the rules and laws of religions are the creations of men in power to control the people and we reject those. As Yeshua said concerning the myriad of rules put in the scriptures by men, “I have not come to uphold the law, but to destroy it.”
Community: We endeavor to form into communities and neighborhoods of members for support in our beliefs and lifestyle. Communities are intended to be very close socially and spiritually.
Demons: Demons are real beings who are actually fallen angels, but like Lucifer, were cast away from the presence of Elohim after they rebelled and are never to be given the opportunity to obtain a physical body. They do not exist on a physical plane, and therefore have far less influence on people than is given to them by many religions and superstitions. Some are evil and do exert what minimum energy they can to influence people on Earth, and in extreme cases their essence can actually possess a host body leading to very crazy actions by the person inhabited, and the necessity of an exorcism to rid the demon essence, even as Yeshua did on numerous occasions during his earthy ministry with people possessed of demons. Some demons are not evil and are repentant for their rebellion against Elohim and are working out their repentance by countering the evil of other demons. Many of the repentant have been redeemed through their repentance and are no longer demons, but have been restored to the light and now continue upward on the path of Eternal Progression.
Devil/Satan: Lucifer is a former high angel of heaven who rebelled against Elohim and was cast out. Although he does sow mischief in the world, the greatest problem people have, is the adversary within, not Lucifer. We are our own worst enemies. We all have both good and bad inside of us and which side we let out at any one time determines who we will become. Lucifer didn’t put the evil inside us, Elohim did, so that we would each have the opportunity to grow and progress by overcoming our weaknesses.
Divine Healing: We practice divine healing in several forms, including pure spiritual healing with the laying on of hands; healing by Master Herbalist Healers, a priesthood position in our church, highly trained in the use of herbs and alternative healing modalities; we also employ a mastery of many forms of energy to change all types of physical realities, including health challenges.
Dreams: Dreams are a vital part of each persons life, and far more important than most people realize for their spiritual progression. Throughout history, God has communicated with the prophets through dreams and it is the same for ordinary people. The human physical body could not stand to be in the presence of the energy emanating from Elohim. But the spirit self of each person, which travels in the night while the physical self rests, can be in the presence of Elohim, angels, or any other force, without harm. Though your conscious self, more often than not, does not remember your dreams well, the imprints of the experiences your spirit self has in its night travels have a profound affect on your physical body and actions.
Eternal Progression: This life is but another step on our personal path of eternal progression. Sometimes we move forward, sometimes we move backwards, but making efforts to learn and grow from our experiences, build our character and strengthen our relationships, is a primary motivating force of both mortality and immortality.
Faith & Works: We believe as the Apostle James taught, that “faith without works is dead”. (James 2:20, KJV) Works, by the fulfillment of your stewardship is an important evidence of true faith.
Free Will: We believe every person’s right to choose their own path is one of the sacred principals of Elohim. God does not compel obedience.
God: The Father, Mother and Son are three separate individuals, each with a glorified and perfected physical body. Together they comprise the trinity and are known as Elohim, or God, perfectly united in purpose.
God’s Name: Because of the sacredness and the power, the Fathers name is never said, but written only, and then only when absolutely necessary. Heavenly Mother’s name has never been given that it might never be sullied by man. Yeshua is known by the name he had in his physical life. He has another name, his Soul name, but it is not given to non-members or used by members, except in exceptional circumstances.
Guardian Angel: Guardian Angels are not actually angels, though that is what they are commonly called by people. They are actually higher beings who have a personal connection with the individual they have committed to watch over and assist while they are still in the mortal, physical world. The assistance can be in many areas, but primary involves personal well-being and increased knowledge of things both seen and unseen. They can be from either the Galactic or Celestine Kingdom and you can have more than one. Because they cannot physically appear in our world their influence tends to be in non-physical ways. But in special dire circumstances they can physically affect the person they are watching over ever so briefly, such as to push them to a ledge when they are falling off a cliff or cause them to have a minor accident preventing them from departing on a ship or car that subsequently has a fatal encounter.
Healthful Living: In addition to our diet (see Vegetarianism), we also do not smoke or use tobacco or related substances in any manner, or drink alcoholic beverages, or use non-prescription drugs or recreational drugs of any type. We also refrain from the use of products that have drugs in them such as coffee, caffeinated teas or soft drinks with caffeine. We believe in regular exercise to help keep our bodies healthy and severely limit candies, desserts and other products that are high in sugar or fat. However, we are not fanatical about this aspect of diet and feel it is acceptable in some circumstances to deviate from the norm, such as during a time when emotional challenges might call for a chocolate to ease the internal turmoil, or when driving long distances might call for a cup of coffee to help stay awake.
Hell: Hell is separation from God and family. There is no physical location called Hell, nor is there an underworld overseen by the Devil and Demons as is believed by many other faiths. The state of hell exists in both this life and the next, and does not need to be a permanent state. We always have the opportunity to repent, improve and progress, and not only regain what has been lost, but reach a higher plane of happiness and existence. But the greater and more numerous the accumulated sins of life, the harder and longer the path back into the light will be.
Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is the united spirit of the Trinity of Light, of the Elohim. Heavenly Mother brings the spirit of the trinity of Elohim to the hearts and minds of those that seek the light.
Home Design: We design our homes to allow maximum light during the day, as this is energy directly from Elohim. Our homes will have numerous windows and skylights. In the evening, while we are awake, rooms that we are using will also tend to be brightly lit with natural spectrum lighting. Like clothes and colors, the amount of light, particularly sunlight, we receive through our eyes each day has a direct bearing on our health, thoughts and moods. We discourage the use of air conditioning, except in extreme temperatures, and prefer when both awake and asleep, to have fresh breezes wafting through the house.
Homosexuals: Elohim expects the same level of virtue from homosexuals as is expected from heterosexuals, which includes no fornication or adultery. We recognize and perform same sex marriages. God created true homosexuals the way they are; therefore there cannot be anything inherently wrong with being gay or lesbian and they are afforded the same opportunities and blessings as any other person worthy by their virtue and good stewardship.
Jesus: Yeshua of Nazareth is his true name and is part of the Holy Trinity of Elohim, consisting of the Father, the Mother and the Son. He is the only spirit child of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother ever begotten into a physical, mortal body. He died on the cross to bring about the resurrection. (See also Mother Mary and Pre-existence).
Judgment Day: Please read “Afterlife” for an explanation.
Koropean Realm: This is the realm that we exist in before we come into a physical life and return to after we die a physical death until such time as we are ready to progress to the higher realms.
Marriage: We believe that a marriage between one or more virtuous human beings, is the most sacred and important bond anyone can make coupled with their love and bond with Elohim. But the structure of the marriage is not important as long as the people in the marriage are of good character, virtuous and faithful, and endeavor to live in a manner pleasing to God in their lives. Thus we recognize heterosexual marriages, same sex marriages, and polygamous marriages, and perform marriage ceremonies for all of them. Marriage is meant to be an eternal union and thus should not be entered into lightly or abandoned without sincere efforts to make it better. (see related explanation of Chastity)
Mary Magdalene: Her true name is Miriam of Magdala; the wife and constant companion of Yeshua and mother of his two children. As Apostle of the Apostles, she was the only person to have been a witness to every act he did and a listener to every doctrine he taught.
Miracles: We believe in miracles or events occurring that are outside the realm of human explanation. This can be as common as a spiritual healing from a deadly disease or as unusual as altering the course of events in the physical world, such as diverting a lava flow from a schoolhouse it was about to engulf. Through the priesthood, we are taught the secrets and mysteries of the universe, and combined with our faith, are able to control energies in such a manner that what might seem normal to us, would always seem like a miracle to others.
Mode of Dress: Celestines are happy people and tend to reflect it in their clothes, which are usually bright, colorful and creative. We also choose natural fiber clothing whenever possible such as 100% cotton, silk or super soft merino wool as being a healthier choice for our bodies. We discourage the use of any subdued or drab colors, as the colors you surround yourself with, especially on your body, do affect your thought processes and moods.
Mother Mary: Her true name is not Mary, but Miryam; the earthly virgin who gave birth to the physical body of Yeshua. However, she was not his physical mother, but his surrogate mother, having been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and impregnated with the fertilized egg of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.
Music: Music, song and dance are all forms of creative expression to help lift and free the inner spirit, often helping us to be able to commune easier with the spirit of Elohim. Celestines encourage all forms of creativity that are respectful of others and of the principals of light.
Original Sin: Absolute nonsense. Nobody is accountable for their sins until they are old enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, and mature enough to make decisions. Certainly the doctrine of many churches that espouses every baby born is a sinner from birth because of a single mistake Adam and Eve made tens of thousands of years ago, strains justice, compassion and reason beyond credulity.
Paranormal: We actively teach and work with many paranormal energies including telekinesis, telepathy, aura projection and many more. We are also trained to recognize and summon the specific universal energies needed to solve problems and challenges such as calling upon the energies of joy and optimism to help someone out of depression.
Polygamy: Polygamy, the marriage of a man and multiple women, was clearly sanctioned and even encouraged by Elohim since ancient times and was a foundational principal of the ancient Hebrews and other religions such as Islam. In addition to modern-day Islam, it is still widely practiced in African and some Asian countries. Our church neither encourages nor discourages polygamous marriages, as long as it follows the practices as outlined by Yeshua in “A Worthy Husband.” Such unions are only suited for faithful and virtuous people with harmonious and community-minded spirits. For those desiring such a union, they are sanctified in our church. Unlike polygamy of other religions, which are restricted solely to a man married to more than one women, and usually requires separate homes for each, in our church all parties are married to each other, are expected to love each other equally, live in the same house as one big family, and can have intimate relations with one another as they choose. Nor is polygamy restricted to a man and multiple women. If it is the desire of the people involved, a polygamous marriage could consist of one woman and two men. For a more complete understanding of our views on polygamy, please read Nexus chapter 40, A Worthy Husband.
Pre-existence: Even the Christian scriptures are quite clear on the pre-existence of spirits (Jer. 1:5) and this is a principal we believe is essential to understanding why we are here on Earth in a physical body – we existed before we came here, we are here now, and we will still exist after the physical life is over. Each step of the way, we learn and grow by our experiences in physical form. Even as our earthly parents gave birth to our physical form, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are literally the parents of our spiritual forms. In the pre-existence, our spiritual body was similar to the appearance of our physical body in its prime. The spiritual body was not flesh and blood, but it had substance and could feel and be felt. We also had non-sexual relationships in the pre-existence and many of those carried over to the relationships we have continued to have with people in a physical body. Most importantly, Yeshua was the first spirit child of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, making him our true spiritual brother. Understanding that he is literally our brother helps us to have a very close and personal relationship with him.
Priesthood: There are fourteen priesthood offices or positions in our church. Every worthy member, both male and female is encouraged, but not required, to become ordained into the priesthood, beginning at age 12. The training for each office is very thorough and includes many areas unique to our church, such as understanding and using paranormal energies. All priesthood positions are open to both men and women as they are worthy and qualified by training and experience.
Prophet: As the world evolves, there is always a need for new revelation from God to help guide us and for the world as a whole. This is always given through a single prophet called by Elohim. But each person can also receive personal revelation for their own affairs and their families.
Reincarnation: Please read “Afterlife” for an introduction. With that understanding, some individuals who have a great good to complete on Earth that was left unfinished, are granted a second opportunity to live a physical life on Earth, sometimes even more. But these are very rare instances. One example would be Yochanan the Baptiser whom Yeshua said was “Elijah come again.” Many people may have vivid recollections of past lives and assume that means that they were reincarnated. The reality in almost all cases is that the memories of a person who lived on Earth in the past, for example Cleopatra, were absorbed and stored in the deep recesses of the mind, by the spirit preparing to be born on Earth in a physical body because they thought the unconscious understanding of Cleopatra (or whomever they thought they were in another life) would be of benefit to them in their life. If those memories come too much into consciousness during their life, without understanding the mechanism, they may begin to think they once were Cleopatra (or another person).
Repentence: Repentance is a key foundation of our faith. It is the mechanism by which someone who has made mistakes, both small and big, can make amends and get their life back on a good track. There are six distinct components of Repentance:
1 Recognize your sin.
2 Feel remorse for your sin.
3 Confess your sin to God, the person you wronged and the appropriate ecclesiastical authority as needed or appropriate.
4 Ask forgiveness from God and anyone you have wronged.
5 Make restitution, as much as is possible.
6 Forsake the sin and do it no more.
Resurrection: The souls of all people live on eternally, but according to the Revelation Bible only the virtuous are resurrected, which is the reuniting of their soul with a glorified and perfected immortal physical body. However, in the plan of Eternal Progression, even the lost souls will be able to redeem themselves and gain the resurrection if they demonstrate their adherence to the light for a millennia or more.
Sabbath Day: The Hebrew Sabbath was Saturday, but Yeshua instituted meeting on Sunday for the Sabbath. This should be a day as disconnected from the world as possible, and as much as possible connected to family, friends and nature.
Salvation: We reject the Christian concept of salvation from sins by accepting “Jesus” as their personal savior. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but it has nothing to do with why Yeshua came into a physical body on Earth. He came to teach by word and deed, to set the perfect example for others to follow and to conquer physical death, proving the resurrection and eternal nature of our existence. God gave man a duality of both good and evil so man could conquer himself and become better than he began, more god-like. Therefore, there is no need to be saved from sins by Yeshua and no one to save us from sins except our own worthy and virtuous actions. We reap what we sow. It seems to us that far too many well-intentioned people of other faiths take a false comfort in thinking they can sin and sin some more, then simply accept “Jesus,” have their sins forgiven, and then continue to sin some more. Instead of “salvation” we believe in “eternal progression:” that we have weaknesses that we might overcome them and make them our strengths, and that by becoming ever more virtuous and god-like we create our own place in heaven by reaping what we have sown. Yeshua gives eternal life to all people, but what level of happiness and exaltation each person inherits depends upon the choices they make in life that lead to light, and when caught in darkness, the choices they make to get out of it and walk in the light.
Second Coming: We do not believe that Yeshua will return to Earth again in a physical form to establish his kingdom, which is commonly called the “Second Coming” by Christians, but believe the kingdom of God is already here and within all true believers. Some of the compromised scriptures in the Christian Bible where “Jesus” spoke cryptically, which have been interpreted to be speaking of a second coming, were actually prophesying the coming destruction of the temple at Jerusalem. However, the 1st century Christian church was highly apocalyptic, with expectations of “Jesus” returning in their lifetime, hence a lot of things were written in what is now canonical Christian scripture to support that view. We know that Yeshua will not be retuning to earth to establish his kingdom because it already dwells in the hearts, minds and spirits of true believers. Yeshua said as much, even in the Christian Bible – “Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21
Spells: Some powerful activities of the priesthood involve the casting of spells (the calling in of universal energies) which is done in a specific manner, with verses of rhyme to increase the harmony, focus and flow of energy. Spells can be cast by an individual, but are most often done in unison with several other priesthood holders to increase the power and effect.
Stewardship: This is a defining foundation of the Celestine faith. We believe being a good steward over responsibilities that have been given to us is a central reason we came to Earth to experience a physical life, and our success in our stewardship is a key measure of our reward in the next life. Stewardship includes how we care for the temples of our body, our spouse, our children, our church, our community and very importantly, our world and all the life therein.
Spiritual Gifts: We believe in all the gifts of the spirit commonly known to Christians, and many more that are not, such as the mastery of many paranormal abilities.
Tithing: We practice a minimum tithe of 5% of income for priesthood holders and donations as desired for non-priesthood holders.
Trinity: The Elohim, the Father, Mother and Son are three separate and distinct supreme beings who speak and act in perfect harmony. Together they comprise the trinity of God.
Vegetarianism: Members holding the priesthood are raw-foodists or lacto-ovo vegetarians who also may choose to eat ocean-going schooling fish such as salmon.
Xeon: Xeon is the land within the Koropean that Heavenly Father and Mother created for us to reside in before we come into a physical life.

If you would like to know what members of the Church of Celestine Light believe about a topic that has not been covered in the explanations given above, or feel something that has been covered needs a more thorough explanation, then please contact us and let us know the topic and we will answer it and post it along with the ones we have presented.