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"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: In the old testament, the Bible talks about Satan or Lucifer as an Angel of Light who can appear as light (truth) but is a liar and a deceiver…Would you discuss this with me?

A: As for your question about Satan, (also known by Christians as Lucifer, the Adversary and the Devil):

We have a very different understanding of this character than the Christian/Hebrew/Islamic tradition. Lucifer-Son of Morning was a highly esteemed being in the Koropean land of Xeon, pre-life. This isn’t spoken about in Genesis 1, but it will be noted later. Lucifer rebelled against the Elohim – the Father, Mother and Son. He desired glory for himself and wanted to compel the sons and daughters of God on Earth to obey all the commandments and desires of God, so that 100% would return to God in the afterlife, having committed no sins. The Elohim did not agree with this; besides exalting Lucifer, it took away people’s freedom of choice. They expected and desired people to make mistakes and to be able to learn and grow greater than they had been, by recognizing, repenting and overcoming their mistakes. If everyone was simply compelled to do everything correctly, they would neither learn nor grow. Because of his rebellion against the plan of Elohim, Lucifer was cast out of the Koropean Realm and cursed to live without ever being able to have a physical body. This is where the word “damn” comes from; as to damn someone is like a dam on the water, it stops their progression. If Lucifer can never have a physical body, but must always remain in spiritual form, he can never progress to a higher state.

There were a number of spirit children who rebelled along with Lucifer in Xeon and they were also cast out and given the same curse. This is why there are accounts, even in the Christian scriptures, of people being possessed, or even a herd of pigs being possessed. Possession however, is something else that is misunderstood. Cast out spirits, commonly called demons or devils, cannot just enter someone’s body and take over as is often thought and depicted in movies and books. First, a person would have to be in a VERY mentally weakened and disrupted state for that to occur, and even if it did, their body would not be controlled by the possession, merely further disrupted than it already was, which could lead the person to an even more erratic behavior. If the person regained a measure of sanity, the possessor would be forced to depart, unable to exist in the presence of a mind in a normal state.

It shows you how desperate cast out spirits are and how great the curse was that they would choose to enter into the body of a pig, just to experience a shadow of what it is like to have a physical body. Even with animals, a possession would be a very rare thing. Like in humans, the animal would have to first be in a VERY disrupted mental state from drugs or something else.

In Christian/Hebrew/Islamic mythology, Satan has great influence on people to entice them into committing evil acts. This belief is very different from our understanding. Yeshua taught that the Adversary is not some being like Satan that is outside of us, but is part of our own duality of self. No matter who we are, (even Yeshua) we have a part of us that is called to the light, and another part that is enticed to darkness. There are reasons for this. As Yeshua said, if we had not tasted the bitter, we would not appreciate the sweet. It is by exercising our will power to live in the light, by our own choice, despite the lure of the dark, that we become better and more powerful than we were. This is coupled with repentance as a vehicle to reestablish the light and balance in our lives on those occasions when we do give into temptations we should not have. Repentance serves a greater purpose as well because of the humility and contriteness involved, and the sincere efforts made to speak with God about our problems, draws us closer to God in ways that living a perfect life in the light do not.

A great example of this distinction that the Adversary is within ourselves, and not some external being like Satan, is found in Vivus, Chapter 10. This is a similar account as found in the Christian Bible where Satan tempts Jesus before he begins his ministry. But read the account in Vivus, Chapter 10 and it will likely make much more sense than the Christian Bible account. Here’s a partial quote of verse 21 “Then the whirlwind came down again from the cloud and carried Yeshua to the top of the temple, and the voice of the adversary within came again into his head, saying, ‚ÄúProve to yourself that you are really the only begotten Son of God and cast yourself from the pinnacle…” Notice it says “adversary WITHIN”, not just adversary. If you read the whole chapter you can get a greater understanding of this principle.

Now the Christian/Hebrew/Islamic tradition of the devil is very handy for them. It gives them two powerful tools to further their religions.

1. Whenever people sin they can avoid some personal responsibility by basically saying or thinking “The Devil made me do it.” In essence, “I sinned, but I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been actively enticed by the Devil.”

Celestines on the other hand believe very much in personal responsibility and accountability. If we sin, it is because WE chose to sin, and we were enticed, not by an external Devil, but by our own weakness. For most, the other religions have more appeal because they lead people to believe that their sins were not really all their fault.

2. The other use that religions make of the Devil is to keep their congregations in line. They tell their members that Satan is a great liar and deceiver and if anyone tries to teach them something new, that is not taught in their church, why that’s just Satan trying to deceive them and lead them astray. It never ceases to amaze me how often this little tool is used by people of various religions to try to prevent their members, or their family members, from looking at anything else outside of the little box they are in. Their illogical rationale is: If it is different, and especially if it makes sense and sounds appealing, it must be Satan trying to deceive them and lead them astray.” This is an important principle to understand because you will encounter it often as people are kept in virtual imprisonment by their religions for fear that anything different has to be of Satan.

The reality as taught by Yeshua, is that truth can be found many places and that no place has a monopoly, including the Church of Celestine Light. That doesn’t mean that we are not full to the brim with wonderful truths taught by Elohim, but we aren’t the only ones who have truth and light, and portions can be found in many other places as well. What we find in our church is a great accumulation of truth and light as taught by Yeshua himself. But we don’t claim a monopoly, nor discourage our members from looking and finding truth and light in other places as well. If you have received the Gift of the Holy Spirit after baptism, then you will always have the spirit of the Mother of Elohim to guide you and help you separate the wheat from the chaff in the truth department.

One of the most interesting things I have observed over my years about people and religious institutions is those with the least truth are the most fearful, guilt-promoting, rule-following, obedient, closed-minded, apocalyptic, and everyone’s a terrible sinner, oriented. They tend to claim they have 100% of the truth and if anyone even dares to peek at anything else they are “being led astray by Satan.” Their members are kept in line and motivated more by fear than love.

On the other hand, those with the most truth, encourage confidence and personal self-empowerment. They are uplifting, optimistic, open-minded, and not afraid for their members to explore beyond the boundaries of their religion. Love is their mantra and fear is not found.

Q: I live in Europe and am very much in harmony with almost all the teachings of the Church of Celestine Light except for the emphasis on married relationships. Hardly anyone in Europe is married anymore. We live together with the ones we love, have children with them, and maybe spend our life with them, but all just by mutual desire and consent without the formality or legal entanglements of marriage. When it speaks so often of the importance of marriage in the Revelation Bible should that be taken to just apply to that time 2000 years ago or does the church carry those teachings forward into the modern era?

A: (by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel) Thank you for your excellent question. There really are no teachings in the Revelation Bible that were applicable only to that time in history. Though it may have involved situations unique to that time period, if it included teachings of Yeshua, they are universal and timeless.

Concerning marriage vs living together, married in every way except formally, there still remains an energetic difference. We do not judge in anyway those who choose to live together outside the bonds of marriage, and many people in that situation are good and wonderful people and devoted partners, and parents to their children, and enthusiastically welcomed in the church. And being married is not a guarantee of bliss. But as anyone who has both lived together in a relationship without marriage and been together in a marriage will attest, there is a difference energetically in how the relationship feels. Most people who have experienced both feel there is a higher level of commitment in a marriage and a greater desire to be in harmony and pleasing to your companion, as well as a greater willingness to listen and compromise to reach a harmonious middle ground.

This energetic difference becomes important in the success of many aspects of life, but has particular significance in certain high level ordinances and use of gifts of personal power within the church, especially the Circles of Power (Chapter 76 of Vivus) from which many great miracles are accomplished. The power of the synergy between one or more people in harmony is not added, but multiplied. The closer and stronger the personal bond between two or more people is, the greater the multiplication becomes. There are certain ceremonies and spiritual actions such as the Katah and Shanar Circles of Power, that are restricted to either all participants the same sex, or if coed, all participants must be married.

It is within these circles that we can see without doubt the differences in energy. To achieve the greatest spiritual effect we need to have the most powerful alignment of synergistic energies.

Remember also that this life is also only a step in the stairway of eternity, and as we progress the importance of the synergy of commitment and love in marriage becomes increasingly essential. As we look to the bond of our Father and Mother in heaven and all that has been done through that bond, we have the promise that we too can become great creators in the universe as we follow after their example and light.