Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Calling on the Power of Angels

One of the very special abilities taught in the Church of Celestine Light is how to facilitate the fulfillment of prayers by calling and controlling universal energies created by God. The energies and the powers they bring are freely available to everyone, just like the sun that shines upon all of the Earth. Learning to recognize and utilize them when desired is one facet of spiritual understanding taught in our church.

Whether it is something as simple as help in learning a new skill, or something as important as effecting a miracle, understanding the universal energies that are in play, and how to call upon them and best utilize them to help obtain ones goal, is the secret to unlocking the true power of prayer.

There are several elements that are combined together in our rituals to accomplish the desired end result, and it is oftentimes startling to others to learn of the seemingly incongruous elements that go together to effect the powerful results.

The most important first step is a sincere and humble prayer to Elohim through which all things are possible.
This is followed by a very specific short ritual and incantation that for lack of a better description, is the casting of a spell to pull in the universal energies required to greatly magnify the power of the prayer and the subsequent response of fulfillment.

An important part of the spell casting is to call upon the specific angel whom Elohim has given stewardship over the subject relating to the spell. For instance, if someone was torn with doubts and internal turmoil about problems in their life, they would call upon the Angel Valoel, whose stewardship is helping those with anxiety and anxiousness to awaken in the morning with a serene feeling of inner peace and the mental and emotional support to resolve the conflict in their heart.

According to the revelations given to our church from Elohim, angels do not remain serving in their angelic capacity forever. An angel is actually an office or position embodying a calling or commission to serve a stewardship over a certain sphere of influence for a specified period of time. After the time has elapsed, the higher being holding that position moves on to a new responsibility and an entirely different higher being is called by Elohim to hold the stewardship, which includes bearing the name of the angel for that sphere of influence.

As an example, the Angel Orifiel has a stewardship to protect the wilderness and those who care for it. Lets say a higher being named Tantalos had been called by Elohim to hold that stewardship. As long as Tantalos holds the stewardship she/he would be known as the Angel Orifiel. But at some point, Elohim is going to call Tantalos to a new and different responsibility. At that point, Tantalos vacates the office of the Angel Orifiel and a new higher being, let’s say, Jamaliya, is now called by Elohim to hold the stewardship of the office of the Angel Orifiel. Thereafter, as long as she/he holds the stewardship, Jamaliya will be known as the Angel Orifiel.

When members of the Church of Celestine Light say a prayer to Elohim and cast a spell to call in the specific energies needed to amplify the power of the prayer, they also call upon the angel whose sphere of stewardship encompasses the desire of the prayer. We have a list of over 300 angels and their stewardships to insure that the incantation said to activate the needed energies is the most powerful possible.

Many of the angelic offices (the angel’s names) have been commonly known for hundreds and even thousands of years, others first became part of the human consciousness in the medieval age, and still others in modern times, revealed through the Church of Celestine Light. They include select angel names from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and other religions, as well as some of the names of gods from Greek and Roman mythology, and the mythology of other cultures.

It should come as no surprise that angelic or mythological names most people think of as mere inventions of the human imagination, actually have root in the reality of the higher realms. The names which are true, originally came to someone in a moment of divine inspiration, when they were in a special, holy state, and were able to tap into the celestial light to receive the names of actual angels (angelic offices). Whether the names were first revealed through ancient Hebrew prophets, Greek mythologists, early Christian apostles, medieval Catholic priests, or the modern prophet of the Church of Celestine Light, the validity is proven by the power and fulfillment witnessed when summoning those angelic offices. When called upon in the proper way, they fully fulfill their stewardship.