Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

General Priesthood Responsibilities & Overview

There are 14 priesthood offices within the Church of Celestine Light. They are open to both men and women, and all except Adept Level 1, are open to single or married individuals. Every member, age 12 and over, is encouraged to become ordained and active in the priesthood, but it is not a requirement of membership.

To hold a priesthood position, an individual must have a personal desire and enthusiasm to hold the position, plus, have met all the requirements of ordination, including age, virtue, faithfulness and knowledge, and lastly, be called, set apart and ordained to the position by the laying on of hands, by the appropriate priesthood authority.

When Yeshua of Nazareth was on the Earth, he brought the higher priesthood of Elohim and did not participate in the Hebrew priesthood that passed only through the tribe of Levi. This is why he was asked on more than one occasion by what authority he spoke and acted, because he was not a Levite, and in the eyes of the religious leaders did not have authority from God to speak and act as he did. Of course, as he is part of the Elohim, the Holy Trinity of God, the creator of all that exists; his word became the new reality. As he said on more than one occasion, he did not come to uphold the old law, but to destroy it.

Yeshua ordained his wife Miriam and his other Apostles to the Elohimic priesthood before he left the Earth for the last time, so that they would have the authority to act in his name and the power of Elohim to help them in their missions. However, he specifically told them not to ordain any others except a few new members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; for theirs was just to be the Dispensation of the Flame, when the seeds of the fullness of truth would be planted. Though some seeds would sprout, many would wither because of the poisons of man, and the harvest would not be ready until two millennia later, after they had been nurtured in the souls of men and women for generations upon generations, until the final generation was ready to receive the fullness of the truth.

We are that generation, and the Elohimic priesthood and gospel of Yeshua of Nazareth have been restored in fullness to this most blessed generation, by the spiritual laying on of hands of Miriam and the original Apostles, to Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, the first Prophet of this dispensation, to benefit all the generations to come in the world. For the seeds planted 2000 years ago have sprouted, and now the Holy Elohimic Priesthood and all of its rights, authority and power, can be given to every worthy man or woman who follows the fullness of the path of Yeshua of Nazareth.

Every priesthood holder is thus able to trace the authority of their priesthood, to act with the authority and power of Elohim, directly back to Yeshua of Nazareth, through his wife Miriam and his other original Apostles.

The Elohimic Priesthood is divided into three circles or spheres. Each sphere has three levels of attainment. Most of their names were given when Yeshua walked the Earth and a few are of more modern origins. They are merely labels to delineate the powers and responsibilities of each level.

Sage 3 (minimum age 12)

Acolyte: This is the first priesthood office of responsibility and Acolytes may be called upon to assist any other priesthood holder in their duties, in the capacity that they are capable. The Sage 3 Acolyte begins their first lessons in spell casting, starts creating their personal Book of Light, and begin their education in the use of paranormal abilities, as well as receive an introduction to the 66 most powerful angels. They also have specific responsibilities to help prepare the sacrament and to collect fast offerings once a month. Additionally, young adult Acolytes have special charges to assist members in temporal areas, such as helping with yard work, babysitting, running errands, etc. These tasks may be donated or compensated as they decide. Adult Acolytes are also expected to find ways to be of assistance to members, even if it is as simple as just listening when someone needs to talk.

Sage 2 (minimum age 16)

Deacon: Holders of this priesthood office learn about the powers and attributes of an additional 66 angels and continue their education in paranormal abilities and spell casting. They act as ushers during Sabbath services, and have a special charge to help members to have a good Sabbath experience by providing seating or caring for other needs to help in their comfort.

Sage 1 (minimum age 18)

Priest/Priestess: Priests/Priestess’ have the authority to baptize and sufficient knowledge and authority to participate in the laying on of hands for spiritual healings and to assist Master Healers in their work.
They have the authority to bless the sacrament and are expected to give at least 2 talks a year in church or via online meetings on the Internet. They continue their education in paranormal abilities and spell casting and may participate in magnifying circles for the purposes of casting spells. In conjunction with their wife/husband, they have the authority to preside over and sanctify their own marriage.

Adept 3 (minimum age 20)

Seeker: Set apart and specially trained to locate and identify physical objects containing unusually powerful amounts of paranormal energies.
Those with dark energy are destroyed or neutralized. Those with light energy are purchased by the church for use.

Seventy: Called to be missionaries of the church. This may be within their Parish or Diocese or somewhere around the world were they are needed to help bring the light of Yeshua.

Evangelist: A special calling within a Parish, there are generally not more than three Evangelists in a Parish. Their responsibility is to be enthused and informed about the gospel of Yeshua of Nazareth and to use their knowledge, enthusiasm and power of speech to get the members charged up and positive every week, both spiritually and temporally, as well as to frequently contribute written articles for the same purpose.

Adept 2 (minimum age 22)

Elder: There are numerous Elders per Parish and they are charges with the responsibility of the day-to-day welfare of the Parish members and the vibrancy of the Parish. Elders are the heartbeat of the Parish. They give talks, organize Parish socials and Parish service projects, work with the parish music and performing arts, instruct classes, perform individual spiritual healings when a Master Healer is not needed, and assist Master Healers in other more complex healings. They have the authority to confer the Baptism of Fire and to conduct fire walks. They also become a powerful force when they are united in a magnifying circle for the implementation of a spell.

Master Healer: Called and set apart to learn the intricate details of spiritual, herbal and alternative healing methods and responsible for attending to members as needed. Ideally there is at least one, and maybe more Master Healers per Parish, as they also may have a regular practice that includes numerous non-members.

Adept 1 (minimum age 33)

Special Note: Many marriages in the church are performed and sanctified by the bride and groom themselves. If they are both priesthood holders Sage 1 or higher, in good standing, they have that authority. For non-members or members who would like a separate priesthood holder to officiate and sanctify their marriage, any of the Adept 1 priesthood positions are authorized to perform marriages for others.

Pastor: Leader of a local congregation (Parish) and responsible overall for every aspect of its organization, function, well-being.

High Priest/Priestess: The priesthood position working at both the Parish and Diocese levels responsible for the instigation and implementation of powerful spells and other priesthood powers. There may be several per Parish and their other primary duty is to instruct classes in the the development and use of spiritual and paranormal powers.

Bishop: Oversees two or more local parishes up to a maximum of twelve. This grouping is called a Diocese, and the Bishop is responsible for the overall organization, function, well-being, and leadership of the Diocese. Also is the lead priesthood holder in the Diocese for instigation and implementation of powerful spells and other priesthood powers.

Seer: Sole responsibility is to give the once-in-a-lifetime Soul Name & Blessing to each member of their Diocese ready to receive it.

Apostle: Twelve Apostles exist at any one time to this lifetime calling, as long as they continue to be active and capable of fulfilling their calling. They are responsible for overseeing the church as a whole, and going and doing whatever is needed to fulfill that calling. As the Quorum of Twelve, they make all administrative decisions that affect the entire church. They are also Special Witnesses & Representatives of Yeshua, and are called to bear their testimony of him often. They are also responsible for representing the church with governments and in official capacities. They are also charged with instigating and implementing the most powerful spells in the church, which are meant to have consequences that affect many people. Except for the Prophet/Prophetess, they are the most powerful people in the church in their ability to: use paranormal powers, call upon Elohim and the angels of Elohim for assistance, expand their aura, and cast spells of power.
Prophet/Prophetess: A single member of the Quorum of the Twelve, elevated unanimously, by revelation, after the death of the previous

Prophet/Prophetess: They are given all the keys and authority to act on Earth in the name of and on behalf of Yeshua of Nazareth in spiritual matters, and may delegate any part of that authority to any or all of the Apostles. They are also given all spiritual and sacred knowledge and power. Whatever they do not already know will be taught to them by revelation directly by Yeshua. Their responsibilities include guiding the church by revelation in all spiritual areas, and to make sound temporal recommendations to the Quorum of Twelve, based upon their knowledge and experience. However, temporal related decisions are solely the domain of the Quorum of Twelve. They are also considered to be the most powerful person in the church in their ability to use paranormal powers, call upon Elohim and the angels of Elohim for assistance, expand their aura, and cast spells of power.