Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Quotes from the Oracles of Celestine Light


1:1-2 “In the beginning before the Earth was, or the stars in the heavens above, there was the Father, and the Mother, and the Son abiding in everlasting majesty beyond the horizon of infinity. They are the Elohim: the one God of all that is, three divine and perfected personages, separate in body and spirit, but united as one in purpose, knowledge, vision, power, and faith; they are Elohim, the one.”
1:3-4 “By the joint desire of the Father and the Mother and the agreement of the Son, the spirits and eternal essence of all things that live in a physical form, that have ever lived, and that will ever live, were first created and exist in a spiritual state. Nor has the spiritual essence of any living thing ever come into physical existence with the breath of life, except by their divine intention embraced by their endless love and faith.”
1:5-6 “And it came to pass that in the beginning by the union of love of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, all the spirits of men and women were created; in the likeness of their celestial parents were they created, every one. And into their spirit was placed an eternal soul, a sliver of the very essence of the Father and the Mother, to never know death; and to always speak in a still, small voice calling upon their spirit to manifest in their lives the greatness they could become as true sons and daughters of God.”
1:7 “Know then that all living things have spirits and have existed spiritually before they exist physically, but only the children of men and women have been given eternal souls, a piece of Elohim, a light inside that ever beckons them to a higher path of virtue and righteousness.”
1:8 “The souls of men and women are as innumerable as the sands of the seas; each and every one gloriously unique, with special gifts and blessings given unto them by their Heavenly Father and Mother that they might manifest the majesty of their celestial heritage and fulfill the full measure of their divine creation.”
2:4-5 “And it came to pass that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother decreed that a forgetfulness would come upon the minds of every child of spirit when they passed into the physical realm of their choice; that they would not remember their life as spiritual beings in the presence of their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and the first-born Heavenly Son. But unto each was given the loving promise that their souls would ever be a part of the Elohim; and that a whisper of celestial truth would abide forever in their hearts as a longing for a divine eternity, and in their higher mind as a sure knowledge that within them their great eternal spirit would ever call them to something much greater.”
2:6 “Thus it is that amidst the vexing trials and tribulations of mortal life that in humility all can fulfill their potential to become a Child of Light; called from the gentle promptings of their heart to believe in a divinity their eyes cannot see, and a wonder their mind does not know; to feel coursing in every fiber of their being a sure knowledge that they are a cherished Child of God.”
2:8 “For faith and love are the greatest of all powers, the very dynamic by which all things were, and are created and exist.”
2:9 “Love comes easy to the willing and compassionate heart, but faith is a struggle of virtue and humility, and the means to obtain it through the conquering of self and total openness to the flow of God, are among the preeminent gifts of Elohim unto the children of men.”
2:10 “For this cause, and to learn and grow further by their experiences in the flesh, are the children of men born into the world; that they might be tested by the challenges of mortality and learn to know without seeing, to hear without hearing, and do without doing; such is the power of faith, and only by acquiring this power may they progress into a greater state of being.”
3:14-15 “And the voice of the Father shook the very ground, saying, “Unto the children of Eden dominion is given over all the life of Earth; over every creature that flies in the air or walks upon the ground or swims in the sea. You shall have sacred dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves or grows upon the Earth; that in your stewardship they also might be fruitful and multiply and spread forth over the Earth in abundance.”
3:16 “Every plant in endless variety has been given unto you for food, and shelter, and comfort, and to heal your wounds and illnesses with prudence and faith.”
3:17 “And behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree whose seed bears fruit of sweetness or meat; and the milk of the animals, and the non-fertile eggs of the fowls, and the honey of the bees, and these shall be your food.”
3:19 “Take heed therefore to be good and faithful stewards. Cherish all life; for the slothful steward shall be held accountable for every life diminished because of their neglect or disdain.”
3:20 “Verily, if you take life or diminish the quality of life of the creations of Elohim without merit, so shall the bounty of your eternal reward be taken from you; but as you add to the quality of the life of all that you are a steward over, your blessings in heaven shall so be magnified.”
3:21 “The splendor of your eternity is created by the respect and love of your humble, every day actions. As you do in life, so shall you be rewarded in eternity.”
4:28-30 “And it came to pass that the voice of the Father rumbled across the sky and was heard by each of the Edenites. And the voice of the Father said unto them, “My children, learn now the Law of Consequence; that each action you do begets another action. The good to good and the bad to bad. And learn the Law of Knowledge and Ignorance; that knowledge brings reward and ignorance brings penalty. And the knowledge you must possess, you must gain from your efforts and experiences and desire and focus, for never again will it be given to you freely as it was in Eden. So you have now learned that beyond Eden there are things that look to be desirable that instead will hurt you if you partake of them. And that the action ripples like a stone upon water, with like actions be they good or bad.”
4:37:40 “In Eden, there was a balance between the male and the female inside each of you, thereby the men never angered and the women never wavered. But now in the world that is yours, the men will need to strive to remember the female within them lest they are overcome by the male and become even as the animals. And the women must ever strive to hold onto the male within them lest they become without a voice and mere chattel to the men.”
4:44 “Therefore, fear not, for we are still with you. If you seek us out and live as we have given you, you shall always have our spirit to be upon you, and guide you, and bring you toward the light.”
4:166-167 “And the voice of the Father rumbled from the clouds and everyone heard, and with every word he spoke the earth shook. And the father said, “Cain, your life shall be desolation and your eternity shall be darkness. You sought to stop the eternal progression of Abel, but you have only succeeded in damning your own. Abel shall be reborn into mortality once more, to resume his journey. But you have dropped yourself into a deep abyss and only through time unmeasured will you be able to come again even to the place you were the day you did this great sin.”
5:66-67 “And Elohim the Mother came to Enoch in a dream, and she said unto him, ‘Enoch, it is given to men to have strength of body and to women to have strength of the gifts of heaven, and to each a little of the other, but only to a rare man or woman to have both, even one such as you, Enoch the prophet.’ Therefore, encourage now the women to discover and claim their special gifts of heaven, that they might know the power that is the birthright of all women of virtue.”
5:71 “And the women of Latani began to practice that which Enoch had shown unto them, and they called upon their gifts, and their gifts came to them, and great were the wonders which they wrought, even the moving of immense stones without the hand of man touching them, and great knowledge of herbs and healing, and the ability to affect many things by coming together in unison and intent.”
5:76 “And it came to pass that Elohim the Mother appeared again to Enoch in a dream and said unto him, “The people of the city of Enoch have become more virtuous and righteous than any people who have ever lived upon the Earth. So much so, that the Earth shall soon no longer be able to hold them, and they shall be lifted to a higher glory without tasting death.'”
6:47-48 “And he said unto them, “The Elohim have weighed the light and darkness of the people of the world in the balance and found them destitute, and the great and terrible day of God is upon us. The world shall be cleansed and God who has given all men life, shall take it away now from many who had received such a great gift.”
6:61-62 “Our Heavenly Mother came to me and spoke to me several times concerning this, for even I could not at first comprehend the fullness of her words. Tomorrow upon this spot, a ship shall come for us, but it is not a ship of this world. Nor is it a ship of the sea. Verily, it is a ship of the sky.”
6:69-70 “Hearing all these things, Noah spoke again unto the people, saying, ‘Doubt not the Elohim, and have a true faith in your hearts. You have trusted the teachings of Elohim all of your lives for things small and great and they have not failed you. Do not waver now in your faith simply because you are asked to trust in something beyond your understanding, for surely all things shall be made known to those who hold fast to their faith.’
7:86 “And let us pray every day in humility and thankfulness for the blessings that are ours, and strive to live worthily of all the Elohim have given us.”
7:87 “And take heed: where great things have been given, great things are expected, and we are asked to be a light all the moments of our lives.”
7:88 “Know with a surety, that if we, or our posterity, ever stray from the path of light, all that we have been given shall be taken away, not in forty years as we have seen, but in a single day and night.”
8:36-37 “The Mother shook her head and said unto him, “When we created the Earth we put all things upon it that men and women could show by their actions the extent of their light, or the depth of their darkness. We gave a mortal life to the immortal soul that men and women could have a time of weakness and temptation, but also a time of great learning and expansion, to allow them to become one with the energies of eternity in which they found the greatest resonance; that they could determine by their own choices the world of their eternity.”
8:38-39 “We understood that sometimes they would give into their weaknesses and partake of their temptations, and be pulled further into darkness. Therefore, we left inside all men and women the spark of divinity that is our light, that they might always know right from wrong, that even when they chose the darkness their soul would still be calling them to the light.”
8:40 “That the errors of their mortality might be redeemed, and men and women become greater than their weaknesses, we offered the path of repentance, whereby the sins of their past can be forgiven and forgotten, and they can live once again fully in the light, drawn to an eternity of fulfillment in resonance with their illuminated, immortal soul.”
8:41 “All this we have created that men and women might fulfill the destiny they make for themselves, that on the day of judgment, when they will be pulled to the world of their eternity, be it light or darkness, that all of the actions and choices of their lives will be upon their shoulders, and they will not be able to say, ‘it is because of this circumstance or this person that I gave into temptation and walked a path of darkness.”
8:42 “Beyond this, we are Watchers only; Watchers with sadness whenever we see our children make the wrong choices. But also Watchers with love, confident we have given our children the best path and opportunity to create an eternity for themselves worthy of the greatness they each have within them.”
8:53-54 “And the Mother answered him, saying, “You know that all men and women are called to greatness. That is the destiny we have prepared for all of our children. But each is given their free will and a portion of darkness to tempt them, with a portion of light to ever draw them to the ways of truth and light. Whether their destiny of greatness is fulfilled depends upon the choices they make by their own free will. For only they are the masters of their destiny.”
8:55 “When many people unite in a common cause, be it good or evil, they call the forces of light or darkness upon them by their choices, and their destiny is written by their actions, be it blessings or destruction.”
8:59-60 “And Elohim the Mother answered him saying, “Do not lose your perspective of eternity my son. Your life and the lives of all the animals and plants upon the Earth are but a single breath in eternity, a single blink of your eyes. A most important breath and blink it is, but the sadness of death, even the most horrible, must be tempered with the unfailing conviction and understanding that life is eternal, as are the relationships of the innocent and the virtuous, be they man or beast.”
8:61 “Mortality is merely the brief, fierce wind that blows away the chaff of facade and falsehood, that the wheat of truth and light may grow in grandeur in eternity.”
8:78 “Do not think to yourself that you can bring forth violence and not have it snap back and strike you an even greater blow. Violence begets violence even as love begets love.”
9:66-68 “All knowledge was encoded into rounded, elongated stones and crystals. Upon paper of any kind there was nothing written of consequence or importance. Besides the fact that organic materials would decay with time and eventually turn to dust, the rocks and crystals allowed the Savasi to record a great amount of information in small and compact containers that would seem nothing more than innocuous rocks to anyone unaware of how to unlock the secret information stored within their structure. And amazing knowledge was stored within the rocks and crystals. Not only all the knowledge of Earth and its true history, but also all the knowledge of the Oolarians and of all of the known worlds inhabited by myriads of civilizations beyond the Earth.
9:101-103 “And Elohim the Father came into each of their minds as they stood, one and all the same, in the Circle of Power within the whirlwind. And the Father spoke unto them saying, “Precious and righteous Children of the Light, our hearts do have great joy in you. You are greater than the world in which you live, and greater than many among whom you live. Like unto Enoch you will be taken in three days and be no more upon the Earth; you and all of your families and all of the Savasi that will follow the true light or will repent and come again unto it. But it is not to the Celestine Realms that you will come at this time as did Enoch, for you still have much to discover and great works to do in mortality, for neither you nor any of your people are perfect, as were Enoch and his people.”
9:108 “Seal the Library of Knowledge and all of its branches safely beneath the Earth, that its wisdom may come forth again to another generation of Children of Light, long after all that man has now built upon the Earth has turned into dust.”
11:32-34 “…Verily, all are not sent to one school to learn in exactly the same manner. For some learn quicker than others and they are placed with their peers. Others are more disruptive of spirit and they too are placed with others like unto themselves. By this, each has the greatest opportunity to learn to the fullest of their potential by being taught in a manner most in harmony with their spirit and studiousness, while the door still remains open to a greater harmony with another school if they desire something more in their life. And so it is even in the hereafter, where each is drawn to that which is most in harmony with their spirit and their proclivities, be it light or darkness, but with the door always open to a greater light if they are willing to walk the path that leads to the door.”
11:35-36 “In mortality or immortality it is upon this foundation of harmony that the eternal progression of man goes forward; that man may say, ‘Here I am today, but with greater desire and efforts, there I will be tomorrow because that is the tomorrow that calls to me.’ Thus man is rewarded in mortality and immortality with the harmony of his choice, be it light or darkness, and is always afforded the opportunity to seek a new harmony and a greater light if he is willing to make the effort.”
11:37 “Think of each Earth as a school, and to each school of mortality upon each Earth, are sent the students who are most in harmony with one another, be that harmony of light or harmony of darkness, that they will have the greatest opportunity to learn and grow and become more than the are.”
11:44 “As to the purpose of life: there are many. But the greatest is to reach a state of consciousness in which you have an inner peace which transcends mortality, making you one in spirit, thought and action with the boundless light of the Celestine realms. “
11:45 “In this, you are in heaven even amidst the trials and tribulations of life; and no challenge or vexation of mortal life that comes upon you, can sway or topple you from your inner serenity.”
11:48 “In mortality, you may not be confined in a prison of stone, but you are confined within the prison of your physical, mortal body and all of it’s weaknesses. You can fall sick, or be injured both physically and emotionally, and you can die. But so can you live.”
11:49 “Never forget amidst the travails of mortality that you are sons and daughters of the divine Father and Mother and are connected in spirit to all living things both on Earth and beyond. You are radiant rays of light that can illuminate the deepest darkness.”
11:51 “Now you are cast with the others into the darkness and forgetfulness of mortality for a lifetime. How can you best fulfill the purpose of this life? By reaching through the darkness and discovering yourself, the divinity from which you have come, and living the greater light which is revealed.”
11:52-54 “Love and nurture the temple of your body, for in that you honor Elohim the creator. But do not forget it is but a temporary shell given to many imperfections, vagrancies, infirmities, disease and death. Do not forget that this very temporary shell is not you, it is only the physical covering of your soul for a breath of eternity. Therefore, do not separate yourselves by the colors of your skins, or hair or eyes, or the beauty of your face, or the youth or suppleness of your body, for these things are not you, merely an artists covering to hold the brilliant sun of your soul.
11:55 “The masterpiece is not outside of you, it is inside of you.”
11:56-57 “But for you to know and love your eternal soul and spirit, you must be one in spirit with the source of all creation, even our divine Father and Mother. For by their command have all things come into existence, and there is not one thing that exists, or has existed, or will exist, that is not from them.
11:58 “You are a part of Elohim and they are a part of you, even as you are a part of all that lives and all that lives is a part of you.”
11:59 “The cause for all of man’s problems and sickness and sorrow, is that the connection between man and God, and man and all life has been severed. Reconnect man to God and man to all life, in heart and spirit, and the man shall be transformed from darkness to light.”
11:60 “Return to eternal oneness and there is no place for strife, sickness or sorrow; for man only wars with that which is not in harmony with his eternal soul.”
11:61 “Cease looking at the differences between men on the outside and instead remember and embrace the divine inner harmony that all men can have through the divinity by which they were created.”
11:63 “Guide those in darkness to the light by precept and example and many will resonate again with the light that is the source of their creation and eternity.”
11:64 “All the sorrow that comes upon the children of men, all the weeping, all the pain, all the sufferings, come only when man is separated in spirit from the healing love of the divine Mother and Father, which is an abiding peace and tranquility that overcomes all sorrow and pain and grief.”
11:65 “You were created before this world was as true sons and daughters of God, to progress eternally, that someday you might even become as our divine Mother and Father now are. “
11:67 “Now in mortality, a veil of forgetfulness has come upon you that you may develop faith, that you might find your bosom welling up with feelings of overwhelming love as you connect again with your spirit to our divine Mother and Father, not from things that you see, which may be an illusion, but from that which you feel in your soul as it becomes one with all that is and rises to a new resonance as it recognizes the true harmony of its existence.”
11:68 “Remind yourself continually, until it is never forgotten, that your outer shell and the physical world are of little importance, therefore, why should the challenges of the outer life cause you despair?”
11:69 “Be at peace and in harmony with your inner eternal soul and your eternal love and connection to Elohim and all that is, and nothing that assails you on the outside can affect your inner serenity.”
11:70 “It is your eternal soul and spirit that are of monumental importance, and all the mortal world has been created simply to help you more clearly find your eternal soul, and once found, to connect in a oneness of love to Elohim and all life. For the divine Mother and Father and all life are eternally a part of you, even as I am.”
11:71 “Seek to be one with the divine in your heart, soul, mind and spirit, and no challenge of the world will be able to overcome you.”
11:72-73 “The men of the world seek to connect to the divine by making gods of kings and following elaborate ceremonies and rituals within a myriad of religions. In this, their spirit remains vacant, for you cannot find the spiritual, which remains forever in time beyond this world, with things of the physical, which are here today and gone tomorrow. Therefore, have no ritual or ceremony of religion save those of simplicity that move your heart and soul to connect in a oneness with all living things, a oneness with Elohim, and a oneness with the divine that is within you.”
11:74 “You are in mortality to perfect yourselves; to overcome your weaknesses and make them your strengths; to increase the length and breadth and depth of your good character, even so much that your children honor you and hold you as their ideal, that many in need have been helped by your service, and that when you pass from mortality it will be remembered that to have been your child, or your friend was a blessing that lives on.”
11:75-76 “As a Child of Light your destiny in mortality is not to become a great leader, or to be revered as a wise sage, or a great healer, although you may become all of these things and more if it is your desire and focus. But your destiny is far greater than any of these. It is a destiny given to all, but realized by few. Your destiny is simply to live up to the potential of your divine heritage and become as perfect in your life as is possible, given time and circumstances.”
11:77 “Begin with your attitude, for in this you light the fires of your actions. Be sweet of disposition, praising of others, not critical. Be excited and curious, always looking to grow and expand your knowledge and good experiences.”
11:78 “Act with wisdom, ever mindful of the perfection you seek.”
11:79 “Remember the laws of health and vitality and live them well that your body might always be well, even into your ancient age.”
11:80 “Be moderate and temperate in all things, but also passionate in the joys of your righteous pleasures.”
11:81 “Ever seek to develop and maintain a perfect physique for your age, with health and strength and stamina that belies your years.”
11:82 “Never be satisfied with where you are, for when you stop reaching, you do not remain where you are, but slide backward to become less then you were.”
11:83 “Cultivate the garden of your mind. Nourish the flowers within that your garden may always remains vibrant. But also plant new flowers of knowledge each day that your garden may ever be growing and expanding, even until it holds flowers from all the world. “
11:84 “Be noble and pure in your thoughts. Purge your mind of pettiness, greed, vanity, jealousy, craving and hurtful ambition.”
11:85 “Cultivate divine thoughts and sentiments. See the good in people and situations and you will bring it out in them and in yourself.”
11:86 “Think not so much of what you can do for yourself, but more of what you can do for others.”
11:87 “Consider how you can be a light of benefit, happiness and help to others, especially to your family and those you love with a sacred love.”
11:88 “Let not your mind think along dark and crooked paths, but seek out the straight and narrow, illuminated by the brilliant light of virtue.”
11:89-90 “It is the weak man who gives up the light of his mind and turns it to darkness, becoming crude in language and actions; cunning, sly, manipulative, secretive, a hidden danger to all who know him. Seek instead examples of greatness and light and emulate them. Be idealistic in your character and ever strive to reach your ideals.”
11:91-92 “Look at other men and women who have achieved at least a part of that which you seek, who have obtained the pinnacle of a mountain of character you desire to embody. Consider how you can be like unto them, for surely as one man has become, so may others be; for every light that you see, so too can you shine.”
11:93 “And if you thus strive for perfection in your life; not as a zealot, but in harmony, peace, forbearance and love, then you shall find the bliss that you seek, the harmony of oneness, the bond to the love of your divine Mother and Father.”
11:94 “Even if you never reach the ideal you seek, be not discouraged, for if you strive faithfully, you will become the embodiment of the character which you sought.”
11:95 “Therefore, in your pursuit of sweet perfection, do not be a perfectionist or berate yourself for falling short, for perfection is not for this life but the next, and if you are seeking your goals with honest effort, you are achieving them even while you still seek.”
11:96 “If you strive with sincerity and purpose to embody a divine character, and never abandon your sweet spirit or idealism, you are a success in your endeavors of eternal significance, every day of your life.”
11:97 “Is it little wonder that even in a society of darkness, that the man or woman who embodies such an ethical and moral character becomes a priceless jewel, a firm, reliable tower of light from which even those in darkness take comfort?”
11:98 “When you are challenged by mortal life, as you always shall be; let this be a time when the true divinity of your character comes forth. Do not allow times of stress and turmoil to shake you from your foundation.”
11:99 “And what is your foundation? You are a child of God. Even through the fog of mortal upheavals and the tumults and tribulations, you are still a child of God.”
11:100 “Elohim the Father and the Mother are the source of all things that are, and you are a part of the source and they are a part of you. Even when the agitation and anxieties of life cloud your memory, it does not change the truth: You are a child of God.”
11:101 “You are founded upon divine light. You live, move and have your soul filled with the divine light, whether you know it or not.”
11:102 “Everything that exists, that has existed or that will exist, both the living and the inanimate, were created through the divine light of Elohim. That divine light remains within them, a part of them, throughout all eternity.”
11:103 “Because the divine light of Elohim exists within all things from their creation, so Elohim remains in all things and all people. Elohim is all-pervading. By the word of Elohim countless Earths and the stars that surround them were created, and the divine light of Elohim is inseparable from them.”
11:104 “Though people and places may become shrouded in darkness there will always remain at least a sliver of the light. And from that sliver the light may always grow, even until it overcomes the darkness.”
11:105 “Therefore, remember, remember, when you are of weak faith, or downtrodden by the torments of mortality, that you are ever a child of God whether you remember it or not; that within you waiting always to see the light, is a divine perfection, a divine bliss, a divine love for the sacred and the holy.”
11:106 “When men do evil, they cover the light of their divine nature and hide it from themselves and others. The more evil they do, the more the light is hidden.”
11:107 “But never forget that no matter how evil a man becomes, he can never eradicate the divine light of Elohim that is inescapably a part of his soul forever.”
11:108 “And the same divine light of the soul that calls man to his greatness, will also condemn the man who heeds not the calling and instead does evil in his life.”
11:109-110 “For after mortality, there will come a day of judgment, and it will be the divine light of his own soul that judges the man; when he looks into the light and sees his shadow. If his light has been hidden by his evil acts it will shine but a sliver and great will be his shadow. But if he has fulfilled his destiny his light will be brilliant, radiating forth in every direction, even so much that there will be no shadow.”
11:111 “Thus does man judge himself by his light and his shadow, which shows without prejudice or favor, how well he fulfilled his own destiny of divinity in mortality.”
11:112 “Now you live upon a tumultuous Earth. Disease, famine, pestilence and war may overcome you at any time. If you live in the light of Elohim you will be prepared, and through all these challenges you will more likely stand, even while others fall.”
11:113 “Nevertheless, if your sojourn in mortality ends before you have been able to strive in fullness for your perfection, you have no cause to mourn, for your opportunity has not ended, nor can it ever end, for there is no end to your radiant, eternal spirit and soul.”
11:114 Remember, you are not the frail mortal shell which you see in the mirror, but a radiant, immortal child of divinity which weapons cannot kill, fire cannot burn, disease cannot pain and sadness cannot grieve.”
11:115 “You were not born, nor can you die. You are eternal, permanent, beyond time, and death has no meaning for you. You are everlasting, immortal, indestructible, deathless and without birth, save the birth of your spirit and soul through the love of your Heavenly Father and Mother before this world was.”
11:116 “Whatever tragedies, afflictions or sorrows occur in your life, even unto death, happen not to you, but only upon your shell of mortality, the frail covering of flesh and bones housing your soul.”
11:119 “Be more concerned with your indestructible and immortal soul, and what you can do in the years given unto you in mortality to perfect it and help it to radiate its glory. This is your destiny.”
11:120 “And if through accident, or disease, or war or tribulation, your sojourn in mortality ends before its time, you shall be given another, even until you have had ample opportunity to fulfill the full measure of your mortal experience.”
11:121 “Like unto the schoolhouse in your town burning down, the destruction of your mortal shell, if premature, does not end the opportunity for your soul to expand in mortality; for even as another school would be built in your town that you could continue your education, so shall another mortal shell be given unto your soul in another mortal life, perhaps even on another Earth, that you might have the opportunity to fulfill the full measure of your mortality.”
11:122 “I say again, fear not the frailties of mortality, even unto death. Even were all life upon your Earth to be destroyed by the follies of man, you remain, you are not touched, you are not destroyed. For you are sons and daughters of God and you are as eternal as the Elohim.”
11:123 “Your destiny remains true and clear; you are not the body, but the soul. Your soul is you, and you are eternal.”
11:124 “You are light; you are good; you are one with all of creation.”
11:125 “Therefore, ever seek to fulfill the divinity of your creation, ever doing good, ever welcoming the resonance of the spirit of Elohim into the bosom of your soul, ever seeking the perfection of your being in every way. This is your destiny.”


1:21 Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise.
1:22 Unto this generation has my Father saved the greatest spirits of Heaven to come forth upon the world; and to them will be given the plentitude of truth, both that which was lost and that which is new.
1:27 Prepare now for the coming of the glory of the Kingdom of God on Earth; like a whirlwind from the desert, through the stinging sand, the new day dawns; and those who love me, no longer need seek me in the mists of confusion, for they will find me in the brightness of the sun.
2:40 Wherefore, knowing the path to eternal glory that Yeshua made open by his love, should it not be your earnest desire to follow his example and live as he has asked in your short moment upon the Earth; that you may inherit the full promise of eternity?
2:42 “Verily, like Paul, we call upon you to put away the ways of the world and fulfill the full measure of your creation, for nothing less is worthy of the radiant light that you are, and the endless love of God given unto you.”
3:2-3 And the light of Elohim issues forth from the Father and the Mother through Yeshua, for so they have decreed, and shines into the darkness of the world, and the darkness cannot overcome it. When thickest lays the oppressing night, the rays of the light of Yeshua the Messiah bridges the dark void between God and man.
3:4 From the beginning of creation, all who humbly sought the truth, and lived in ways pleasing to God, and had faith in the greater power and majesty of God, received a portion of his light to guide and uplift them according to their faith and goodness.
3:5 Near and far across the Earth and through all time, God has touched the righteous and bestowed riches of wisdom and spirit upon the pure in heart who humble themselves before the majesty of the Almighty, and do good works with selflessness and charity.
3:19 Unto this end might each fulfill their duty to be an elder brother unto all who seek the light, to support them and care for them and help them to grow; even as Yeshua is the elder brother unto us all, and has shared with us everything he has that we might come to know the fullness of our creation and the wonder of our purpose.
4:25 He shall be the light of the world, the Son of the Most High; he will show the path in life that leads to eternal redemption and exaltation, and open the door to let man on the path. He will bring the laws of love that the world may have peace when it follows him, and the laws of light that man may be more than he is.
7:22 And Yochanan said unto him, “Rabbi, obeying the law is as worthless as dust unless a man has a repentant heart and brings forth fruits worthy of a true repentance; for all men are sinners and no amount of laws obeyed can bring man to God, but only the love of God inscribed on his heart and the light of God reflected in his life.”
8:20 Verily, I say unto you, the commandments of Elohim are given for the good of man; that man might be abundantly blessed as he honestly lives the commandments given.
9:10 Then the man rose up to contend again with Yeshua and Abraham, but Yeshua took the staff and threw it upon the ground at the feet of the man and said unto him, “There is your weapon, strike me if you will, but you know in your heart whether it is good or evil that you would do, and if it be evil, then I say unto you that it would be better that you had lived in Sodom and Gomorrah at the day of devastation than you live today; for God does not smile upon the wicked, and their end is destruction.”
9:12 Then Yeshua came unto the man and put his hand upon his shoulders, and said unto him with tenderness, “Many of us are poor and have vexing troubles that come upon us. Thus is life that we may grow and become better than we are. In all of your cares have you prayed with a contrite heart to God that he might make you greater than your burdens?”
10:12 Then Yeshua forgot his place as a youth and a guest, and posed a question saying, “The paths of the Almighty are pure and simple. Therefore, what does it matter the old ways or the new ways of the priests, when both are more concerned with unnecessary ritual than the foundations of salvation?”
11:15-19 And Yeshua answered unto her, “Life is given by God and it is most precious, for it is in life that you fulfill your purpose on Earth and create your eternity to come. If you would love God, love everything God has created with a pure love that sings in your soul; for all life has a grand purpose that connects to all other life. Love the birds in the air, the beasts upon the ground, and the fish in the sea. Remember, in their demeanor they only reflect that which they see, and can only give back to you that which they receive from you. Love the plants that grow in abundance, for they give great beauty to the world and vital sustenance to man. Even love your enemies and those who have wronged you that the mirror of life will reflect back to you that which you have shown.”
11:20-21 Hate merely continues upon an endless circling path that takes away the years of your life and gives nothing in return; only reciprocated love and respect can break the cycle of destruction and build a bridge of light to tomorrow. And by this may your enemies become your friends.
11:23 Love and faith can prevail against all obstacles, even death, if it is the will of our Father and Mother in Heaven.
12:23 Yeshua was greatly moved by the words of Teoma and again embraced both he and his father, and said unto them, “The path of light is sweet, even as the path of darkness is bitter. Having known the dregs of bitterness and now tasted the cream of sweetness, let us give thanks for the mercies of God who ever loves the repentant sinner, and blesses those who live with virtue.”
13:14-16 Verily, the lion is greater than you, for it hunts only to sustain its life, while you seek to kill it only to puff up your pride. I say unto you that it is because of the wanton slaughter upon its kindred by men that the lions teach their children to be an enemy to man, to whom they would otherwise be friends. The Prophet Isaiah has said, the day will come when the lion shall lay down with the lamb, but before that day, the hearts of men must change. Verily, if this be so, then why not begin today to change your hearts and let this creature go its way in peace?”
14:12 Yeshua said unto him, “Verily Anish, you have greater understanding of the ways of truth than the priests of Israel. For the light of God is a part of the heart and spirit of every person; ever guiding them with a still small voice that they may know right from wrong, truth from falsehood and light from darkness.”
14:18 Yeshua replied unto him, “Believe in Elohim and follow their precepts and the pains of life will be less and death shall have no sting.”
14:26-27 Lust cannot be done away with, for it is a part of the passion that is the whole of man. If you do away with passion, you destroy the passion for good, as well as the passion for evil. But if your eye is single to the glory of God and to the righteousness he asks of you, then your passion will be for good and for light, and God will be with you always, and evil and darkness shall have no power over you.
15:6 …God is with you every moment of your life, and when God stands with you, of what significance are those who stand against you?
15:29 …I covenant to keep the temple of my body pure inside and out, and to faithfully live the light of Elohim; that I might always be a worthy vessel to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
16:8 …It is by your own faith and because of your exceeding love for God that your infirmness has departed. I merely opened the door to the light of your soul that God could touch it with his love.
16:17 Yeshua did not hesitate to answer, and said unto him, “To take a life unnecessarily is to dam the progression of the soul from the good it came into mortal life to obtain.”
16:30 The true light of God is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In this is the fullness of the spirit of truth and any teaching of a different spirit cannot be of Elohim when it concerns someone who has done you no grievous wrong.
17:7 Therefore mourn not, for the righteous are only parted in body for a breath of eternity, and in the spirit in your heart, not at all. I say unto you, rejoice; make glad music and dance; celebrate the life of the one we love!
18:14-16 As the people rose to their feet, Yeshua and Miriam turned to them, and Yeshua said unto them, “On earth as in the Heavens, man is not without woman, nor woman without man in the light of Elohim. And of this I bear witness to my friends and family and all the world, that upon this day we have fulfilled the desires of Elohim and of our hearts; and upon that fulfillment have the windows of Heaven been opened, for we now see the greater blessings that await the man and woman united in love and in God. Verily, with our eyes now open we see the wonder before us; so marvelous it is, that we had not even imagined.”
21:14-15 I say unto you that it is man that is too often the abomination unto God, and women, in their virtue, who God favors; for it is man that makes war, and man that enslaves, and man that rapes, and man that despoils, and man that murders, and man that does all manner of evil in the world. But of all the sins men do, the trampling of women underfoot, even their very wives and daughters, is among the most loathsome sins unto God.
21:46 Remember O people of Nazareth, as you sow, so shall you reap, both in Heaven and on Earth; for as you confine the righteous spirits of others or bind their worthy lives into emptiness, you also become a shell of what you could have been, and exist in a world inside your soul as confining to your spirit as the hermit’s house with no windows.
21:48 …remember you are all sons and daughters of God and therefore are you all brothers and sisters in the spirit of God.
22:15-17 Before they parted, the man came to Yeshua and said unto him, “I perceive that you are a man of God, but even as that may be, I have never seen such kindness as you and your family have shown to mine. I desire to know from what spring you have drunk that you and your wife and your children are so different from all I have known. And Yeshua said unto him, “You are our brother and were in need; and your wife our sister; and your children our children. Verily, we are all children of God; therefore, when we help one another it is the same as if we were doing it unto God. If you would have enduring blessings from this day, then remember to do unto your brothers and sisters across the land, even as you would do unto God, and even as we have done unto you.”
23:16 (Yochanan speaking) But though I am young, I have learned that blindly following the (religious) law does not always lead to the light. I have learned that if we would know pure truth, we must not obey without question, the persuasions of men or the authority of the priests; but each of us must ask God to reveal the truth unto us; and trust that his spirit will let our hearts understand things our minds cannot know.
23:20-22 Then it was that Yochanan sat down, and amid an exquisite silence Yeshua rose among them, and said unto them, “Men are only led astray by false Prophets because of the vanities of their hearts, and the delusions of their minds. Of vanity, man must repent and forsake, and of delusions, man must do all he can to reason the truth in his mind, and then humble himself before God and ask for the Holy Spirit to give a sure knowing of the truth in his heart. And unto the righteous, the Holy Spirit of Elohim will always speak in a still, small voice that all men of virtue may know truth from falsehood.”
23:23-24 But the man seduced by the world: in his vanity, in his desire for comfort and ease, in his desire to indulge his sins and wanton ways, in his desire to keep authority over his fellow men, becomes deaf and dulled to the promptings of God. Though he may inquire still of God in his times of need, his ears will hear only the deafening sound of silence, for Elohim does not speak even in the smallest of voices, to the man who mocks God by the manner of his life.
23:35 And I say unto you that the Almighty Elohim, the creator of Heaven and Earth, is not a God who does nothing, but the God to which nothing is impossible…

23:45 Man is upon the Earth to learn to draw near to the light and to flee from the darkness; to prove by his life that he worships God and the goodness thereof, by striving each day to cleave to the light; to be a better husband and father and brother, and do good to all men.
24:2-3 And Yeshua said unto them, “There are those that say the Kingdom of God is outside of you; that it is in the sky and in the sea and in the temple built by man of great stones and precious woods. But I say unto you, that the greater Kingdom is inside of you, for you are the temple of light, built by God. When you come to know yourselves in purity, forgetting the conceptions of the world and the teachings of men, then you will realize that you are true sons and daughters of the living Father and Mother in Heaven and are inheritors of all that your parents have, as you live worthy to receive your inheritance.”
24:14 And Yeshua said unto him, “Even among the honest of heart, it is the nature of man to see and hear that which he wishes to see and hear; and to the contrary, he is blind and deaf. How many times have you held the answer to your question in your hand, but have not seen the truth because you were not seeking it?
24:23 But when you a have goodly need, and are humble and not proud, seek out God by calling on Elohim; for even as the word leaves your lips the love and attention of the Father and the Mother and the Son comes upon you in fullness and power.
24:34 Moreover, know that as a man is not without a woman, nor woman without a man, neither can either stand before God without the other, for alone they are but half of a whole, and only in the wholeness and balance of love and commitment can the light of God be fully manifested.”
24:38-39 And Gideon replied, “But is there not an exact way in which holy ordinances should be performed?” And Yeshua answered unto him, “With man, the letter of the law is so important, but with God it is the conviction of the heart, the righteousness of the life, and worthy desires of the soul that matters.”
24:40 And Yeshua, perceiving that some were confused by that which he spoke said, “Verily, if you will not listen to your heart, which speaks the truth your mind does not know, then you do not know yourselves, and you will dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty, no matter the riches of the world which you may possess.”
24:42 And Yeshua said, “Recognize what is in your sight, and the feeling that is in your heart. Pray to your Father in Heaven for the light of understanding to expand into the testimony of truth, and then that which is hidden from you will become plain to you, and there is nothing hidden which will not become illuminated by the light.”
24:44 “If you bring forth the light which is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth the light within you, if you allow yourself to be blinded by the darkness of the world and the teachings of men, then what you do not bring forth will condemn you at the last day.”
24:45-46 And perceiving from their mumblings that some among his listeners were concerned with following the dictates of the law and their appearances before men, and desired to not quietly find the light within themselves, he said, “Why do you wash the outside of the cup of the temple but the inside leave dirty? If it is pleasing for the outside to be clean, which is only seen by men, how much more pleasing is it for the inside to be clean, wherein resides that which nourishes you and is seen by God? Do you not realize that he who made the inside is the same one who made the outside? If you would find favor with God, then be as concerned for the inside of the cup of your temple as for the outside, and let those that are high be like those that are low.”
24:54 Verily, I say unto you, only when you look into your heart and find the child of God, only when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, only when those who are high are like those that are low, and only when you make the male and the female equal, so that they are two halves of one whole; only then will you have the light.”
26:34 And Yeshua said unto him, “Shed your old skin, be glistening and new, follow me, and I will help you discover the light of God that is within you.”

27:28-29 (Miriam speaking)…the truths Yeshua teaches by his words and his precepts are the most glorious miracle. That Yeshua raised a dead man is good for the previously deceased, but what has it to do with our eternal salvation? Yet if we hear his words and follow them, they change our lives; they are the real treasure of Yeshua and they have eternal significance upon our souls.
28:4 There is a man, and the spirit and energy that flows in him is different than the spirit and energy of a woman. But they are two halves of the same whole and one without the other is like unto half of a wheel, for it cannot take you anywhere.
28:14 I say unto you, unless a man puts his wife upon a throne as the co-regent of his kingdom, he will only have a kingdom of one in the world to come, and desolation will be its name.
29:6 Verily, it is impossible for a rich man who hoards his wealth and gives it in great part only to himself, to reach glory in Heaven; and unto him is reserved only a place of barrenness like unto that which he gave unto his brothers and sisters of light when in the life.
29:8-10 “Verily, I say unto you, the steps to Heaven begin with a steadfast love for God and continue with humility, charity, and selfless service to others, especially those less fortunate than you. It is not found in living grandly, when it would be possible to be comfortable with less. It is not found in hoarding the wealth of the world, but in giving your excess to the service of God and your brothers and sisters of light in need.”
29:41 Every life is a stewardship given by God to prove the valiant, and only the good steward will see the face of God and the light that is eternal.
29:59 Each day you need to be looking to the gifts you will give to others. Not just of money, but of love and understanding, of compassion and comfort.
30:8 And I say unto you, life should be a circle of unity, where each person contributes the excess of their gift for the benefit of all; be it the creation of wealth or the creation of the arts, or the wisdom of the spirit, or whatsoever God has given unto them; and thus the family of man becomes like unto the spokes of a wheel, where each supports the others and benefits the others, and in unity rolls forward.
30:11 Verily, I say unto you, this life is but a breath in eternity, yet it is the most important breath you will ever take; for the day shall come when all will stand before the throne of God and be judged according to how they walked in life; after the manner of men or after the manner of God.
30:21 Life is a crucible that either burns up the children of men or purifies them. And the day will come to every man, when they will either abandon themselves to the evil that tempts and torments them, or humble themselves, and call at last in sincere faith upon the higher power of Elohim to fill them with light that they may overcome the darkness.
30:28 Before you were born into this world by your parents, you were born into a Heavenly glory as a spirit child of your Heavenly parents. The children of men are literally sons and daughters of God. Therefore, knowing this, it is given to you to fulfill your nobility with honor and righteousness.
30:35 When you have a candle in the darkness, you do not hide it under your cloak so that only you can see, but you hold it high that it may give light unto all. And the good that you thus do, gives greater light to you as well.
30:46 Embrace your trials with thankfulness, for because of them men turn to God and find faith; which is the greatest of all powers, with which the world and all the stars in Heaven were made. For the faith you gain carries with you beyond this short life, and serves you well in the eternity to come.
30:47 Let your greatest garden be the cultivation of loving and respectful relationships, with all whose lives you touch, especially your parents and your wife and your children; for on the Day of Judgment, these will be the voices that sing your praises or your shortcomings; and in the world to come, the coin of the realm is the loving time you spent with those of your heart, and the good that you helped others to do.
31:8 Like the fresh breath of spring that turns barrenness into green where the rains fall, so shall the family of the Children of Light turn the darkness of the world to the light of truth and virtue wherever they dwell.
32:14-16 From our Father and Mother in Heaven were our spirits born; and because of them we are all brothers and sisters; and through the common roots of our spirits, we are all connected and receive sustenance from the same spiritual source. Therefore, if a man does injury to his brother or sister, he does injury to himself. And when the spirit of my brother or sister cries out, it wounds my spirit; and when my spirit cries out, it pains the spirits of my brothers and sisters. Likewise, when a man helps his brother or sister, he helps himself. And when a man gives a good gift to his brother or sister, he gives a good gift to God.
32:22 Verily, many plain and precious parts of the truth that have been hidden from men by the priests and the princes and the kings that those in power might have greater dominion over those who otherwise would have known a more glorious light.
33:48-50 The greatest treasure of all is to understand that there is an Almighty God in Heaven; and after all that man can do, there is still more that God will do for those who ask good things of them with a repentant heart and a humble spirit. And I say unto you this day, look into your heart; reflect upon the journey of your soul in this life. Do not wait until you are dying in the desert to call upon the Almighty God; today is the day you are called unto repentance; today is the day you are called to humility, today is the day you are called to give yourself to God. And whosoever hears my words and acts upon them shall know the true and living God, and they shall drink from the spring of everlasting water and never thirst again.
35:2-3 At last he came unto Yeshua and said, “You have given me back my most precious treasure therefore anything I have I would give to you. What do you desire?” And Yeshua said, “I have only showed you the path to the one true God and the miracles that you can accomplish with your own love and faith…”
35:21-22 And she (Miriam) said, “This was a present from Yeshua upon the day that we were married. It is most sacred to me and I do not show it to others, but I look upon it often, for it helps move my spirit to commune with the life of all the Earth and all the Heavens. And in that moment I am so close to God, and at peace with my soul and all the world; and I know with a certainty that I am a daughter of the most high God, and far more than this mortal body.”
36:34 And for this cause, because of his example and the good that he taught, those who followed him became better than they were, which thing is always pleasing unto God.
37:76-78 Now I declare unto you with the power of God that is in me, that the light you have known in the beliefs you have held is but a glimmer of the brilliance that waits for you. It is only as far as your knees to the ground, in humble supplication with a sincere desire to know the truth, a mind open to discover it, and a heart willing to accept it. If you shall ask of Elohim to know if my words are true, then the spirit of Elohim will enter your heart and fill you with a marvelous expansion of light such as you have never known; and in that, you will have a firm knowledge of truth and open your life to receive cherished blessings that endure beyond the span of days.
39:8 But I will share with you now a great secret: if you desire peace that never ends, then among those who desire such, I say unto you, kill no creatures whatsoever. Eat only of the plants God has put onto the Earth to sustain you, and foods made from the milk and eggs of the animals loved as friends and not caged, and of the honey of the bees. Then a spirit of peace shall prevail over you always.
40:26-27 Then Yeshua said unto them, “Upon the bonds of family is the kingdom of Heaven built. And upon the bonds of love is the unity of a family built. And upon the bonds of respect and common interests, joys and dreams is love built. A house built with love cannot fall, even though a foe may come and throw down every stone; for the house of love is not within the walls of stone, but within the hearts of those who love; and even when parted, the house of love is not broken, and its power is undimmed; therefore great things are yet to be and it will find itself again.”
40:45 For the righteous Children of Light to have the greatest opportunity to expand their own light, they must be in close daily relationships with others whose lights shine bright, for their lights magnify each other.
41:10 And Yeshua said unto her, “When great blessings are given, great responsibilities follow; for God gives us blessings that they may be magnified and returned with love to our brothers and sisters of the world, with the purity of our faith and by the deeds of our life; for thus do we grow and expand our lights and prove our faithfulness to the Father and Mother, and show that we desire to be like them.”
41:14 “…the Father and Mother will never ask more of you than they have given you the strength to endure and the ability to fulfill.”
42:13 And Yeshua answering, said unto him, “I have no stones, but something of greater worth, for I bring to you the fullness of the one true God. Whom you worship in ignorance I have come to declare unto you.”
42:21 And Yeshua said unto them, “I am but a carpenter from a land afar, but I know the one true God in every breath I take and every thought I think, and I have been one with God since before the Heavens were born.”
43:20-21 And Yeshua said unto them, “You have spoken well, and so it is in life that there are some choices that do not take you down a path of destruction, but neither do they bring you to greater light; they merely keep you in the light you possess. Verily I say unto you that there will be those who will cling to the light that they have, happy not to be in darkness, but the valiant will take issue with the darkness that they might gain the greater light.”
43:30 “So it is when you travel your path of eternity in ways that are pleasing unto God; for you are meant to become more than you were born, and only when you comprehend where you came from, accept why you are here, and honorably live your life for the part of eternity it is, can you fulfill the full measure of your creation.”
43:32 Tremble not for the adversity that each sunrise can bring, for the path of today is also strewn with blessings big and small, and it is amidst the bad and the good, the sad and the joyful, that you give thanks to God for the smiles of your lives, and understand that happiness is all the sweeter for having tasted the bitterness.
43:33-34 Amidst the hot winds of life you see the towers of the city in the distance through the blowing sand, and it is in the lights that await you that you find the strength to press on through the darkness of the night. Verily, so the mansions of God wait with burning lamps for all those who keep the commandments and teachings which God has given unto the children of men.
43:75 “And all these things God did do and command that there would be pure and worthy tabernacles of flesh, which the spirits made by God the Father and the Mother, could reside within, without remembrance of their former life; that they might learn and grow from their experiences, and gain faith from the union of their heart and mind reaching out to seek the God of light.”
43:87 “…Know that as you are a good steward of that which God has given unto your charge, abundance is your reward in Heaven; and for proving worthy, you will be entrusted with much more.”
43:88 “And I say unto you that faith is the foundation of Heaven, and faithfulness the secret to exaltation; even as the Son fulfills the righteous admonishments of his parents by the faith he has in their love and desire for his happiness; and unto him is given glory and power forever.”
43:94 “And consider your brothers and sisters of light, and remember the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
43:90 Likewise, consider all that your earthly parents and friends and teachers and others have given unto you, and that which you do to return and magnify the good they have bestowed upon you.
44:31 “Every birth is a star from Heaven, for all have come to Earth from the presence of God our Father and Mother.”
44:32 “And within this life is eternal salvation, through the faith men have, the humility they retain and the testimony of the life they live.”
44:33 “And unto the righteous is given the sacred promise to return in eternal glory, from whence they came.”
44:37 Think not by all that I have said that I make myself greater than other men, for I have come to serve, not to be served; and there is no miracle I may do that others of faith cannot also do, if they will but desire it with every fiber of their being, and call upon Elohim with holiness in their life, and a pure and unwavering faith in the certainness of Elohim to work a miracle through them.
44:48-50 Know that no man could take my life save I willingly gave it unto them. And this must be so to fulfill all righteousness and bring to pass the immortality and exaltation of the worthy. I am the last sacrifice. Because of the love of God for the children of men, in me the debt of the iniquity of man will be paid in full, for all those who believe in me, repent of their sins and live the light. And they shall inherit glory and happiness such as man cannot imagine, in a world without end.
44:57 And I say unto you, be not anxious about your life, but trust in God and you will ever be protected and guided until your calling is done, and we are together again in the glorious light of Heaven from everlasting to everlasting.



1:22-24 “All things have been made by God. Therefore, I say unto you that it is Elohim that has made man to be at war with himself; to be tempted by evil even as he is prompted by the light of God within his own soul to forsake evil and do only good. Verily, this quandary God has given to man that man might overcome himself, and discover and follow the light of Elohim within his soul. In this, man becomes more than he was; and for this cause has Elohim created all the heavens and the Earth and put man upon it; that he might become more than he began.”
1:26 “To conquer yourself in a far greater measure than you are conquered by yourself, is the supreme challenge of life, and only those who succeed will pass the portal of judgment into eternal glory.”
1:27 “Verily, the first door to the first heaven is only opened by a worthy life. Riches cannot open it, except the richness given to a life of service to others.”
1:29 “Each day, you must choose who will be your master, the light of your soul or the darkness of your earthly body. Each hour, you must choose to listen to the quiet voice within you, the light of Elohim, or give into the temptations of the dark weakness within your body. But remember, nothing is hidden from God.”
1:31 “Elohim gave you the instrument of your body, but you are the musician that decides the music your life will play.”
1:32 “And I say unto you that when you see a man showing goodness and light by his actions, you can know regardless of his color, or his tribe, or his religion, or even his conception of God, that he is heeding the promptings of the light of Elohim which resides in his soul, that he is growing closer to heaven, and that God is well pleased with this man at this moment.”
1:44 “And every moment step by step, your higher man, which is the light of Elohim in your soul, whispers in your ear, touches your heart, and asks you to turn from darkness and choose the light; to eat what you should eat, to say what you should say and to do what you should do.”
1:46 “Therefore let each man and each woman remember that every step you take, every word you speak, and every deed you do, is inscribed in either the Book of Light or the Book of Darkness.”
1:53 “Repentance is not easy nor is it done in a day; but it is given to all men and women that once they find again the light within, they may put it in a lamp that will burn from everlasting to everlasting.”
1:60 “And Yeshua, looked down upon Yagur and said unto him, “I speak by the authority of Elohim and it is from the words of Elohim that I speak. Hear my words, O men of the world, for by them you will be justified, and by them you will be condemned.”
1:74 “So it is with the blessings of Elohim upon all men. Each reaps what they sow. Not what their fathers sowed; not what the Prophets of their faith sowed; but only what they sowed, each and every day of their life.”
1:75 “And what think you of the Commandments of Sinai? Were they given to be a prison for man or a freedom? I say unto you that Elohim asks nothing of man except to live in ways that would help man to grow into the light that Elohim gave unto him.”
1:77-79 “But any man who loves God with the depth of his heart, also loves all that lives because Elohim has made it, and this man will live the Commandments of Sinai, even if he is from a far land and has never heard of them. Because he loves God, including the light of God that is within him, and respects and cherishes all the life that Elohim has put upon the Earth, to live the commandments, even unseen and unknown, is as natural for this man as every breath he takes. And Elohim loves him and favors him, not because of who his father was, nor whether he was the first born or the last, nor whether he is a Hebrew or a Gentile, but because of who he has chosen to become inside himself; because of how he has chosen to live both seen and unseen by men; because of the light he gives unto the world.”
1:80-81 “Verily, I say unto you that all who are humble, repent of their sins and always strive to live in the light shall be blessed with peace in their heart and true friends beyond price. Their faithfulness and goodness in life will open the doors to the glory of heaven, and in eternity they shall reap the everlasting harvest of the good seeds they have sown.”
1:82 “Before you sleep this night, look upon yourself. Among men, only you know your true heart. But Elohim knows all. Therefore, that which you cannot hide from God, hide no longer from yourself, nor support that which is wrong by contriving to justify how it is right.”
1:83 “Vow unto yourself a sacred promise to raise the lamp of the light Elohim that resides in your soul, and henceforth always walk with your light held high that darkness can no more dwell within you.”
1:84 “You are the master. The light of your soul contends with the temptations of your body. Choose to be the master of your body instead of its slave and you will find a joy and peace in this world such as you have never imagined, and a great reward in heaven, beyond the descriptions of men, built with every good you have ever sown.”
2:35 “Verily, the teachings of the light of Elohim are not the Law of Moses for they are above it; even as I have not come to uphold the law, but destroy it, and replace it with the purer Law of Light.”
2:41-42 “Verily, the true Light of Elohim that we bring to the world can never be extinguished. And in a generation far away, there will come hallowed days of promise to herald the renewal of the world. To bring the blessings of these days, our father and mother shall send forth upon the Earth some of the choicest spirits of heaven.”
3:21-22 “Therefore, in the days that shall come after, remember Miriam. There will be some among you, even my greatest disciples, who will expound in a mighty power of the spirit upon the things which I taught unto them, and they shall work miracles and wonders. But only in the quiet power of Miriam shall all knowledge reside. Verily, though the world shall know her not, she is the holy receptacle of truth.”
4:18 “If you take a life, especially from a false judgment, it is you who will stand condemned before God and pay for your sins, not just with your life, but with your eternity. Are you so sure of your judgment then that you will risk your eternal reward?”
4:29 Despite his words, Yeshua did not move, and he said unto him, “I have always known the truth. And Elohim is more concerned with the virtues of your character and the faithfulness of your devotion, than the choices of your affections. Though you may be scorned by the ignorant, you are loved by God.”
4:45-46 “And by this you may know the truth: if a law teaches to honor and respect Elohim and to honor and respect yourself, and to honor and respect your fellow brothers and sisters of spirit upon this Earth, and to honor and respect all creatures over which you are stewards, then you may know with a certainty that it is from God. But if it teaches to not honor and respect Elohim, or to not honor and respect yourself, or to not honor and respect your fellow brothers and sisters of spirit, or to not honor and respect life entrusted to your stewardship, then you may know with certainty that it is of man, and any who obey it do so to appease man, not God.”
4:81-82 “…The true words of Elohim are simple and clear to all men and need not the interpretation of priests, for God would ask nothing of man that could not be easily understood by all, lest man error because of misunderstanding and not through willful disobedience. The true laws of Elohim are meant to be a freedom to man, to establish simple, clear paths of righteousness by which man may prosper when he walks the path.'”
4:84 “Therefore, what man has perverted, let me make clear, and in this listen to the spirit of God that resides within each of you, within every man and woman ever born; for this quiet voice will always testify to you of truth if you will open your heart and mind to receive it.”
4:85-86 “Of this man,” he said pointing to Ephres, “think you that it matters to Elohim to whom he directs the affections of his heart as long as he gives his first devotion to God? And if he gives his first devotion to God, it must follow as night to day that he also does good to all men, for a man devoted to Elohim has only peace and love in his heart.”
4:87 “To give sincere devotion to God and to give good in your words and actions to your brothers and sisters of spirit, is all that God asks of anyone. Any law that demands other than this, speaks not from God, but from man.”
4:115 “Seek to understand the heart and essence of Elohim and you will hold the foundation of good by which you may know the truth of all things of light.”
4:116-118 “Here then is the key to understand the foundation of Elohim, whereby you may know the truth of all things of God: Verily, the basis of all goodness and godliness is to love and respect God, the giver of all life and the creator of all things; And to love and respect your neighbors, for every injury to them is an injury to you, and every blessing to them is a blessing to you; And to love and respect yourself by treating the body you have been given as a temple, and the hours of your life as a stewardship from Elohim.”
4:121-122 “Once you have weighed all things in the balance, and the truth you hold does not seem wanting, seek out Elohim in quiet prayer and ask in humility to know of a certainty that which you feel is true. If you ask with a sincere heart and a repentant life, you will feel the power of God move within your heart to confirm that which your mind has found.”
6:33 “Unrepentant sins, even those you think you have forgotten, stay with you still, slowly pulling you down until one day you may find yourself in a deep pit from which there is no escape, and know not how you got there.”
7:51 (Yochanan speaking) “And to all he said, Treat with kindness and love all children, for they are jewels of God upon the Earth that you might always have the light of God before you upon their faces.”
9:61 “But there are many lands beyond this small house, and those who would follow me must push open the door and go forth into the chaos and confusion, into the strangeness and the vastness of all the world; that all who would seek it, may find the light.”
9:99-100: “When you hear my voice, see if you do not feel it in your soul. On that day, let your heart and mind answer as one.”
11:30 “Then Yochanan came out of the water and watched with the others as Yeshua baptized Miriam, saying, “With the purity of your heart as the witness of your soul, I immerse you in water that you will come forth with a greater love of God, to ever guide you upon the path of light. By the word of Elohim, so be it”, and straight away he immersed her, than raised her out of the water.”
13:15 “And Miriam said unto them, ‘The teachings of Yeshua are like being overwhelmed by a great sandstorm. At first you may be surprised and confounded, even dim in sight because of the immensity of that which swirls around you; but if you hold fast to your faith and endure through the winds of bewilderment because of that which is new, then the haze and storm will pass, and you will be left in the glorious sunlight of Elohim, with a peace that surpasses all you have known and a warmth sent from God that lifts your heart and fills your soul.'”
13:20 “And Miriam answered unto him, ‘Those without faith would rather cling to misery than embrace the faith that would bring them joy, because they cringe at the light and find comfort only in the darkness.'”
13:30-31 “Then Yeshua rose and stood before Malachi and said unto him, ‘You look for a king anointed by God to overthrow the yoke of the Romans; but verily I say unto you, the Kingdom of God begins in the heart, and where dwells two or more hearts united in God, there does the kingdom begin to manifest upon the Earth. By heart upon heart shall Rome fall, and by heart upon heart shall the Kingdom of God rise up and fill the world.'”
15:4 “It matters not who was called first or who last, for as in the days of Noah, all should be overjoyed simply to be upon the ark.”
15:59 “And the words of Elohim that are the same for every people begin with these: Love God with all of your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.”
17:42 “But everyone that lives in truth and virtue, following the teachings of the light, become like the light themselves, and their deeds are pure and wrought by the spirit of God that dwells within them.”
17:43 “You are either walking in the light or walking away from it into the darkness.”
17:53 “Be your own master; for if you are not, then the Adversary of darkness reigns; and no matter your position in life, you are a slave to your weaknesses; and until you are the master, you will only dimly be able to see the light.”
17:55-56 “…If you truly seek the light of Elohim it will fill all your body with light; and the spirit of Elohim will dwell in your heart; and your heart will rejoice and swell with joy when the light is with you. Therefore, look to your heart to reveal to the glory your mind does not know.”
18:6 “To be baptized in the water is to renounce and bury the dark, sinful ways of your old life, and rise and be born again, dedicated to living in the light of Elohim.”
20:37-42 (Yochanan speaking) “Verily, I declare unto you, Elohim is a God of light not darkness. Elohim is a God of reason not illogic. Elohim is a God of love not fear. Elohim is a God of forgiveness of the humble and repentant, not a God of punishments set in stone. Elohim is a father and a mother taking joy in the virtue of their children of spirit, and giving them every word of light to guide their paths to greater knowledge and joy. Elohim is a spiritual brother, an ever helpful guide to his younger and less experienced brothers and sisters, helping them each day to live the greater light within them and become more than who they have been. This is the God I declare, and upon these foundations I weigh truth from falsehood, not upon ancient words written on old skins, practiced by my ancestors, whom I know not the men they were. And I would say that the Elohim I declare will resonate in the heart of any man open to the evidence of both his heart and head as to what God must surely be. But the God that you declare, a vengeful and angry God, demanding constant subservience, and obedience to tiny points of law that confine ones spirit instead of expanding it, blessing the Children of Israel but ignoring all others; this is a God I know not. Verily, this is not God.”
23:8 “You must understand that Elohim made the Earth as a temple for man to live in and prosper, and gave man a body most intricate to be cared for and loved, and these are the temples of God”
23:9 “Be good stewards of the temple of your body and the temple of the Earth, and keep the commandments of Sinai, and you will be giving the greatest homage to God that man can give.”
23:24 “Do not judge others, for every hurtful word or action you mete in judgment against others shall be measured against you by Elohim in the hereafter; and it is only Elohim who sees all and knows all, that can fairly judge anyone for their righteousness and propriety.”
23:25-26 “Do not be afraid of those who are different from you in the way they dress, or speak, or eat, or worship God, for all are the spirit children of Elohim and are your brothers and sisters of spirit. Instead, rejoice in the things you have in common, and respect their right to differ from you, as they respect your right to differ from them.”
23:29-30 “If you have devotion to God, show it by loving the temple of your body which Elohim has given you for your sojourn in life. Praising Elohim in your words and songs brings happiness in heaven; and when you honor the temple you have been given you honor the gift, and in honoring the gift, you honor the giver.”
23:33 “Look therefore to surround yourself with virtuous friends; choose to see things that respect, uplift and edify you and others; and turn your back upon that which does not.”
23:34-35 “In the things that you eat, look beyond that which is clean or unclean, and choose that which shows respect for life over that which does not. Eat first those things which have been put upon the Earth by Elohim to nourish you without taking their life, and those plants which will fade after a season.”
23:42-43 “Show by your example the higher path of life. You can fight against the darkness and thereby make enemies of the men of darkness, or you can bring the light and the darkness will depart. Darkness cannot bear light, and light can always overcome darkness if it stays connected to the source, which is Elohim.”
24:28 “The central point of the Great Commandment is not merely to have children, but to be good stewards and multiply and replenish the Earth and all life therein, in all aspects, of which children are but one.”
24:29 “If two people with uncommon affections have love one for another, and sanctify it, and are faithful to it within the covenant of marriage, and are good stewards of the Earth, helping to protect it and all the life therein, and helping to increase and magnify it and all life therein, they have fulfilled the Great Commandment far more than the man and the woman who have many children, but are so taxed with so many that they are unable to give them either their time or love, or meet their most basic of temporal needs.”
24:32 “Then he continued, saying, ‘You see in my words the fulfillment of that which I have said from the beginning. I have not come to uphold the law, but to destroy it, save for the Great Commandment and the Commandments of Sinai; for the laws of Elohim have been perverted by the desires of men.'”
24:41 “Be a good steward of yourself first, then of the Earth and all that is upon it, and Elohim will make you an eternal steward of much more.”
24:58 “Therefore I say clearly unto you, it is not a sin for a man to have affections for a man or a woman for a woman, if it comes not from carnal lust, but from virtuous love; for such was not forbidden by Elohim in the Great Commandment or the Commandments of Sinai.”
24:85-86 “But he rebuked those who would not repent in sincerity, saying, ‘Only the pure in heart can be healed by the light of Elohim. Repent first of your sins that the light may find a place in you. When the light is in your heart, all things are possible.”
25:20 “Be a thankful son or daughter of God, for you have been given a life on a most blessed world where food grows of its own accord and beauty and life abounds and surrounds you wherever you look.”
25:21-22 “When you are in the sacred place of prayer in your heart, ask of Elohim any selfless and worthy desire, beyond that which you can do for yourself, and it shall be given to you. But ask not for worldly things, save it be with selflessness; only for help with your simple needs and for the good of others and the glory of God.”
25:23 “Elohim is not like a distant rich relative to be called upon to grant your temporal wishes, but a true parent who teaches you good principles that you may prosper on your own, both spiritually and temporally.”
25:24 “Verily, your heavenly parents greatly desire your continual well-being and spiritual fulfillment upon Earth, and your eternal happiness and progression in heaven.”
25:25-27 “Know that you have been blessed by your heavenly parents with great gifts when you were born to help you in your journey in life. With your talents and listening to your inner light, you can gain all that you seek in the world that is worthy of a son or daughter of God. Not by wishing it were so, but by using the gifts you have been given with prudence and diligence.”
25:36 “Therefore, let every action of the righteous man or woman always be one of light and life and love, and you shall ever have the spirit of Elohim as your constant companion to lift your spirit and surround you in the light you seek, and the Adversary shall have no place within you.”
25:37 “With the light of Elohim in your heart and guiding your thoughts and actions, you will find contentment in simple things and success in your selfless endeavors both great and small.”
25:38-39 “If you choose your actions based upon the good that will be gained for others by accomplishing your tasks, you will always find the favor of Elohim to help you in your desires. That is not to say that you cannot also gain; but that he who seeks only for himself has no favor from God and no friends upon the earth; while he who seeks righteous things of which others may also freely benefit, shall be blessed by Elohim and honored in sincerity by men.”



26:24-25 “Elohim has charged you to be a steward over every living thing and over all the earth, all of which are given for your benefit and as you have need. But as a good steward you must respect your charges and never despoil a land no matter how small, without restoring it to its splendor, nor take a life no matter how insignificant, save there is no other way to sustain or protect your own.”
26:49 “Therefore, be not easily offended by the actions of others, whether they are your brother or sister, father or mother, children or friends. Be quick to smile and laugh and slow to condemn or judge and your years upon the earth will be greatly multiplied and each one will be a treasure.”
26:50 “If you would have the happiness of a new bride and the age of the ancients, then let your greatest habit be love. Let each thought and breath be an expression of greater love, not just for your family, but for your friends and your acquaintances, and even your enemies.”
26:52 “Love is the greatest fountain of life you will ever know. Therefore let it flow from you in abundance by your thoughts and words and actions.”
26:57 “Your temple needs proper amounts of good food and water and air and movement, therefore take heed to have balance each day in these things.”
26:90-91 “Verily, it matters not what success you have in the world. If you fail to care for the vessel God has given you, if you fail to give great love and time to your wife and children, then all else you do is for naught, for your life will be unhappiness and your eternity will be emptiness. But do not despair, for you are children of God, you are Children of Light. Remember who you are, let your heart go to Elohim, and it will always guide you to happiness in this life and fulfillment in eternity.”
27:10 “But you are the master of the light of Elohim that dwells within you. If you choose to embrace the light, there is no darkness deep enough to overcome you.”
27:11 “If you choose to let the light of Elohim fill your body, no problems in life are great enough to take away the warmth and tranquility you will feel inside.”
27:15 “Think not that Elohim is the God only of the world to come, for it is Elohim that made the world you now live upon and everything in it, and this for your happiness, joy and fulfillment.”
27:35 “You were not born to wait for death as a blessing, merely hoping to escape life and pass to an eternal paradise; verily, God gave you life and gave you this world that you would have joy and make it a paradise, beginning within the walls of your own home.”
27:36-37 “You may be accustomed to hearing a long list of laws you must obey from your priests, but the only laws I give you today are to acknowledge God in all things, and to treat your neighbor in your thoughts, words and deeds as you would hope to be treated by them. Respect and humility toward God, and respect and courtesy to your neighbors, are the foundations of peace on Earth and everlasting joy in heaven.”
27:43 “If they are seeking God with virtue and good character, even on a path different than yours, know with certainness that they are loved by Elohim. And if they are loved by Elohim, can you treat them any less?”
27:50 “Though man may build a likeness to fulfill his needs for sanctuary and communion on earth, the true temple of Elohim, is not built by man, but is within man, as he lives in harmony with the spirit of God.”
27:53 “When a choice is to be made between conflict and peace… choose peace. Be ever willing to find the path of harmony and common ground, and ever reluctant to walk down the path of discord and anger because of differences.”
27:55 “Your actions are the gold of your life which is weighed in the balance of the scale of judgment. And in the world to come, it will not be asked of you what you believed in life, but what did you do?”
27:56 “Therefore, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; for that which you do to others, both the good and the bad, will come back and in an equal way to you from others, both in this life and the next.”
27:57-58 “And when good is done to you, reciprocate it back two fold. But when evil is done to you, find forgiveness in your heart; and unto the repentant do not hesitate to forgive them in your words and your actions.”
27:59 “Laugh and play and listen and watch and wonder; be a child each day, for it is one of the secrets of perpetual joy and communion with God, and for this cause have you been created and given this world; that you might have joy in abundance.”
27:60 “Be a good steward of all that is in your care by protecting, increasing and enhancing all that has been entrusted to you, beginning with your own life, then your family, then your brothers and sisters of light, then your community, then your world and the life of everything therein.”
27:61 “Verily, the more you serve others, the greater grows your own spirit and stature.”
27:62 “Seek knowledge everyday; for ignorance is slavery, and knowledge is freedom; and these enliven your soul.”
27:64 “Embrace love as a star to guide your life; for more miracles are possible with love than any other power save faith. In truth, these two work together, and one without the other is but an empty cup.”
27:65 “Love yourself first, in humility and truth, for only then can you give true love to others. Such is the circle of love.”
27:67 “Love your children as the most precious jewels and show your love by giving them your time each day, which speaks more powerfully of love to them than anything you can say, and it will be returned to you multiplied many times when you are old. Such is the circle of love.”
27:70 “Love your neighbors, even those who are different from you. Verily, you are all still children of God and brothers and sisters of spirit. An injury to one is an injury to all and a blessing to one is a blessing to all. Such is the circle of love.”
27:71 “Love the animals of the wilderness and the deep waters and the fields, for when you give love even to those creatures who know you not, you gain a greater capacity to give and receive love from the people in your life that you do know. Such is the circle of love.”
27:72 “Love the plants and the mountains and the valleys and the forests and every life and place that is upon the Earth. For as you love all that Elohim has made for you, your heart opens to receive all the love that Elohim has for you. Such is the circle of love.”
27:73 “In loving all these, your kinsmen and all the world and everything therein, show gratitude to them and to Elohim, for with gratitude you become worthy to receive all of the miracles Elohim would give to you.”
27:74-75 “Let it be known across the land that love is married to faith. Even in the face of great hardships and grief, do not abandon your faith in the reality and omnipotence of Elohim; for faith is the conduit to powers unseen, and the channel through which all miracles flow, both the small and the great. Therefore waver not in the face of adversity, for only those who do not falter prove their faith is true; and thus open the door to all the powers of heaven.”
27:78 “Even as a wise man eats many different foods for happiness and health, so should you embrace balance in all of your thoughts and actions, if you desire to obtain happiness in life and true progression of your soul.”
27:82-84 “Elohim delights in the virtuous man and woman; virtue is the fruit of the tree of goodness, and the sweetness thereof is known by all, but tasted only by the worthy. Virtue is gentle and sleeps soundly at night. Virtue is faithful and kind. Virtue has patience and self-mastery. Virtue is peaceful and loving. Virtue is honest and reliable. Virtue is chaste and pure. Find a virtuous man or woman, regardless of their religion or culture, and you will have found a true son or daughter of God.”
72:85-86 “To hold virtue in your life, you must instill it in your heart, so the habit to be virtuous becomes greater than the temptation to be unvirtuous. By this, you overcome yourself, you defeat the adversary within; and in conquering yourself, you become greater than he who conquers a city.”
28:22-23 “Elohim gives no commandments to the children of men save the Great Commandment and the Twelve Commandments of Sinai, and these not to burden man but to uplift him, and help him to become more than he began. All other laws, be they written in the scriptures or not, are given by men to control other men.”
28:24 “Now the spirit of the Great Commandment and the Commandments of Sinai does not need to be written upon scrolls of scripture to be known, for they are inscribed upon the heart of every man and woman born into life by the Holy Spirit of Elohim.”
28:29-30 “Verily, the chosen people of God are they who keep the spirit of the Great Commandment and the Commandments of Sinai; and the tribe they are from, or the people they are a part of, or the nation they live in, or the religion they believe in, are all nothing of consequence in the eyes of Elohim.”
28:31 “And what is the spirit? Love God; be respectful and a good neighbor to all people; be virtuous and of good character in your words and deeds; be of service to others; and be a good steward over all that you have been given responsibility over, beginning with the temple of your body.”
28:46-47 “Therefore, when you are sent out into the world to bring souls to the light, remember to find the Children of Light who are waiting for you, not by their tribe, or nation, or beliefs, but by their fruits. By their fruits you shall know them.”
29:54 Yeshua answered, “It is the way of many people in power that they are possessed by a devil inside of them inciting unrighteous dominion over others; but it is only their own darkness, which they have embraced instead of their own light.”
30:18-19 “As he sat down, he asked Yeshua to speak also to the people. And Yeshua rose up, and standing in front of the tomb, he said unto them, “It is good to grieve, to cry, and to acknowledge the empty place in your life when one you love is no longer there to hold you, and make you laugh, and comfort you just by their physical presence. But in your grief, know this with certainty: as surely as the sun rises in the sky, so too rise the souls of all who have died to their reward in an eternity that never ends.”
30:20-22 “Those you love, wait for you still, and the virtuous need not fear separation, for mortality is but a heartbeat, and in eternity they shall not be parted. As in Adam, all die the physical death; and their soul essence rises to God. Even so, by the love of Elohim shall all live again in the spirit. And unto the virtuous and righteous, it is given not only to live again in the spirit, but for your immortal soul to become one with a glorified new body, made whole and perfect by Elohim, for your life eternal.”
30:23-25 “Your future began with your past, for your existence is an eternal walk that never ends. Before you were born of woman, your spirit was created by Elohim, and before it was born upon the Earth, the spirit of all things lived in a spiritual realm called Koropean. And to the Koropean, the realm of spirit, all things of spirit born into a physical existence, shall someday return; even the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, and every blade of grass beneath your feet.”
30:28-29 “But everything that has a spirit does not also have a soul; for only the children of men and women, whose spirits were all birthed in a sacred union of love, by your Father and Mother in heaven, have been given a soul; and more precious than all the treasure of Earth it is. For a soul, created in the celestial union of love, is given an ember of divinity that ever calls the soul to greater light; that it might return to the blessed kingdom from which it came, expanded in stature from its humble beginnings.”
30:31 “Mortality is the crucible, the refiners fire, and the soul within the body ever beckons to the light, even while the man or woman in the body is ever seduced to darkness by the temptations of the world.”
30:32 “Therefore man has been given the years of his life to feel the warmth of his soul calling him out of darkness and back to the light that is his home.”
30:33-34 “Throughout the days of his mortal life, the warmth of the ember of divinity ever burns quietly within the heart of man; that he may always know good from evil and right from wrong; that on the day of judgment he may be judged by his own choices and not be able to say, ‘I did not know’. Therefore, take heed, for you know not which breath upon the Earth shall be your last; whether your life will end when you are young or when you are old.”
30:35 “I say unto you, do not ignore the warm and gentle calling of the divine ember of light burning in your bosom. It is calling you from your mundane life to the glory that you can be.”
30:37-38 “When your physical body is laid in the grave, your soul held within your spirit rises immediately to the first judgment, at the place of transition called the Koropean. For a moment, whatever you believed the afterlife to be, will seem to be as it is; but then at the direction of Elohim, will come the angels of heaven, and the illusion will vanish like a mirage on the desert, and the reality of eternity will become apparent.”
30:43-44 “Each shall be judged, not by what they believed or who they were, but by what they did. Did you live a life of virtue? Did you uphold the Great Commandment and the Commandments of Sinai as the ember of God within you ever beckoned and guided you to do?”
30:45-47 “Your spirit shall again have a form of substance and your soul will dwell within it. Those in the light will be among their friends and family who also had virtue, and they shall have joy together, and delight in new knowledge and opportunity. Those that are in darkness shall be among others in the darkness, but none that they know, or love, or miss.”
30:50 “For each moment, whether one is in the darkness or in the light, every spirit will continue to make choices that can show virtue or vice. As they act upon their choices they will move either into a greater light or into a deeper darkness.”
30:51-52 “Then at an hour you know not, nor expect, will come a final judgment upon your soul. Verily, all men and women who have ever lived shall stand someday before the Elohim to be judged, not only of their life in mortality, but also their life before mortality, and after it.”
30:56-57 “With every good and virtuous deed you ever thought or did, light will flow to and be added to the essence of your soul. And with every evil or loathsome thing you ever thought or did, darkness will flow to and be added to the essence of your soul.”
30:59-60 “The virtuous will be pulled by their own light into warmth and greater light; and they shall be given a new and perfected immortal body, and live near the presence of Elohim, in the Celestine realm. They shall be given great blessings and new stewardships worthy of their light. But those lacking virtue, shall be pulled by their own darkness into a bitter cold and deeper darkness, where there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and an endless torment upon the soul for the warmth and light that could have been.”
30:61-62 “But remember, even this is not the end, but only the beginning. The love and forgiveness of the Father and Mother is boundless, and even those in outer darkness can reach again the light and savor the warmth and the love of paradise among their family and friends, and gain new knowledge and be given a greater stewardship.”
31:36 “Yeshua answered unto them, ‘If man’s laws are in opposition to God’s laws, to obey one is to disobey the other, and to find favor of one but wrath of the other. Whom do you think I choose to obey and find favor with, man or my Father in heaven?'”
31:44-45 “Do you think Elohim is a changing God? That the laws of heaven given to men would change with a new generation; that good would become evil and evil good? Verily, I say unto you No! Elohim is the same, yesterday, today and forever! God does not give the Commandments of Sinai to one generation saying to not covet or steal, and then to a later generation saying that it is now good to covet and steal.”
31:47 “Only men could think up such contradictory doctrines, for Elohim is like a rod of iron, constant and firm, unmoving and unyielding in the foundations of light. In no other way could man depend upon God.”
32:11 “You know I teach the true light of heaven and that it is often times at odds with the laws of men and the falsehoods taught by men in the name of God. Because of this, as word of my teachings spread, the opposition against me, from Caesar and Herod and the Sanhedrin, shall grow.”
32:18 “In the generations to come, these churches shall grow mighty and wealthy. They shall have a form of godliness, but will be empty of the true spirit of Elohim and barren of the fullness of truth.”
32:19 “Of the things that you shall teach, my very words and truth, you will find few who will listen and embrace the light, for fear of what others will think of them, or the persecutions they might invite, or from their own weakness to give up the comfort of the sandals they have always worn.”
32:20 “The few Children of Light that gather in my name, living my truth that you have given, shall not have temples of gold and precious gems, but will be thankful just to have a roof over their head.”
32:42 “Those who love ease and comfort and power, heed the call of priests of falsehood because they have itching ears seeking those who will tell them what they wish to hear, and so they hear, ‘Pay generous alms, say your prayers and listen to the scriptures on the Sabbath, and all is well every other day of your life.'”
32:45 “But the Children of Light understand that the path of Elohim is a way of life each and every day, not just on the Sabbath, and that the steps they take each day bring them abiding joy, not just in this world, but also in the world to come.”
32:46 “While the foolish and worldly are spending their days making money and immersing themselves in the pleasures of the world, the Children of Light are investing their days playing with their children, loving and comforting one another in word and deed, helping the poor, giving their time to serve Elohim, honoring the temples of their bodies, helping their community, and building qualities of good character and all manner of virtue in their hearts and the actions of their lives.”
32:48-49 “Those who love the ways of the world obtain the fruits of the world because that is what they seek, while giving just a passing nod to the ways of God. Those who love the ways of Elohim obtain the fruits of God because that is what they seek, while giving just a passing nod to the ways of the world.”
32:63 “Verily I say unto you, straight and narrow is the way that leads to the Celestine Kingdom of Elohim, and very few will be those who are willing to walk the virtuous path that leads to resurrection and exaltation.”
32:67 “The seeds you plant in life blossom in eternity. And that which you sow, so shall you reap.”
32:69-70 “When the faithful knock upon my door in the world to come I shall welcome them to their glory, even those who professed me not in life, but nevertheless lived my teachings by the light of God within their heart. But those who profess me, but do not the things which I say, will not see me or my heaven.”
32:81 “The faithful shall scatter across the world, a few here, a dozen there, another beyond. So shall the seeds of the true light of Elohim, which you will plant, settle upon many lands, until the time of their maturation comes and the flowers of truth and light planted in the dust of yesterday’s bones blossom in fullness and glory.”
32:84 “In the Epoch of Promise, when all light shall be given again among men, the descendants of the chosen, shall feel the resonance that burned in the hearts of their ancestors. And the seeds sown by their progenitors shall grown and bear fruit within their hearts.”
32:86 “And Yeshua said unto them, ‘Though I walk among you, I do not compel you or anyone to follow me. Those who walk my path despite the challenges, do so because they desire to feel the power of God burning in their bosom greater than they desire a life of conformity and ease, or enticing words of emptiness.'”
32:87 “…Among the Children of Light let there always be love and support for one another; and may the sweetness of this comfort and the sure knowledge of your eternity, ever shield you from the pain and inflictions of the world.”
32:89 “…For each man and woman to grow beyond their birth, they must be free to choose their course in life, they must be free to make mistakes and amends.”
32:90 “Even among those who may be slaves, bound to a master that controls their days, their eternal fate is still in their own hands, by the choices of virtue and character they make every day.”
32:98 “…and Elohim would have it be no other way, for only by allowing each person to make their own choices, can each person be given an eternal reward according to their faithfulness and their deeds.
32:99 Never forget that many are called, but few are chosen. Nor is it Elohim who chooses, but each of those who have been called choose whether they will heed the call and walk in the light that their heart tells them is true, or follow the enticing words of conformity and ease spoken to them in the world.”
32:100 “Therefore, I say unto you, follow me, do as I do, speak as I speak, live as I live. Let those who would inherit the blessings of the Children of Light in this world and the next, do likewise, and heaven shall pour forth blessings upon you greater than you can imagine.”
33:43-47 “Elohim is love. Elohim is inspiration. Elohim is fair and just. Elohim is compassionate and understanding. Elohim loves virtue in whomever it is found, and gives no preference to one child over another for any other reason.”
33:48-49 “Elohim cherishes the life of all things that have been created and blesses the man who honors and protects life. But men who take life without necessity for food or in self-defense, bring a curse upon themselves, not from Elohim, but from their own soul, for their inner guilt cries out for the sin they have done against God.”
33:75-76 “The ways of Elohim are simple to live and easy to understand, not convoluted and ritualistic like the ways of men and the religions of men. The laws of men have no meaning in the world to come, but the laws of Elohim involve the purity of your heart and your good works in this life, and those jewels of character have great weight on the day of eternal judgment.”
33:79 “Verily, if that which is given or expected expands your spirit, or is for your health or for the strength of your family, or for building your good character, or for helping your relationships to be deeper and more fulfilling, or to increase your knowledge; and does not demean you or take away your spirit, or constrain your finite time upon the Earth, or hurt others; and keeps balance in your life and promotes harmony and peace in your heart and among all men and women, then you may know that it is good, and of God.”
34: 68-69 “On a dark and dreary day, not far away, Yeshua will part from us, and rise to the heaven from whence he came, to dwell again with our Father and Mother. He walks among us and gives us the light of heaven that we might teach the light to others. When he has returned from whence he came, only by the words we speak and write, and the things which we do, will the world learn of the brilliance of the light he has brought. Even then, it will only be held by a few.”
35:7 “For only those who have repented and hold the light now in their heart are worthy of me, and only those have a resonance that turns my face to them.”
35: 52-54 “Know this, I heal you not, but it is you who heal yourself; for your true affliction is not on the outside but on the inside, and you are the only physician that has the cure. Some may say that their malady is on the inside, and it is something tangible and physical like a broken bone or worms that devour them, but it is not of the physical that I speak when I speak of the inside, but of the disease of your sins, which eats at the essence of your soul with more finality than worms will ever consume your body. Your sins are like a millstone that weigh you down and prevent you from rising to the light. If you do not free yourself from their weight, they will crush you, and drown you, and destroy your eternity that could be.”
35:55-58 “I call upon you this day to forsake your evil ways and commit to walk henceforth only in the simple and true light of Elohim as you can learn from the mouths of my disciples. I call upon you to shed your old skin and become a new and better person. I call upon you to forsake your friends who have enticed you to do evil, and make new friends who will entice you to do good. I call upon you to publicly proclaim that you are forsaking the darkness of old and embracing the light that dawns in the new day, in your new life, and to seal that promise with the covenant of baptism, this very day, by the hands and authority of my disciples.”
36:4-7 “I will be with you but for a short time longer. Understand that no man could take my life save I willed it to be so, and I so do will it that you might see with your own eyes that you are far more than this frail, mortal body. For as my mortal body passes, my eternal soul still lives. As my eternal soul lives, so it shall become one with an immortal body, as physical and tangible as the man before you, but glorified and perfected that it will never die. As you see me do, so shall each of you do. You are sons and daughters of God, and I am merely your elder brother upon the earth to show you the way to your greatness, and the inheritance of all that our Father and Mother in Heaven wait to pour upon their good and faithful children.”
36:9-10 “In the days to come there shall be many sects that shall spring up in my name, not just in Palestine, but across the world. They will have a likeness of godliness, but it will be wrapped around their previous upbringing and beliefs about the nature of God.There will come a great and powerful church from Rome that will trample under foot all of the other sects, and with pomp and ritual and the authority of the Emperor, they shall hold sway over the world in my name, but I will know them not.”
36:12-13 “The teachings that I give to you have never been meant for all the people of the world; for most in the world cannot accept truths that are so different from what they have known; and even if they could accept them, they are not sufficient masters of themselves to live them. That is why they are of the world and you are not. Because you both know the truth, and you live it.”
36:30 “Miriam is the special witness of the special witnesses. Only she has been present since the beginning to see all things or hear them from my lips. She is the sacred scroll of my life and teachings. Cherish her and protect her.”
36:37-38 “When I say that you are sons and daughters of God, do you think I am just using a figure of speech? I am not just using a figure of speech. You are as much a son or daughter of Elohim as I am. The souls of all the people of the world were created by our Heavenly Father and Mother; therefore all are literally sons and daughters of God.”
36:39 “Before you came down into the body your soul now wears, you lived in the Celestine Lights. Much the same as this life, you could choose right or wrong, and you did some good things, as well as some things in need of repentance. The same is true for all people.”
36:40 “What separates the Children of Light from all others is that you were exceedingly good in your pre-life in the Celestine Realm, and you were rewarded greater in this life than all others, even as those who are exceedingly virtuous in this life shall be rewarded greater than the less virtuous, in the next life.”
36:43-44 “Your challenges in mortality are merely opportunities to build your eternal character and become greater than you are, and to forge eternal relationships based upon the essence of your character and not upon your worldly ways or possessions. Therefore, give thanks and pray for greater strength and understanding, not for your burdens to be taken from you. By this, you may become greater than your challenges and overcome them, and become still greater in the essence of your eternal soul.”
36:48-49 “With the light of Elohim that within you physically dwells, you can do marvelous things. Verily, there is nothing that you have seen me do that you cannot also do, and even more than this, if you have enough confidence in yourself, and faith in Elohim. If you say, with confidence and faith, to that tree, ‘uproot and be thrown upon the mountain’, it shall be done. If you say unto the mountain, ‘take up and be cast into the sea’, it shall be done, by the power of Elohim that lives within you.”
36:53 “And Yeshua said unto them, “To each of you and all the true Children of Light, is given the power to know the thoughts of men and have influence upon them, to know the thoughts of one another without speaking, to heal your body and the bodies of others of all manner of infirmities, to call upon the sun or the storms, to see events of the future that will unfold, to have slight control of time, and the ability to change the essence of one thing to another.”
36:65 “Now I reveal these things to you that you will open your thoughts to the greatness that you can become, for only by thinking of yourself in greater terms than you have, can you begin to become greater than you have been.”
36:67-69 “Look to discover those who are pure in heart, who are virtuous in their life, who honor the temple of their body, and have one of the sacred abilities I spoke of, or who have them not, but are drawn to discover and know of them. By this means you can begin to winnow the wheat from the chaff. For the false doctors of religion and philosophy will flee with condemnation from things they can never have or understand. But the true Children of Light in their virtue and goodness, will be drawn to the true light, even as one lodestone is irresistibly attracted to another.”
36:99-100 “While the people of the world grow in numbers and the churches of the world wax great, the Children of Light shall remain hidden until one hundred generations have passed, when there shall be enough of them upon the world that by their united powers they can change the world from darkness to light.
37:10 “The light that emanates from me is meant for but a short time upon the Earth, and the greater glory is in my leaving, when my light shall shine even brighter through the lives of those who love me and keep my teachings.”
37:12 “Verily, it is better to be thought mad than to be proved true to the eyes of unbelievers. For an unbeliever who witnesses a miracle with his own eyes will be an unbeliever still; and instead of simply dismissing you as mad or a charlatan and letting you go your way in peace, he will now fear you and seek to control and confine you because of his fear.”
37:15 “Your great power as a Child of Light is to exert the essence of Elohim that is within you, to protect yourself and your loved ones, to heal the sick by imparting to them a portion of the essence of heaven, and to influence and change the thoughts of men, and in this you can begin to change the world.”
37:16-18 “Though you desire that all men would come to love and live the light of Elohim, it is not possible, except for those who are first prepared and desire in their heart to bury the sins of their past, and live a higher light as a way of life. Therefore, it is never righteous to compel a man to God, but it is righteous to expand and project the essence of Elohim that is within you so that the man is touched by your words in the deepest part of his heart. Then it must be on his own that he wrestles with himself to discover whether he can live what his heart knows is true.”
37:31 “There are five points to the star of light by which all miracles occur, and only with confidence, humility, faith, awe and love can the great miracles be accomplished.”
37:38 “The greater your faith, the greater your power.”
37:39-42 “It is for this cause that you neither see nor hear Elohim while you sojourn in mortality, except as the warm feeling that overwhelms your heart, or as the still, small voice in your head that tells you the truth you did not know. If you could see and hear God as men see and hear one another, what would be the need of faith? Give thanks for your blindness and deafness, for it is through them that you learn to listen with the part of you that is of God, and learn to hear your Father and Mother in heaven when they give inspiration to your head, or touch your heart and move you to good actions. Because of your deafness and blindness you can build the faith that moves mountains.”
37:43-46 “And let confidence, humility and faith lead to awe and wonder in the majesty of all Elohim has created, and the power of God that has been given to you to come forth as the lightning of the storm, and the balm that calms the storm and heals all wounds. Lastly, draw upon your love. If faith is the power of your gifts, love is the activator. You must have a love that burns as a passion that can never be dimmed in your heart, for without it, confidence, humility, awe and faith are for naught. Whatever gift you desire to manifest, you must first focus on a love that will activate the gift.”
37:56-57 “When the master of self has won, and they are ready to be born again, lead them to the gate that they may enter and discover how much greater light fulfills than darkness. And all who walk through the gate of virtue shall become Children of Light and inherit all that Elohim has to give to the worthy and the righteous.”
38:4 Yeshua answered him saying, “Is it fair to take the coins earned by a man’s diligent toil and labor and give them to Caesar, who labored not for them, to live in luxury, gluttony, debauchery and idleness?”
38:6 And Yeshua answered him saying, “You have called me a good man, but if good men stand idly by while evil is rendered, and speak not against it, or take actions to thwart it, then they are as guilty as they who committed the evil.”
38:23-24 “And the Pharisees departed deriding him for his words, and he spoke to his disciples, saying, “Remember to teach by both precept and example. Nor ever forget that every person upon the Earth was born as a son or daughter of God. Though many have lost their way and sinned greatly, all save those who have murdered or fought with vile against Elohim, can come again into the light from whence they came with a sincere and just repentance.”
39:8-9 “Once the light has been shown, those who walk in darkness no longer can say they knew not a better way. Never hesitate to show the light of Elohim, even to the most corrupted. For there always remains an ember of heaven in the heart of every man and woman, and if encouraged and shown the way, it can be fanned into a flame of righteousness.”
39:12 “Those who choose to follow darkness, even when a torch is held high lighting a better path, choose not in ignorance, but in knowledge, and therefore close the door to their prison with their own hand.”
40:16 Most people are like the wheels of a cart in a rut worn deep; they are comfortable in their rut even if it does not bring them to the most wonderful places, and they would protest in anger and violence should someone try to move the cart.”
40:17 “But those who are Children of Light do not feel comfort in the rut, but imprisoned. When they see the new path I make before them, they see freedom, and a new cord pulls upon their heart, calling them home, to a glory beyond.”
41:39 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that lives according to my words and the example of my life, believes on he who sent me, and such a one shall have everlasting life. They shall never come into the throes of condemnation, and shall pass in peace and bliss from death back into life.”
41:40-43 “Verily, I say unto you, the hour is coming and is upon you now, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear and follow that which they hear, shall live. For as the Father is a life unto himself, so is the Son a life unto himself. They are not one, but two, but the two are one in purpose. Nor is there a Father without a Mother, for then how could there be a Son? And the Father and the Mother have given the Son authority to execute all the judgments of heaven, for he is the Son of the Elohim.
42:20 “If you truly wish to be closer to God and to show your devotion, then do so by your good deeds of love and selflessness. Treat others as you hope Elohim will treat you.”
42:21 “If you truly want to hear and feel Elohim in your life, then pray in sincerity and humility, and speak with God, not in repetition, but as one friend would speak to another; for the righteous and virtuous have no greater friend than Elohim.”
42:34-36 “…Today you have witnessed the power of Elohim and it did not come from endless prayers of repetition or from the giving of alms that vanish where you know not. It came from love, and virtue and righteousness. If you desire the blessings of heaven, love one another. And let your good deeds done in secret testify of your love. And by this means may you separate the wheat from the chaff and know the people of God from the pretenders; by their love you shall know them; and from love comes all virtue, righteousness and good deeds.”
43:11-14 “Thus it came to pass that Yeshua stood on the shore of the lake with the multitude before him, and the lake and a waiting boat, behind him, and he said unto them, ‘I know that you have come to be healed of your infirmities and diseases as you have heard it said that I can do. But I tell you in soberness that I do nothing of my own, but only the will of they who sent me; my Father and Mother in heaven. You seek to touch me and be healed, but the power to heal does not emanate from me, but from you. I am merely the water that sprouts the seed of virtue that must first be inside of you.'”
43: 15-19 “All the water in the world will not sprout a seed that is not there, for my water is holy and it only helps grow a seed which is planted in righteousness and virtue. But do not despair, for I know that many of you have come from far away and your travel need not be in vain. If you came this day without a seed of righteousness and virtue inside of you, it is in your power to plant one even now. If evil has dwelt in your life where righteousness and virtue should have been, purge it from you now this very moment. In all humility and sincerity, confess your sins to those you have wronged, and covenant to them and to God that you shall do them no more.”
43:21-22 “Repentance is a process and this will begin to lift the weight of your yoke of darkness and help you on the path to a new life. Only by this will the water I give quench your thirst, and sprout your seeds, and bring you that which you desire.”
43:30-31 “Though you are loved greatly by Elohim, you are never compelled upon a path, merely foreordained and predestined as your reward for lives well kept. But in the end, everyday, the choice to do or do not, is still yours, because fore-ordination is justified only upon continued worthiness, and predestination only upon continued desire to remain upon the path.”
43:34 “To you, I empower to do all manner of miracles, even as you see me do. And there is nothing that you see me do that you cannot also do, if you remain worthy and your faith is strong enough.”
43:35 “Let those who are new among us learn from those who have been with me for a longer time, that all might know the truth of my life and teachings without dilution or change, such as will quickly come among the people once I have returned from whence I came.”
43:40-41 “Then turning to Miriam, he asked her to kneel before him, and laying his hands upon her head he said, ‘Miriam, Child of Light, Daughter of Elohim, beloved of my heart above all others; with the authority of Elohim and by the power of my word, I do ordain you to be my living testament, and my Apostle to my Apostles, and the spiritual head of the Quorum of the Twelve while you remain upon the Earth. You are granted all the rights, privileges, power and authority to perform on Earth whatever you shall deem necessary in wisdom, virtue and righteousness, for the light of Elohim.'”
43:43-44 “And Yeshua called Cephas, who came and knelt down before him, and he laid his hands upon his head and said unto him, ‘Cephas, you are the rock of the light of Elohim upon the earth, and upon this rock shall the Children of Light always find inspiration to hold fast against the world. With the authority of Elohim and by the power of my word, I do ordain you to be my Apostle, and call you to be the organizational head of the Quorum of the Twelve while you remain upon the Earth. You are granted all the rights, privileges, power and authority to perform on Earth whatever you shall deem necessary in wisdom, virtue and righteousness, for the light of Elohim.'”
43:47-48 “And these are those that were called and ordained as Apostles and special witnesses to the life and teachings of Yeshua on that day: Miriam of Magdala – wife of Yeshua, Cephas of Bethsaida, Yakov of Nazareth – brother of Yeshua, Amram of Bethsaida, Ya’akov of Bethsaida, Yohhanan of Bethsaida, Philip bar Talmai of Bethsaida, Mattayah of Tiberias – son of Cleopas, Shim’on the Zealot, Yuda son of Cleophas, Yuda Toma – of Ptolemais – known as Toma, and Yuda Iscariot of Jerusalem.”
43:49-50 “Afterward, Yeshua spoke further, saying, “While I remain upon the Earth, follow me. Walk with me on my walks through Galilee and Judea and beyond. Let your brothers and sisters of the community care for your families, that you can be with me and a living testament to my life and works. I know that this is a sacrifice I ask, but I will soon be gone and your families will still be with you. Our time together is precious, but short, and it is in the sacrifices we make for one another that the friendships of ages are formed.”
43:51 “After I have returned from whence I came, go forth two by two to preach my gospel, that those who are dead in spirit might be baptized and born again; heal the sick who have repented and have virtue; and cast out devils from those possessed, that they might make their way into the light unhindered by the encumbrances of confusion.”
43:54-55 “You will inspire many, and they will form churches, and choose leaders and practice a semblance of my teachings that you have given them. But because of the desire of men to have power over other men, the churches built by men will be ruled by the laws of men, not Elohim, and many of their doctrines will be of man, designed to suppress and control their believers rather than free and uplift them.”
43:66 “Finally, the day shall come when the last of you, my original twelve, is no longer upon the Earth. After that day, when there is no longer an Apostle upon the Earth who can speak as an authoritative witness to my life and teachings, let there be no more Apostles until the restoration of all things that shall come in the Epic of Promise, to generations unborn.”
43:72-75 “Beyond the miracles that are seen by the people, there are many other powers, even secret powers, which I desire you to have that you might be a shield to the Children of Light, a source of testament to the faithful, and empowered to walk as a mystery among the children of men. Therefore, watch, listen, and learn, for I shall make you men such as no men have ever been.”
44:27 “We are all servants of Elohim.” Miriam said looking into her deep brown eyes. “But beyond that, we hold no servants, nor compel any; for we are all brothers and sisters of the light, and though called to different callings, we are all equal in the sight of our Father and Mother in heaven; and judged not by our station in life, but by the light of our soul, and the evidence of the light in our lives.”
44:34 “Even as all mortal bodies shall die, so shall all souls continue on; the righteous to the resurrection of glory. Even thus has the eternal and glorious soul of Yochanan risen to his glory. He lives still today and shall forevermore.”
44:40 “Miriam again looked into her eyes, and holding her gaze said unto her, ‘We are Children of the Light. We are the son and daughters of Elohim, even as you are. We are not as the people of the world, because we are not of this world. We are among them, but they know us not. Only another who is one, as you are, can know the Children of the Light.'”
45:14 “And I say unto you, blessed are those who are humble in spirit, for humility opens the gate of heaven.”
45:15 “Blessed are the challenged, those who long to live in the light, but are faced with many impediments which block the path to the light. Elohim shall give them comfort.”
45:16 “Blessed are the calm, those who are not overcome by their own desires, or the chaos around them, but trust in God. They shall have peace in their hearts in the world and inherit the Earth to come.”
45:17 “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness. They hearken to the still, small voice, and with desire and action, seek to fulfill the will of God. They shall be filled overflowing with the light that they seek.”
45:18 “Blessed are the merciful, who see in the misfortune of others their own life that could be, and help others as they would wish to be helped, not just with alms, but also giving of themselves. They shall be blessed with the mercy of the Almighty.”
45:19 “Blessed are the pure in heart, those who are upright and sincere, honest in every thought and activity. They will have the Holy Spirit abiding always with them, and they shall see God with a special witness.”
45:20 “Blessed are the peacemakers, both among nations and among neighbors, those who have a peaceful mind and a harmonious heart to resolve the disputes of men. They shall be the treasurers of Elohim, guiding divine peace from the heavens to light the lives of men upon the Earth. And they shall be called the Children of God.”
45:21 “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake; they that live the highest light despite the condemnation of the world. They shall rise a step in heaven for every lash they take upon the world, and the kingdom of heaven shall be theirs.”
45:22-23 “Blessed are you, when you resist evil, and men shall revile you, and persecute you by word and deed, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven, and thus did they persecute the prophets which were before you.”
45:24 “You are the salt of the Earth: but take heed not to lose your savor or be contaminated by the impure, else with what will the food find its flavor? It would thenceforth be good for nothing, but to be cast out, and trodden under the feet of men.”
45:25-27 “You are the light of the world. In the example of your life, how you eat and speak and dress and live, you should be as a city upon a hill that cannot be hidden. For you do not light a candle and then hide it under a basket, but put it on a tall candlestick that it shall give light to all who are in the house. The world is your house, therefore, do not hide the light of Elohim that burns within you, but hold it high that all the world might be lit by your light.”
45:28 “Let your light so shine before the world that those who condemn you will know in their hearts that they condemn a Child of God, and that those who are lost Children of Elohim, will see your light and find their way home.”
45:29-31 “Think not that I have come to uphold the law and the prophets, for I have not come to uphold, but to fulfill the true words of Elohim given to men, and destroy those that are not. And there is far more to be trampled under foot than to be upheld, for the teachings of God have been taken, and the teachings of man have been given. I am he who is the builder, and I have come to tear down the works of man and restore the temple of God.”
45:32 “Some of you here are of the world, but conquer yourself and you can be numbered among the Children of Light.”
45:33-34 “Some of you here are Children of the Light that have been lost in the world and now you have found the source of the light, but cannot see how to reconcile the life you have lived with the life you know you should live. Choose that which has eternal significance and you shall have joy, both in this life, and the life to come.”
45:35-36 “Some of you here are Children of the Light who have committed in your heart and shown by your deeds that you are Children of Light indeed. Unto you, I say that your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, for much has been given to you, and much is expected.”
45:37-38 “You know that it is the law that you shall not murder, and whosoever murders another shall be judged in both this life and the next. But I say unto you that there is far more ways to murder than killing the body, and all are accountable to God and should be accountable to the laws of men.”
45:41 “Therefore, I say unto you that a man who has barely controlled anger without a righteous cause, and injures a man, or a woman, or an animal, either in their body or their spirit, must be judged the same as the man who attempted murder and failed.”
45:42 “Knowing this, let peace and calm always flow in the heart and mind, and thoughts, and words, of the Children of Light, save in defense against that which is unrighteous.”
45:43 “And when you speak, speak with respect to all men, and to all women, and to all who work for you, and to all animals. Though you may command them to do this or to do that, do it only with kindness in your words and respect in your thoughts and actions, save for those who do not reciprocate the respect which you give.”
45:45 “Let the Children of Light always be the light; especially among one another, especially among husbands and wives and their children.”
45:46 “If you have a disagreement with one another, speak of it together and come to a solution with words, and reason, and respect, and love.”
45:47 “Do not sulk in silence, for that is only fuel for the fire and shows a disrespect, not just for others, but for yourself, and for Elohim.”
45:48-49 “Almost as bad as anger is to treat another, especially a husband, wife or child, as if they are an idiot, and that their thoughts and opinions are not even of worth to listen to with intent to hear. To not listen with respect to the thoughts and opinions of your husband, wife or children, or brothers and sisters of light, even when you are in disagreement, or even when they are simple in their method of explanation, is a grievous sin in the eyes of Elohim, needing not only repentance before God, but restitution to those you have wronged by your words and actions.”
45:50 “When you are wrong, admit your wrong with humility, and ask the forgiveness of both God and the person you have wronged; and prove your sincerity by restitution to the person you have wronged.”
45:52-53 “Do not be hardheaded and unreasonable when you are in the hands of your adversaries, nor docile like a sheep allowing others to do with you as they will. Endeavor to give them no cause to do worse to you while you are in their hands, but stand up in defense of righteousness and fairness. Keep your peace and wait until you are no longer in their hands; then stand before them and the fair and impartial, to present the facts of their damnation.”
45:54-55 “You know that by the laws of God and men, it is said that you shall not commit adultery. But I say unto you that whosoever looks upon a married woman or man with lust in their thoughts, has already committed adultery in their heart.”
45:56-58 “You see my wife Miriam, beautiful, with her face uncovered, and it is not a sin to look upon her. Nor is it a sin to look upon her and admire her beauty, for she is a creation of Elohim, and you honor Elohim by admiring the creations of Elohim. It would be no different if she were standing here before you naked in all of her splendor. Yet the man who looks upon her with lust, who thinks impure thoughts of her, but does not act upon his thoughts by either word or deed for fear of the consequences, has nevertheless already committed adultery in his heart. This silent adultery may not be punished by man, for it is kept hidden and unknown from men. But it is known to God and shall be punished by God, both in this life and the next.”
45:59-60 “Therefore if you are weak to lust, you must separate yourself from the temptation, lest you are burned by the fire you start. If your eyes cause you to sin, cover your eyes that you will not see the temptation. For it is better that you are blind to temptation, than your whole body and soul is cast into the rubbish dump.”
45:61 “Verily, your eyes are the windows of your soul, and what your eyes see, your body becomes. Therefore, let your eyes be focused only upon righteousness, that your whole life may be full of light.”
45:63 “Now lust is the greatest temptation of the adversary within; lust for a woman or man, lust for power, lust of gluttony, lust for money. All things of lust lead man to commit acts for which the eternal punishment is far greater than the pleasure of the fleeting fulfillment, which is here today and gone tomorrow.”
45:64-67 “Of these, lust for a woman, be she married or not, often clouds the better judgment of man, more so than all other types of lust. Therefore, against this lust must you ever guard. To prevent this lust, by law and tradition, women cover themselves from head to toe in uncomfortable garments that men cannot look upon them and lust. Yet it is not the woman who is sinning, but the man. Therefore, it should not be the woman who must be covered in uncomfortable coverings, but the man. Let the woman dress in comfort and freedom. And if a man finds that seeing the bare skin of a woman causes him to lust, then let the man hide himself away in his house, or cover his eyes with coverings so that he is blind. The woman should not have to suffer because of the sin of the man.”
45:68 “That the fires of lust may be righteously quenched, all men and women should also be wed, and this they should do while they are young, shortly after their eighteenth celebration of birth, that the natural lust which Elohim gave to men and women for pleasure and procreation can be satisfied righteously within the bonds of marriage.”
45:76 “But bring no children into the world save you are prepared to nurture their hearts, bodies, minds and spirits; for all who are married will be held accountable, not only for choosing in selfishness to not have children, but also for choosing to have children when they were not prepared to care for them in all ways to encourage their growth, expansion and happiness.”
45:81-83 “Again, you know that the laws of old say that you shall make an oath to God before men to prove the seriousness of your intent. But I say unto you, take no oaths to God before men to demonstrate your veracity or intent, but to men only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Let any oaths to Elohim only be for the purposes of Elohim, not the purposes of man; and these only in private or within a close circle of your brothers and sisters of light.”
45:84-86 “You know that the laws of old say that there should be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Yet, have you ever known of a judge to demand an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth? No, not in all the history has it been so. The meaning of this law then is that when an injury has been given by one to another, that the compensation to the injured must be equal to the injury suffered. No more or no less. And this is a true law of Elohim. But not for all injuries does this apply, but only for those which cause a man grievous or irreparable harm to his life or income.”
45:90-91 “Avoid the courts of law except for the most grave matters; those that are so grievous or have caused such irreparable harm that they cannot be reconciled by your family or the Family of Light. Other than this, courts of law will inflict both the petitioner and the defendant with a poison to both their spirit and their life, from which they will not easily recover.”
45:92-96 “There are times when you will be burdened by the unreasonable actions or requirements of others. When these are in opposition to righteousness or of great seriousness, you should oppose them. But often they are merely an irritation, the acts of bullies and people in power. In such cases it is better to effect indifference and even go beyond what is demanded, for then you take away their sport and they become bored and let you be. Therefore, if a Roman comes and compels you to carry their pack for a mile, offer to carry it for two. If a man slaps you in the face without cause, turn your other cheek to him as well, provided you or your family, or the Family of Light are not threatened with real harm. But if your family, or the Family of Light is threatened, or your own life or safety, do as you must to defend yourself; but in that, do nothing that will make the matter worse.”
45:98-99 “You have heard in the laws of old that it is said to love your neighbors and to hate your enemies. But I say unto you, hate not your enemies, love them as misguided children of God. Ask for blessings upon those that curse you that they might find the errors of their ways; and do good deeds even for those that hate you, that their hate might be turned into admiration and respect.”
45:100-102 “Pray for those who spitefully use you or persecute you, that you might always be an example of the higher path walked by the Children of the Light, who show by the their lives that they are true sons and daughters of God. Remember Elohim loves all the children of men, and makes for the sun to shine, and the rain to fall for the blessing and benefit of everyone, both the good and the evil, the just and the unjust. Can you do any less than your mother and father in heaven? For if you only have love for those who love you, what could be your reward?”
45:103-104 “And if you give greetings only to your brothers and sisters of light and ignore the wayward in the world, how are you any different than the Publicans or Pharisees, for do they not do the same? Therefore, strive each day to be better in every way than the day before, and strive each day to live your life in ways that are loving and virtuous and just, even as Elohim is loving and virtuous and just with you, even in your imperfections.”
45:105-107 “Take heed that when you give alms you do not do it before men to be seen. Do not sound a trumpet for the poor to gather and know that it is you who is their benefactor. But when you give alms, do it in secret, that only those overseeing the largesse’s may know from whence it came; and even then, if you give in anonymity, it is more pleasing unto God. And that which you do in secret shall be rewarded openly to you by Elohim. When you give alms, do so without consideration for how much you are giving, except to be sure that it is not too little. Other than that, do not let your right hand, which gives alms, know how much your left hand took from your purse.”
45:109 “But when you pray, go into a closet or a room where you are alone and shut the door that you can have privacy, and pray to Elohim in secret as a friend speaks to a friend; and Elohim who remains hidden from the eyes of men, and is your truest friend, shall reward you openly.”
45:111-112 “When you pray, except in prayers of sacred ritual, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do, for they think that they shall be better heard by God for their many repetitions, but in fact, God hears them not; for their repetition shows that they pray only with their words and not with their hearts. Verily, I say unto you, Elohim hears not the words of men said in prayers, save those that are said with feeling from the heart, and with love sincere; and to other than this, God is deaf.”
45:113 “Understand that Elohim knows everything you are in need of before you ever ask. But by asking with passion and feeling from your heart, and with sincere love for God, you demonstrate that you actually value that which you ask for.”
45:114-115 “When men sin against you and repent not, you have no obligation to them. But when men sin against you, and are truly sorrowful for their action, and offer a sincere repentance and honest restitution to you, then you must forgive them in full, and remember their sins no more; even as Elohim forgives you in full and remembers your sins no more when you have given a sincere, full and contrite repentance.”
45:118-120 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the Earth, where moth and rust decay and where thieves break through the gate and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, such as acts of kindness and love, of honesty and fidelity, and goodwill and good stewardship. For these are the treasures which neither moths, nor rust, or any of the plagues of men, can decay or corrupt. These are the treasures which thieves cannot break in and steal. These are the treasures of enduring value, which mark you as a man among men in life, and a prince among princes in the world to come.
45:121-123 “The love of money and power are the Gods of the world and if you pursue and lust after either, let it be a warning that you have strayed from the path of light. For you cannot serve two masters: you cannot serve Mammon and Elohim; either you will hate one and love the other, or favor one and deny the other, or hold to one and despise the other. You cannot be a Child of Light and also love and pursue money or power, for they are oil and water to one another and cannot mix.”
45:127 “Life is meant to be lived in tranquility and joy, and these come from contentment with less, not ever seeking more of the things of the world. “
45:128-129 “Fulfillment and happiness come from quiet days with your wife or husband, and playing with your children, and listening to the concerns of your brothers and sisters of light, and being of service to your community, and being a good steward of the land, and to all the creatures of the Earth. If you have all the treasures of the Earth, but you have not these things, you are most destitute among men, and a pauper in the world to come.”
45:130 “Why do you worry about tomorrow? Sufficient is the day for itself. Which of you by worrying or planning for a tomorrow that may never come, can add one day to his life?”
45:136-138 “Therefore, take no thought, saying, ‘what shall we eat or what shall we drink, or where shall we live, or how shall we be clothed?’ After all these things, those who are lost, seek and sacrifice their lives for emptiness. But Elohim knows you have need of all of these things and if you do not pursue them foremost in your thoughts and actions, but instead store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, then all these things shall come to you as you have need.”
45:140 “The Earth has been given to you that you may have all of these things and have them in abundance, if you have faith; seek that which you desire to find and do not expect it to simply fall out of the sky, and remain balanced in your life between your needs and your desires.”
45:141 “Therefore, do not live today for tomorrow, but live today for today: the days to come will have their own challenges. For a life of peace, joy and true fulfillment, sufficient is the day for the challenges thereof.”
45:142 “Do not condemn others for their lifestyles and choices that are different from yours, and do not despise those who do not believe as you do, or hold the same things of value.”
45:143 “The more you judge others, the more they will reciprocate and judge you. And with the disdain that you show, so shall you be disdained.”
45:144-147 “And be careful not to criticize members of your family, or your brothers and sisters of light, if they have not asked for your opinion. Every fault you see in them you likely have even greater in yourself; and only because of that can you recognize it in others. Therefore, rather than criticize your brothers or sisters, by word, or even inflection, or even what you may think is a friendly suggestion, seek first to improve yourself and wait for them to seek you out. When your brother or sister is ready for help they will ask for your opinion or advice; therefore a suggestion unasked for, that does not seek to improve without judgment, but first belittles by word or inflection, are words that should never be spoken.”
45:148 “When you desire to praise another, shout it from the hilltop, but when you think to criticize another, chew upon your tongue.”
45:149 “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you. “
45:150-151 “Each day there are only so many hours; and in your life only so many days. Therefore, every day is precious, and should not be squandered trying to help those who do not desire your help, or teach those who do not desire to be taught, or uplift those who prefer to stay in the pit. Be of good service, but only to those who value the time you give; only to those who seek the help you offer; only to those who desire to hear the good news you speak; and only to those who wish to be tomorrow more than they are today; not in the ways of the world, but in the ways of the light.”
45:152-153 “Ask with faith, for any thing of righteousness that is a need of in your life, and it shall be given to you. Seek with faith, for any thing of merit, and you shall find it. Knock with faith upon any door where you need to enter, and it shall open unto you. For every person of virtue, who asks with faith shall receive; and every person of virtue who seeks with faith shall find; and every person of virtue who knocks with faith will find all doors open unto them.”
45:154-156 “Which one of you, whom if your son asked for a loaf of bread, would instead give him a stone? Or, if he asked for a fish, would instead give him a snake? If you who are with faults, still know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall our Father and Mother in heaven, who are without fault, give good things to the Children of Light that ask of them?”
45:157 “Therefore, all the good things whatsoever that you wish men would do for you, do you even so for them: verily, this is the fruit of the law and the prophets.”
45:158-159 “I have spoken often of the Children of Light, and many here have wondered who they are, and if they are one. Verily, the Children of Light care not for the ways of the world, but are enraptured with the ways of God, and the community and Family of Light. They walk a different path than the path of the world; a path that leads them to peace and fulfillment and community in this life; and overwhelming joy, exaltation and expansion in the life to come.”
45:160 “A Child of Light comes not by birth or by decree, but by choice, and the conviction to follow the precepts they know to be true.”
45:161 “Many are called to be Children of Light, but few are chosen; because only those who tend the orchard are allowed to harvest the fruit.”
45:162 “And many have not been called, but are still chosen; because having seen the light, they make the choice to abandon the darkness and live the light. Like a wayward son, they are welcomed back into the arms of Elohim.”
45:163 “If you would be a Child of Light, enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction; and many are those that go that way. But strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life in the light; and few are those that find it.”
45:164-166 “Beware of false prophets, for there shall be many that shall spread like a plague upon the land. They will come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Everyone who preaches in my name is not of me, but only those who live the teachings I have given.”
45:167 “Words are like dust; alone they are worthless. It is only when words are turned into actions of love, and service, and humility, and virtue, and respect, and stewardship, that you may begin to accept the one who claims they are of me, which speaks the truth, upon which you may build your house.”
45:168-173 “It is not by miracles that you will know them, but by knowledge that works miracles. It is not by wealth that you will know them, but by austerity, that they give their excess above their needs to the poor. It is not by having many men to command that you will know them, but by seeing them toiling by the sweat of their brow, in common with their brothers and sisters of the community. It is not by power that you will know them, but by a tenderness and stewardship for all life. It is not by great oratory that you shall know them, but by the teachings of the light they show in the example of their kind and virtuous life. It is not by the deference that men give them that you shall know them, but by the respect and attentiveness they give to others, especially those of little means or position.”
45:174-175 “Therefore, though false prophets shall abound, there is no need for you to be led astray. Look to the things which I have given, by which you may separate the false prophet from the true. Then go in private and ask God to confirm the conclusions of your mind and the feelings of your heart. Simply remember that you will know them by their fruits; and that the life they live is a greater witness of their veracity than any of the words they speak.”
45:176-177 “You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from the thorn bushes or figs from the thistles? Every good tree brings forth good fruit, in harmony with the teachings I have given and the life I have shown unto you: but a corrupt tree brings forth fruit that does not come from the vineyard and orchard of Elohim, and it is fit only to be discarded upon the ground to rot.”
45:178-179 “Now some will say that they receive a little good fruit from the teachings of a false prophet, and therefore they just ignore the words which have no harmony in their heart, and lift themselves up with the words that do. But I say unto you, that every good tree brings forth only good fruit. There is not a good tree that has one branch with sweet fruit and an adjacent branch with rotten fruit; for one bad fruit will spoil the basket, even as a single bad influence can decay that which would otherwise have remained good.”
45:180 “A truly good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; neither can a tree corrupted bring forth good fruit that is not already tainted with its demise.”
45:181 “Every tree that does not bring forth good fruit must be hewn down and cast into the fire, lest it taint the purity of that which is good.”
45:182 “Wherefore, remember this test of a prophet and of a Child of Light: By their fruits of their life you shall know them.”
45:183-184 “Now do not think that a Child of Light, or even a Prophet or an Apostle, will never have fault or err in their personal choices; or that a leader of the Communities of Light will never sin and be in need of repentance. If they were already perfect they would be translated in the blink of an eye and be no more upon the Earth. But in the life they live, you see them live as I have shown you and taught you to live. Not as the world lives, but only as the Children of Light live.”
45:185 “Nor should you think that everyone that calls out to God, or praises Elohim, or who claims to be acting in the name of God, will actually ever enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but only those who live the life, and truly do the will of my Father and Mother in heaven.”
45:188 “Therefore, whosoever hears my words and lives them, I will liken to a wise man who built his house upon a rock. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and his house did not fall: for it was founded upon a rock.”
45:190-191 “And everyone who hears my words and lives them not, shall be likened unto the foolish man, who built his house upon the sand. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon his house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”
46:29-33 “I speak now from the same scrolls that still are read in the synagogues, ‘and God said, let us make man in our likeness and let them have dominion…’ ‘And again, ‘Behold the man has become as one of us…’ ‘Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.’ In these words you see mankind was made in the image not of God, but Gods. They were made male and female, in physical appearance like the physical appearance of God, one a male, one a female; a father and a mother, a part of the Elohim whom you worship.”
46:34 “Elohim is not a faceless aeon without substance or form as is taught today. Even the very text of the scrolls read in the synagogues record Moses speaking to Elohim, ‘face to face.’ That there is no doubt that the scroll records an actual event and not a metaphor, the scripture concludes, ‘as one man speaks to another.'”
46:35-36 “Understand that Elohim is not a faceless aeon of the male persuasion. Nor is Elohim only one aeon as you have been led to believe, but many. But the Elohim that is the creator of this world is three: the Father, the Mother and the Son, who is your brother; for the eternal soul of each of you is a creation of our Father and Mother in heaven.”
46:37-39 “And more than this: an Elohim is also what each one of you can become someday, as you learn and grow from your experiences and choices and become perfect. And it is for this cause: to learn and grow and become more perfect, that you should be striving for every minute of your physical life upon the Earth. And it is for this cause: that you might learn and grow by your experiences and choices, that suffering is allowed to exist in your life and the life of every person, some to a very great degree.”
46:40-43 “There is no greater desire of your Father and Mother in heaven than you should return to them in glory; and they wait with love to embrace you and welcome you home. But you cannot return to a realm ruled by the Elohim of perfection, unless you are first more perfect. You do not need to be perfect as the Elohim are; for you continue to expand for all eternity; and you have forever to continue your perfection. But you must grow beyond the bonds of the ways of the world; you must grow into the ways of the Elohim; and in that, you become greater than you are, greater than you began; and a harmony that can live in the presence of the Elohim.”
46:44 “When you seek to understand the nature of Elohim and try to comprehend why suffering exists and why bad things happen, even to the most wonderful and righteous people, remember how you help your own children to become more than babes; in the same manner do your Father and Mother in heaven seek to help all of their children upon the Earth.”
46:45-47 “You let your children experience their life. You teach them right from wrong; what can hurt them and what is good for them. You admonish them to be of good character and virtue. They journey through life and they never forget the teachings you gave to them, both by word and by example. But until your teachings are confirmed by their own experiences and observations, they do not shape them into more than they were.”
46:48-50 “By the teachings of your words and the examples of your lives you lay the foundation fupon which your children build their lives. But the building is not built until they can prove by their own experiences and observations that the foundation is true. By this, they learn and they grow. Sometimes they make mistakes, and even those confirm the foundation you built, and help them to become more the next day than they were the day before, if they so choose.”
46:51 “And I say unto you that everyday of life is a school, no matter your age; and each day there are many tests; and each choice you make, be it big or small, is one.”
46:52 “Sometimes people, even well-intentioned and righteous people, make the wrong choices. They learn from the pain and the error of their ways. When the choice comes again, they hopefully choose wiser.”
46:53 “It is better to experience a little pain and suffering for your short time in mortality to help you to walk a better path than to not have that incentive to walk in righteousness, and condemn yourself by your poor choices to far greater pain and suffering for days without end in the life to come.”
46:54 “And it is by this means: to experience the bad and the good, to make choices, both right and wrong; to have the opportunity each day to become better than you were the day before; that your sojourn in mortality is fulfilled, and you may pass beyond the shinning gate and into the realm of the Elohim forever more.”
46:62-64 “Verily, verily, I say unto you: before you were born of woman you were born of spirit; and before you lived upon the Earth you lived in spirit beyond the Earth. You came down into mortality that you could experience things that only a physical and mortal body can experience, and this that you might learn from your experiences; that you might become an eternal soul of greater wisdom, of more love, and fuller empathy and sympathy for your brothers and sisters of life, and eternity; that you might become more like the Elohim.”
46:70 “Therefore, when a person is born crippled, but still capable, this is someone who chose to be born thus, before they were ever birthed, that both they and their family and friends might have greater opportunities in their sojourn in mortality to become more than they began.”
46:71 “Sometimes an affliction will strike a man in the prime of his life, for no apparent cause of his own. But like the man born crippled this can sometimes be a choice made before he was ever born into the world, or a choice made by his higher spirit later in his life, to help him or those in his life to learn greater empathy, sympathy, faith and love.”
46:72-73 “But there is also a second aeon that may overshadow the man who becomes afflicted later in life, and it is this aeon that is usually the cause. Like the man who was born crippled, it is often the case that the man who acquires a disease or infirmity also made the choice to do so. But unlike the man born crippled, he may not have made the choice by action, but by inaction or incorrect action.”
46:74-75 “There are certain laws of health by which you would be wise to abide. These are not necessarily laws written on the sacred scrolls, but they are taught and known to the Children of Light. Living the true laws of health and vitality produce superior wellness. More pointed, not living the laws of health, whether by choice or ignorance, bring about greater disease and afflictions.”
46:76 “This body you wear is mortal. It is subject not only to death, but to all manner of diseases, infirmities and imperfections. That is how it was created by Elohim that through your mortality you would be given the opportunity to make wise choices.”
46:77 “As you are a good steward of the temple of your body, that habit becomes a part of who you are, and you become a better steward of other things given to your care such as your children, your animals, your crops and your community.”
46:78-79 “As you prove yourself with lesser things, Elohim will give you greater things, both in this life and the next. Elohim rewards the good steward, but has an empty cup for the poor steward, save they recognize the error of their ways, repent, and commit to living a greater light.”
46:81 “If you do not learn the lesson of your poor health, even as you recover, you are doomed to fall to another infirmity soon again.”
46:86 “As I walk among you today, ask yourself which man are you; the wise man who seeks to ever act in wiser ways, or the foolish man who seeks always immediate comfort and pleasure, and considers not the painful consequences that shall fall upon him on the morrow.”
47:15 “Miracles can happen from faith alone. But there are also specific things that you can do, both inside and outside, that can expand the miracle, or focus the miracle, or even manifest the miracle.”
47:17 “Miriam has been with me from the beginning, from before the world ever was. All the mysteries of heaven are known to her.”
47:22 “…There are many mysteries of heaven, and the world shall know them not; but none shall be kept secret from the Children of Light once they are prepared to receive them.”
47:28 “The people of the world could never understand this: how someone you just met could be treated as if she had lived within your heart and home all of your life. But in truth we have lived with her for longer than life, and shall continue to live with her and love her beyond life; therefore she is not a stranger, she is dearest family. She knows it, and we know it, and now you know it, so let there be only peace in your heart concerning this forever more.”
47:30 “Yeshua began to speak to them again, saying, ‘It is time that as a Quorum of Twelve you are more organized, for Elohim is a God of order not chaos, and with order, time slows, and much is accomplished.'”
48:13-15 “In this you see the future coming to pass, for when those who are given the birthright cast it upon the ground, it shall be picked up and cherished by those to whom it had not been given. And I say unto you, that many shall come from the east and the west and the north and the south, saying, ‘we shall sit with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven; for it is our birthright.’ But on that day they shall be cast into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, for what has been abandoned cannot be inherited, even as the future is written by the present.”
48:21-23 “My teachings are like seeds sown upon good soil. Each of you are the good soil. You would not have come here and remained here for these days if your hearts were not beating to my words, and your eyes not seeking a greater light. But when you return to your home, you become the gardener of your life, which is your greatest stewardship. For my seeds to grow and fill you with light, you must wisely cultivate the garden of your life. You are also the steward of many more things, including your relationships, which can span eternity. But unless you first are a good steward of your own life; unless you first cultivate and blossom the garden that bears your name; a good steward of anything else, you can never be.”
48:26-28 “But new seeds have been planted in your heart. They will grow into marvelous flowers of the sun if you will but cultivate and nourish them. And how is this done? How do you cultivate the flowers of light planted in your heart? With love and humility; with repentance and restitution; with respect and honesty; with service and prayer; with a life renewed as the old garden is turned under that the new garden may blossom. Therefore, do not just hear my words and nod your heads in agreement; but hear my words and do them.”
48:34-35 “And woe unto the master who compels his slave to do evil, or to the officer of the army who compels his soldiers to initiate attacks instead of protections of defense, or to the rulers of kingdoms who compel the innocent, who would otherwise be pure. For them, it would almost be better that they had never been born; for when one man forces another to sin, where to object would be death or great penalty; that man takes upon him the sins of they who were compelled, and the penalties in the hereafter shall be multiplied seventy times upon that man.”
48:36 “And though a man of darkness may compel one of light to commit evil, and may escape a penalty in this life, know that it is but for a breath of eternity, and in the hereafter all shall be held accountable for the actions of their lives.”
48:41-42 “Before the world ever was, Elohim laid out the plan by which all things would be, not just in this life, but also in the life to come. And to all the thoughts of man there would be an accounting. And to all the actions of man there would be an accounting. And the accounting is written upon your soul.
48:43 “Good thoughts and deeds are credited with light upon your soul. Wicked thoughts and deeds bring darkness to your soul.”
48:45-46 “Your soul is put into a balance, and the light and the darkness which you put into it in mortality are weighed one against the other until your place of resonance is determined. And there you are sent, not by force or decree, but by the inexorable pull of your own soul towards its resonance, the dark to the darkness and the light to the light.”
48:47 “The difference is in this life, you may sin and not only feel no pain or consequences from your actions, but might even feel pleasure in your sin. But in the eternity to come, you cannot escape the consequences of your darkness.”
48:56 “It is never too late to turn from darkness to the light. But you know not which day and hour your soul shall be called from life to make an accounting for eternity. Therefore, do not procrastinate or delay to think, act, and live in the light.”
48:57 “Your eternity awaits you and whether you live in a world of light and joy and abundance, or a world of darkness and cold and hunger, depends entirely upon the choices you make every moment of every day; for you are the architect and builder of your eternity.”
49:18 “It is not something that can be taught, but something that must be acquired; the greatest treasure of heaven or earth, and its name is faith. “
49:19 “Until ones faith is perfect the veil cannot be lifted to the past or the future. The past forgotten and the future longed for, are necessary to develop faith, and only once ones faith is perfect can the veil be lifted.”
49:21 “…Perfect faith is to know that any righteous, unselfish thing you ask of Elohim shall be done; that any command you give to men, or demons, or mountains, in the name of Elohim, in virtue, shall be done as you have commanded; to know it with every fiber of your being; and to know it without doubt.”
49:22 “Perfect faith is to know that the will of Elohim is your will, and this by your free choice and desire, not by fear, or because of pleasant association with your friends or family; but because the light burns bright in your heart and lights the path before you with a torch that cannot be dimmed.”
49:23 “Perfect faith is to hear the voice of Elohim in the wind moving through the trees; in the songs of the birds and the music of the crickets; in the rush of the river or the tinkle of the creek.”
49:24 “Perfect faith is to feel the embrace of Elohim in the arms of all whom you love in the deepest part of your heart. I feel the embrace of our Heavenly Father and Mother when I hold you, or our children, or Yeshua.”
50:20 “But it is within the walls of our own home, within the embrace of our own wives and children, or husbands as it may be, that we truly glorify one another and help our dearest loved ones to transcend the bonds of mortality in spirit, even while we are still in the life.”
50:22 “To marry with love, and have children, and to share an unbreakable bond and devotion to one another – this is a great part of the Plan of Eternal Progression that Elohim laid out before the world ever was.”
50:23 “It is with your family, that you are called to do your greatest work for Elohim. Though you may be a busy man of commerce; or called to be an Apostle and carry great demands upon your time; or called to be a missionary far from your family for a time; you must never neglect your family.”
50:23 “Your family, and love itself, is like the most delicate and beautiful of flowers. It requires constant devotion and attention to thrive, but when it thrives it brings you a joy and fulfillment as great as anything you will ever experience.”
50:24-26 “Do you desire to truly know Elohim? Do you wish to feel the endless and boundless love that your Father and Mother in heaven have for you? Then embrace your husband or your wives. Not just in passing, but hold them tight; listen to their breathing and feel their heart beat against yours. Smell the sweetness of their hair and feel the softness of their skin. Drop down all of your walls and merge your aeons as one. Savor the feeling of oneness that washes over you, and through you, in you, and around you. From the depths of your heart speak to them of your love; tell them in softness and with your aeon alive with light, that you love them with every fiber of your being; with every part of your body, mind and spirit.
50:27 “As you hold your children in your arms, feel their love emanating unto you; a love so pure, without judgment, seeking only the same love in return.”
50:28-29 “In the arms of your dearest families; in their words of love spoken softly; in their praises given often; in their harsh words or voice never heard; is a taste of heaven on Earth. Therefore, partake of the love of your family, and partake often. As you partake, so should you give.”
50:30 “As you hold and cherish those whom you love, think of how greatly your Heavenly Father and Mother love and cherish you. By this you will come to experience and feel their infinite love in every part of you, more surely than by any other thing you can do.”



51:2-5 “Consider aeon. What is it? Where is it? How is it? Aeon is from Elohim. It is everywhere. It is in everything, including you, and it takes many forms. Aeon is energy like a fire, power like a wave of the ocean, and a force unknown like a lodestone. All people are affected and influenced by the aeons that surround them. Both those that touch them from other people and those that touch them from beyond.”
51:6 “The people of the world understand that they are affected by mysterious aeons, but to them the cause is unknown. Among the Children of Light let those mysterious aeons be known and understood that they may be called upon as needed.”
51:7-8 “You can enliven the aeons that are a part of you and you can create and control aeons beyond you. Even as you make a recipe for the food you prepare and gather all of the ingredients, so too can you call aeons from beyond the oceans of the sky to accomplish what you will. So too can you create a shield that will repel aeons that have come upon you undesired and unbidden. Not with the natural man of the world are these things possible, but only with the Children of Light who live in virtue and righteousness.”
51:9 “You have within your body seven abodes of aeon. Each creates an independent fire, but each is also affected by the others. When one is perturbed, all become out of sorts.”
51:10 “As Children of Light it behooves you to always be striving for balance in your life. As you reach for this worthy goal it is wise to consider the state of your seven abodes of aeon. Are you continually nurturing and caring for each aeon in ways that makes the whole of your being vibrant and full of light?”
51:15-16 “Your seven personal aeons of power, including the eighth when it is formed, are called the LANAKA. The sacred sounds of your aeons of power, beginning at the top and following to the bottom are: Xe (zēē), Ka (käh), Qo (kwōh), Ja (jäh), Za (zāy), Wz (wĭz), and Vm (Vĭm).”
51:17-18 “The aeons of power align vertically and there is a powerful relationship between all of them, as well as groups of them. When all of these are in harmony and unison they create an eighth aeon of power, the sound of Oo (ōō ), which appears not in one place, but everywhere in you and outside of you. Your aeon of Oo radiates from the core of your soul. It fills you and everyone and everything around you that it reaches with the essence of your desire.”
51:19 “Understanding the Lanaka within you is essential to your ability to channel the aeons of heaven. It is not enough to merely learn of these seats of power and how to enliven them. You must also learn how they relate one to another, and how to attune and harmonize groups together for specific purposes.”
51:22 “The first aeon is called the Xe (zēē). It is located in a space outside of your body, and slightly above your head. This is the seat of power for your spiritual gifts. This is your straight channel to Elohim.”
51:26-27 “But the Xe does not function alone. When you desire to call upon your sacred powers, to heal another or yourself, or to command nature as you need to fulfill the will of Elohim, or any other thing that is good and virtuous, selfless and noble, you must form a harmony and unison of movement with the Xe, the Ka and the Ja. A supporting harmony is necessary from all of your other aeons of power, but it is these three which become the active force, empowered by your faith, to fulfill your desires.”
51:28-29 “Below the Xe, residing within your head, is your aeon of Ka (käh). This is the abode of your thoughts, and your thoughts can be projected with both subtle and great physical power. Each moment, both while you are awake and while you are asleep, your Ka is forever active. Though it may rest, it never sleeps.”
51:30 “One of your great reasons for being born into mortality was to give you the opportunity under the challenging circumstances of the physical life, to more fully enliven your Ka.”
51:33-34 “In the Celestine Kingdom of Elohim no one is given more responsibility than they have knowledge to carry out that with which they are charged. Therefore, whosoever is of virtue and faith, and gains greater knowledge and ability to call upon the power of their Ka in mortality, shall have so much more opportunity in the world to come.”
51:35-36 “Though mortality is but a few breaths of your eternal life, they are very significant breaths. In the fire of the furnace of mortal life, you must begin to think very clearly and well or you will be consumed by the fire. The challenges of the fires of mortality give you the opportunity to enliven a greater portion of the power of your Ka. If you take advantage of the fires and use them as a tool instead of a threat, the power and ability of your Ka will increase.”
51:38-40 “At least once each day, preferably soon after you arise and before you begin calling upon your Ka for understandings and decisions, you should one by one, rapidly spin each of your aeons of power, that you may be fully enlivened and prepared for the day to come. Likewise, each night, before you enter your dreams, it is beneficial that you should enliven all of your abodes of aeon in the same manner. When you do this, continually say aloud the name of the aeon which you are empowering while exhaling a single breath. “
51:41-42 “Below your Ka, residing within your throat, is your Qo (kwōh). This is the seat of power for your confidence and ability to express your thoughts and desires. In essence your Qo is your faith in yourself. It partners with any and every other aeon of power as needed, and no other aeon of power can fully achieve its glory without the unwavering support and harmony of the Qo.”
51:43 “Below your Qo, residing in the area where you feel the beat of your heat is your Ja (jäh), the seat of power for your emotions.”
51:44 “The Ka and the Ja – what you think and what you feel, are the two most important aeons of power. But to be magnified to their greatest potential they must be in harmony with one another, and called upon in equality.”
51:46-49 “To the natural man the Ka and Ja are more often opponents rather than friends, and many people guide their lives by their preference for one, while ignoring the other. In truth, one without the other is like a mallet without a chisel. Certainly you can do some things with either alone, but together you can build something of greatness. So it is with your Ka and Ja. They have very similar sounds, the only two aeons within you that do; a testament indeed that they were designed by Elohim to be used together in harmony. You should train yourself to never rely just on one or the other, but whenever one is called upon, let it always call its opposite twin that they might merge in a harmony of truth, light and power.”
51:51 “I would speak now of the harmony of three. Three is an even more empowering number. A very strong union capable of great power, as you see in the Father, the Mother and the Son that are the Elohim of this world and the heavens above.”
51:52 “Do you want your Xe to manifest the powers of heaven unto you? First empower and spin your Ka, and then your Ja, and then your Ka and your Ja in perfect harmony and unison.”
51:56-57 “When the Xe and the Ka and the Ja are enlivened and move together in unison as one, your divine soul begins to sing in resonance with the aeon of Elohim, which fills all things. In resonance and harmony, you will become one with the energies and powers of heaven and your faith will be whole.”
51:58-59 “With the essence of faith filling your Xe, Ka and Ja, you will no longer be as a mortal upon the earth for that moment in time, but one with the Elohim, and all things shall be possible unto you, and the power that is faith shall be upon you and in you. It is in this state that you can most clearly communicate through prayer with the Elohim, and most profoundly feel and understand the promptings and guidance of the Holy Spirit of Elohim as the Mother sends it forth upon you.”
51:60-61 “Below your Ja is your aeon of Zā (zāy). This is the seat from which you may call forth the memories of all that has come before this life. The memory of every moment you lived in Xeon before your mortal life, is accessible through your Zā, when it is helpful for you to remember, and if you have learned how to channel it through your Xe, and see it in your Ka, and feel again the emotions that coursed through your Ja.”
51:62 “For some of you, there is more than Xeon to remember; for some of you have lived in mortality before the life that is upon you today. Memories of the lives before this life can also be called forth by the power of the Zā.”
51:68-69 “Even so, most people still learn and demonstrate enough in the short years of a single mortality to be drawn by the resonance of their soul; into the heavenly light, or pulled to the cold and dark, in the life to come. Verily, for most, one life in mortality is enough, providing sufficient time that by the choices in life the individual can be drawn by a resonance to the light or the dark in the hereafter, as they will.”
51:70-72 “But there are many, including those who die as children, that in their short mortal life of less than one generation, were not afforded sufficient time to learn the lessons of mortality and be given fair opportunity to become the resonance of light or darkness that will call to them in the life to come. For these, after they have died, they must return again to another life into mortality that they may be afforded the time and experiences necessary to learn the lessons of mortality and fully form their resonance of light or darkness. Only by this can they be drawn to their true place of resonance in the world to come.”
51:73 “Therefore, understand the words which I speak. Most come into mortality but once. But there are others who will come twice and still others three times, and rarely more, until they have had the opportunity to participate in all of the essential experiences of mortality involving family, friends, and the challenges of life, which prove their allegiance to either the light or the dark.”
51:77-78 “It is for this cause that you have your Zā. Through the empowerment of your Zā you can call forth into your Ka selected memories of your pre-existent life in Xeon and any other lives you had in mortality. You can only call forth past experiences you have had that directly aid you in making choices and decisions in the life you now live.”
51:87 “On very rare occasions Elohim will ask one of the pillars of heaven to return to Earth for another mortality; not to learn more or experience more, for they were already a pillar of heaven, but to fulfill a specific mission for Elohim. Such was the life of Yochanan the Baptizer, who was the prophet Elias come again at the behest of Elohim.”
51:88 “Your Zā is also the portal to your primordial fears. Certain fears encompass all people. Because most of your ancestors for generations upon generations had cause for fear concerning certain things, the aeons of those fears become an active part of the Zā of all children born upon the Earth.”
51:90 “Even as someone may benefit by recalling the memories of their former mortalities through their Zā, so every individual upon the Earth benefits from the collective knowledge of all who have proceeded them and shared powerful, similar experiences.”
51:91 “Below your Zā is your aeon of Wz (whĭz). This seat of power pertains to all things having to do with your physical body: your health, your vitality, your strength.”
51:92-93 “When you are confronted with a person who is physically diseased or ill, before you seek to heal them or help them heal themselves, you must look upon their aeon of the Wz and determine the path and seat of their malady. Only then will you know which energies of Elohim to call upon, and where and how to direct them to effect the healing you desire.”
51:94 “It is exceptionally important that you do everything within your capabilities and opportunities to maintain the temple of your body, which is reflected in your Wz, in the greatest of health, for all the aeons of your Lanaka are hindered by the weaknesses of the Wz.
51:97 “Below the Wz is the aeon of Vm (vĭm). This is the seat of your creativity and all things sexual, as well as a source of great activation and magnification of all the seats of power above it.
51:91 “The priests of the world teach the suppression of the Vm; and insult Elohim the creator, by teaching suppression of the Vm in the name of Elohim.”
51:100 “The Vm is the anchor, a foundation for all the aeons seated above it. When the Vm is suppressed, all the other aeons of power within a body are muted and cannot fulfill the full measure of their potential.”
51:101-102 “It is Elohim that created man and woman. It is Elohim who gave them lust one for another. It is Elohim that gave them the ability to experience great pleasure when they activate, stimulate, and spin their aeon of Vm, both in works of creation and in sexual activities. If Elohim gave all of these things to men and women, who are the priests of the world that would take them away? Who are the teachers of falsehoods that call good evil and evil good?”
51:103-104 “But do not mistake my words. There should only be chastity before marriage and only fidelity after. Men and women should not partake of the sacred, even to taste, without a loving and faithful commitment of marriage for life or eternity as they desire. To do so, is a vile abomination in the eyes of Elohim, and a sin that is only washed clean by a deep and profound repentance.”
51:105-106 “In the Vm, you are given an extraordinary and sacred gift: a small but delicious taste of what it is to be an Elohim. You are not as the animals, but like a god you are enabled to make marvelous creations; from a tapestry, to a boat, to a child, and to experience sublime joy in the process of the creation.”
51:107-111 “Elohim has given you this wondrous gift of creation, but also told you that in the aspect of sexual relations, to have none with another, save with those to whom you have given an abiding commitment and bond through the covenant of marriage. By this, the gift of Elohim is honored; not desecrated, and men and women are uplifted, not degraded. By this, the sacred remains sacred, strengthening the bonds and contentment of those who have pledged themselves to one another. When the sacred remains sacred, you can experience a depth of love and fulfillment unknown to those who have trampled upon sacredness. By this, children are more likely to be raised by parents who will love them, and teach them balance and respect, righteousness and love of the light. When they are grown they will make better choices and find greater fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. By this, each individual may grow and expand far beyond the possibilities of the misguided who partake of the sacred without commitment to the holy; for the virtuous learn the divine lights of fidelity, compromise, interdependence, and selflessness, which fills their hearts with joy, and fulfills their lives, love, family, and dreams.”
51:112 “Therefore, in sexual relations, expand your Vm and expand it often and with creativity and diversity, but only within the sanctity of marriage to those to whom you have committed faithfulness and fidelity.”
51:118-120 “Verily, upon the foundation of the aeon of the Vm, all other seats of your power rest. As your Vm expands, so too do all your other seats of power enlarge. Of all the aeons of power the Vm is the most easy to spin and enlarge. It is like the flint that easily sparks the fire. As it spins, it resonates with its opposite – the Xe. Thus the Xe also becomes more activated and more capable of channeling the powers of Elohim through you.”
51:121 “As both the Xe and the Vm harmonize, they spin together and cause a deep resonance within the five aeons that are framed between them, and all seven aeons expand and become full of light, filling your very body with strength and clarity; enabling you to see what you did not see, to feel what you could not feel, to know what you did not know, and do what you could not do, because you become more than you were.
51:131 “Each day you should enliven and expand your abodes of power that they may become as useful to you as they were intended when Elohim gave you your gifts.”
52:9-10 “The greater your self-sufficiency, the more you will be above the world and beyond the reach of its poison, with the opportunity everyday to live a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment. But the less self-sufficient you are, the more you will be within the grasp of the evil and people of the world, insomuch that your life will often be darkened by the clouds of the world, the storms thereof which only bring pain, suffering, broken lives and lost dreams.”
52:11 “The things you eat and drink must be of great importance to you. As you grow as a Child of Light, you learn which foods and drinks benefit your body and which do not.”
52:12 “As many of the foods and drinks of the world bring darkness into your body instead of light, it is far better if all of your food and drink comes only from those things which you have grown, caught, gathered and prepared yourself.”
52:25 “With the gifts given to you as Children of Light by Elohim, while you are still upon the Earth in mortality, you are called to be stewards of the land and all the creatures therein, and healers of both animals and people, both among the Children of Light and among those of the world who are lost, but still of virtue and righteousness, looking for a greater light to guide their lives.”
52:29-30 “For the Children of Light come down to the earth from heaven, sprinkled like celestial rain upon the earth; born into families of many cultures, races and religions. Many will never have seen another Child of Light before they meet you. Regardless of the color of their skin, or their culture or class, or the religion they may profess, by the light of their life, you shall know them, and by the wonder of your light, which will resonate in their heart, they shall recognize you.”
52:31-33 “And there are those who become Children of Light as they live their lives and make good choices despite the darkness that may surround them. They too will shine in a way unlike all others around them, and you may know them by their light, and they will know you by yours. Let them gather unto you that they may leave the dreariness and darkness and discover the Family of Light, and be one with the light that their brilliance may come forth.”
52:37 “When the blind see, or the lame walk, or the storm is stilled, or the food is multiplied, or any other miracle that you may see or do is accomplished, it is not by some magic power, as it would seem to the eyes of the world, but by an understanding and adherence to immutable laws of Elohim that permeate all of nature, even the very air we breathe.”
52:38-39 “A person of the world, even one without education, thinks that they understand the law of the attraction of the Earth; that if something is dropped, be it a stone or a beam, it falls to the ground. But they do not understand, nor can they learn in any school, that there is also the law of the attraction of the sky, whereby the stone upon the ground may fly up into the air. Someday men will learn of this law, but it is given to the Children of Light today to understand every natural law by which Elohim governs all things.”
52:40 “Therefore, when you command a stone to rise off the ground and fly through the air, it will seem as if you are endowed with magical powers to the people of the world, but in truth you are merely Children of Light, utilizing laws of Elohim, unknown to the world, but known to you, because to the faithful, Elohim shares all the secrets of heaven.”
52:41-42 “As Children of Light you are blessed to learn the secrets and mysteries of heaven. Anything you have seen or heard that I have done, you also can do, and much more than that, as you learn and understand the laws of all creation, given by Elohim. The mystery of all things I shall teach to my Apostles, and they shall teach to the faithful, one step at a time. Do not seek to learn of the greater powers until you have mastered the lesser, for it is by mastery of the lesser that the great powers can be manifested.”
52:44 “In all things you reap what you sow, and concerning how long you shall live or how robust your health shall be while you live, these things are like the miracles I spoke of: they are governed in many ways, by immutable laws laid down upon all creation by Elohim. They who know the laws sow in understanding and reap accordingly, and great is the harvest.”
52:46 “Though death can come suddenly and unexpectedly by accident, or war, it most often comes in a thousand bites of poison that slowly sap the health and life of even the man of strongest vigor.”
52:56 “Who then is ready to be healed? Always those who are of good heart and character, and have proven by their actions a commitment to live the greater laws of health and vigor and longevity as given by Elohim. Also those who strive to live in the light, and whose affliction was not caused by their choices, but simply by adversity.”
52:58 “Your greater task is not to heal the afflicted, but to teach the afflicted better ways to live that their afflictions will be no more.”
52:59-60 “When a man does not love himself enough to treat his body like a temple, as Elohim has asked, he dishonors both himself and Elohim. To heal the afflicted of pain and suffering caused by their own choices before they have shown a commitment to the higher path of health, is to squander your time and talents upon something you will not change except for a moment in time.”
52:61 “For a time the afflicted will be healed by your blessing and the healing may even be momentous. But unless the person was changed in their heart to a higher path of health before you healed them, they will continue on the path that led to their infirmity, and their end will still be a destruction of their temple, despite all that you did.”
52:79 “Cultivate a love for one another that is deep and abiding, insomuch that even beyond the family under your roof, you have a love that is felt in your heart for each of your brothers and sisters of light in the community, so much so, that whatsoever they should ask of you that is righteous and within your power to grant, you will give it to them with joy and gratitude to be able to help someone you love.”
52:81 “Any good thing therefore that you can do in the service of your brothers and sisters of light or your community is pleasing unto Elohim, warming to your heart, and enlarging upon your soul.”
52:82 “Remember to be balanced in all things, and gracious, not judgmental in your toleration of the weaknesses of others. Seek first to perfect the temple of your own life before you judge others about theirs.”
52:83 “With balance and non judgment, seek also to have no grudges or grievances among you, for such become the wedge that splits the rock.”
52:93-94 “Now Elohim is the great creator of all that is and wondrous are the beautiful creations of Elohim. But you are children of Elohim and the ability to create works of beauty and wonder also resides within each of you. Therefore let everything in the community be done with beauty and creativity so that it is pleasing to the eye as well as of function. When you cast a pot, do not simply make a pot, but give it symmetry and adorn it with patterns and designs.”
32:99 “When you seek to give a gift to your husband or wife or child, do not simply buy a piece of cloth or a hook for fish, or give them an extra bowl of dates, but create something by your own hands with love and artistry, be it functional or just for beauty, that they may have a piece of you with them every time they use it or gaze upon it.”
52:100-101 “Verily, you are the chosen children of Elohim. You are blessed to learn of and know all the mysteries of heaven; to be able to live in the world but not be of it; to have joy, prosperity, peace, health and long life, such as the world cannot even imagine. Therefore, remember always who you are, be worthy of yourself, and of the great blessings Elohim has given unto you. Live always in the light. Be ever the noble princes and princesses of heaven it is your blessing to become, as you fulfill the full measure of your creation.”
54:4-5 “And Yeshua answered him saying, ‘If you become so enraptured and harmonious with the light of Elohim that you sin not at all and are unaffected by the mortal world around you, then you will be translated in the blink of an eye from mortality to immortality, for this world will no longer be able to hold your soul. There have been some through the generations who have found this path, but I tell you in truth it is nothing to aspire to.'”
54:6 “If Elohim had wanted your mortal bodies to go from mortality to immortality without tasting death, that is the way you would have been created, or the promise you would have been given as worthy Children of Light. Though it would seem to be a sweet reward for the pure and virtuous, in truth it only makes their path longer.”
54:7 “Never forget that one of the reasons you are here in this mortal world of strife and pain and turmoil, is to learn from your experiences, both the bitter and the sweet. If you never tasted the bitter, you would not fully appreciate the delight of the sweet.”
54:8: “If you never had to test yourself against the physical challenges of work and life, you would not become strong and healthy, but would become a husk without muscle or strength.”
54:9 “If you never had to speak with others and learn to sometimes have a game of wit and words, you would never become a leader, but live and die as you began.”
54:10 “If you never had occasion to fall ill, or see your body begin to age, you would have far less motivation to eat a proper diet, have good hygiene, or do all the other things I have taught you to have health and vitality.”
54:11 “To first live a full life, and then to lay the mortal shell down for its final rest, be it in peace, or with pain, is an important step on the path of eternal progression. And whether it is with peace or pain is in your hands.”
54:16-17 “If you did not have challenges in life of all kinds: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional; you would leave mortality no greater than you came into it. You would be like the tree standing alone on the plain, always receiving water and sun but never growing tall and mighty among its kind for lack of the challenge of competing in the grove. In trees and man it is not good nourishment alone that builds greatness, but also learning to deal with adversity and growing stronger and taller because of it.”
54:18-19 “This does not mean you should not always be striving for a life of peace and harmony, for you should be. But know that despite all you can do, there will be times when adversity still comes knocking upon your door and you will be tried by the fires of mortality. At those times, do not pray for Elohim to take your trials away, but for Elohim to bolster your fortitude, and help you know and do the things you must to overcome the challenges, that your soul will grow and expand from your experiences. For this is one of your great purposes upon the Earth.”
54:20-21 “But then comes the day when mortality slips away and your spirit and soul rise in freedom into immortality. This is not the end, but a new beginning. And for those who endeavored to walk mortality with love, honesty and respect, the immortality that greets them is more glorious than you can possibly imagine.”
54:22 “What I wish you to clearly understand is that aging and leaving the shell of mortality is a helpful part of your eternal progression. Experiencing that allows you to all the more cherish and appreciate the immortality that follows.”
54:23-24 “Those who never taste death in mortality, who simply lay the body upon the ground and rise with their spirit and soul to the greater light, are blessed greatly for the personage of light they have become that enabled them to transcend the body. But they are also lacking in understanding from experiences, of the frailties and limitations of mortality. These are things they must then learn by proxy and indirect experience over a far longer time in the world to come.”
54:29-30 “What do you think life in the world to come is like? Do you think you are just going to be sitting around on the clouds, playing music and singing praises to Elohim? Not on any day; though you will find a complete peace and relaxation such as you have never known, it is also an eternity of great activity and accomplishment, where your eternal progression does not end, but increases.”
54:31 “In mortality, it is those who either have false piety or simply little understanding of the nature of God, that are given to excessive praise to Elohim. As in mortality, your praises to Elohim in the world to come are heard more in the things that you do, than in the things that you say.”
54:32-33 “And in the Celestine Realms you do a great deal. Elohim is the architect, you are the builders. Where in mortality you may have built a house, or brought a garden to bloom every season; in immortality you will build paths that lead to the light for your brothers and sisters still in mortality, and plant gardens that bloom, not just with flowers, but with entire new Earths. And much that you will do in the Celestine Realms will be all the easier and more effective from the moment you arrive, because of your experience with growing old and the frailties of mortality.”
54:36-37 “If one seeks to never die a mortal death, but to be translated to heaven, they need only live a perfect life of love and virtue, with good service among their brothers and sisters of light. That is a path many good Children of Light will walk, but almost none will reach the pinnacle, for it is distant and high. But though that pinnacle will be beyond reach for almost all, think not that you must then be like the people of the world who gather unto themselves new infirmities with every passing year, and pass away withered into a shell of their former glory.”
54:41 “Unto you it has been revealed the secrets of youth and vitality, and if you follow all that you have been given, you will be young in body, heart, mind and spirit until the very last breath of your mortality.”
54:42-43 “You will still age, for there is eternal benefit in that experience, but even in your last days you should retain a countenance, vigor and happiness of youth that belies your years. Live as you have been taught to live and most often infirmities shall pass you by, and sickness will have no power over you.
54:45 “Even without the powers of heaven, there is no sickness upon the Earth that Elohim has not also given man a cure in water, plants, herbs and rocks, good diet, sunshine and good spirit.”
54:46 “Among the Children of Light all these things are known. Therefore, if you wish to be given the glory of the Celestial Realms in the life to come, love one another, love Elohim, and fulfill your potential in the Terrestrial Realm where you now live.”
54:47 “In this, you honor Elohim: to be a good steward of the temple of your body; and prove by your love and honor of your temple, by your will power to resist temptations that would degenerate and defile your temple, that you are faithful sons and daughters of God, lights of fire, worthy to enter into your glory in the Celestial Realms of Elohim.”
55:27 “We have spoken of this gift, and Yeshua has said that the ability to speak to one another in silence, with words in the head that no others can hear, is not unique to us, but is a gift of all the Children of Light, who love one another with a pure love, especially among husbands and wives.”
56:5-6 “Good brother Toma, the powers of heaven I bring to you are only for those who are babes, willing to learn, humble of heart that they can feel the Holy Spirit sent by the Mother in their hearts. To the high and the mighty, the mysteries I share with you will continue to be mysteries, even were I to tell them the secrets, for those who think too highly of themselves, have no place in their heart to honor something greater, with the humility and openness needed to see the truth.”
56:7 “What man is not open to understanding, he cannot see, even if he holds it in his hand.”
56:8 “To you, I could show a crystal of power and you would be amazed and able to call upon the powers of Heaven and Earth that could flow through it. But the high and mighty man would see only a rock and would not even lower himself to acknowledge it could be a tool of power. Therefore, for him it will forever only be a rock.”
56:9 “By their own actions, men mete judgment upon themselves, whatsoever they shall be; and he who is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first.”
56:10 “Verily, I have not come for the high and mighty. They cannot see me for who I am, for they are too proud of who they think they are. I have come unto you my humble brethren, and unto all who labor and are heavy laden with the challenges of life. “
56:11 “For those who hear my words and plant my teachings in their hearts, will grow therein a garden of great delight, and unto them I will bring peace and hope and reveal the secrets of heaven.”
56:33 “For there is nothing given by Elohim unto men that is not also given unto women. But there is within the lives of most women, more evidence of what has been given by God, than there is in the lives of men.”
56:58 “And for those to whom little is forgiven, it is because they love little the light of Elohim and know not the Son of Light in their heart.”
58:11: “But Yeshua forbade him, saying, ‘In this life and the next, every person draws to them their own resonance, and is blessed or cursed, not by Elohim, but by reaping what they have sown.'”
58:12 “Nor would it be just to punish the land for the sins of the people, or to cause generations unborn to pay a price for the sins of their forefathers; for they are born in innocence and did not commit the sin.”
58:14 “But do not condemn the towns, or the land, or even the people, and return to each another day; for as time and seasons change, so change the fortunes of people’s lives; and the person that would listen not today, may drink of the light of Elohim in the future as a man parched from thirst.”
58:22 “…It is in times of greatest challenge that the true person of light and power can emerge from within the shell in which they are usually held by everyday life…”
58:71 “Sometimes, the lessons of mortality are painful, even for you, even me. But the future will be brighter and you will become more glorious, because of the lessons you have learned here today.”
59:35-36 “Often times faith and belief are used as twin words, but they are in fact very different aeons. Belief can exist without faith, but faith cannot exist without belief. Sureness of belief is the foundation upon which well-founded faith must be placed. But faith is often placed without a foundation of sureness of belief, and such faith is a house that tumbles to the ground from its own poor construction.”
59:41 “Understand, belief is simply confidence in the outcome of something unseen, based upon the outcome of something similar that had been seen. But faith is confidence in the outcome of something dissimilar to anything that has been seen. Once you have seen it and know it, it is no longer belief or faith, but sure knowledge.”
59:42 “These then are the steps to wielding the powers of heaven. First to think that something can be done; then to believe it can be done, based upon having witnessed something similar; then to gain faith that something dissimilar can also be accomplished by the same power; and having seen this, to then know with a sure knowledge, the fullness of that in which you had belief and faith.”
59:45 “Therefore, sureness of belief is the substance of something hoped for, built on the evidence of something seen.”
59:56 “Think it is possible – Gain a sureness of Belief – Have Faith that is unshakable – Gain Sure Knowledge. These are the four steps to climb to wield the fullness to any power of heaven, and to realize the fullness of the gifts that have been given unto you.”
59:109 “It is the same for others in our lives whom we love and admire. If your husband or wife has faith in you and your abilities, and you respect and honor them, you must then also have faith in yourself, else you dishonor them.’
59:110-111 “Think about it; if Yeshua, or your husband, or your wife, or your father or mother or brother or sister or best friend, comes to you and assures you that you can do something you doubt you can do, you must either then believe in yourself and have faith that you can do what you have never done, or you are dishonoring those who love you, who have said you can do it. For if you say you do not believe you can do it, it is the same as calling those who love you a liar, for they have assured you that you can do it.”
59:118 “…Encouragement and support are so important for self-esteem that to be in a home without these is to be in a pit that is continually dug deeper every time you begin to climb out.”
59:119 “Among the Children of Light let it always be taught to praise one another, and to bite your tongue err you say an unkind word.
59:121 “And know this, when someone by their words, stands as an obstacle to the growth and fullness of another, it is no different than if they locked them away in a prison, and the sin is just as great in the eyes of the Elohim.”
59:122 “Either by actions or with words, if you dam the progression of another, you damn your own even more; so too, if you encourage and support the progression of others and call them to their greatness, you also grow and become more than you were.”
59:143-144 “And Yeshua said unto them, ‘And so may all of you accomplish great things, when you believe in yourself the way that others believe in you. This then is the beginning of the path to holding the powers of heaven in your hands, to think it, believe it, have faith, and do it.’”
60:14-15 “Many things are called miracles simply because of ignorance. If you know how to make fire and another does not know how, then when you make fire it will seem as a miracle to them because they cannot fathom how it occurred. These are simply miracles of greater knowledge, and I exhort you to gain greater knowledge at every opportunity for it will free you from the chains of life by which you would otherwise be bound.”
60:16-17 “A true miracle occurs when you give up some of your own life essence, such as when you heal someone by calling forth your love and passion within the arms of faith. Though at the time you will feel only peace, afterwards you will feel the loss of essence you have given. Other miracles come from Elohim, and the power of Elohim or when one of the aeons created by Elohim, flow through you. You are the bridge between Heaven and Earth.”
60:18 “Your earthly body cannot long endure such powerful aeons and it will be both energized and exhausted by the flow of power. This is the type of miracle that moves mountains, for the mortal body does not have such power on its own.”
60:19 “When a great healing is to be done, such as to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, walking to the paralytic, you must both give of your essence with love and passion and faith, and also call upon the greater powers of Elohim to flow through you.”
60:23 “It is not outward miracles that bring people to the light, but inward. Only someone who is seeking a greater light will find it. Most are not seeking. They may be in misery or luxury, but in either, they are more comfortable than in change.”
60:24 “Only when a person accepts in their heart that their life is more than a few decades of toil in mortality and honestly desires to learn of the eternity to come and the truth of God, can a miracle of truth and light begin to expand within their heart.”
60:28 “By this we grow and become more than we were. As we bring the light to the world we draw greater light to ourselves, even if all the doors of the world are closed to us.”
60:30 “Yeshua answered him, saying, ‘As I said afore, there are miracles of knowledge, and to gain greater knowledge is one of the principle reasons you come into a life of mortality.'”
60:31 “Elohim has put upon the Earth all of the plants and herbs, minerals and animals needed to benefit man in every way. But to know which plant is food and which is poison, and which that is poison is also medicine when used in small amounts, these are among the things you must invest your life learning.”
60:32-33 “When you heal a man of an infirmity using an herb, it is no less a miracle than if you had given of your essence or called upon the powers of Elohim. And for the person healed it may be a greater miracle to use the herbs than to give of your essence, for most infirmities come from poor choices of food and wrong habits in life.”
60:34 “If you take away a man’s infirmity by giving of your essence, but he does not change his food or his habits, his sickness will return, or its cousin, but where will you be to heal him again?”
60:37 “…Seek to gain all that you have asked: longevity, health, peace, and bounty of your lands, by gaining greater knowledge of the things you seek and then employing your knowledge wisely, for this is one of the principal reasons you are in mortality.”
60:38 “You can ask Elohim in prayer to bless you with all of the things you have asked: health, longevity, peace and bounty, and much more than this. But know that Elohim will not answer you with a miraculous wave that immediately brings about the things you seek and desire, for how would you grow by that?”
60:39-40 “In truth, if you went up to a man and asked him to give you ten gold coins and he immediately complied, you would have little respect for the man, and the value of the gold to you would only be in proportion to your effort required to obtain it. But if you had to labor by the sweat of your brow for a year to obtain the same gold coins they would have great value to you, because you would have exchanged a year of your life for them in toil.”
60:41-42 “Therefore, when you ask Elohim to bless you with the things you have spoken of, do not look for an immediate blessing without effort, for that would be contrary to the very purpose you are here upon the Earth. Rather, look for a door to open to knowledge that you can gain and employ that which will bring the blessings you seek, for it is that door that Elohim will open for you in answer to your prayer.”

60:43-44 “By knowledge you may gain all of the things which you have spoken of as you exercise the will to live that which you know. Let knowledge be the miracle that brings health, longevity, peace and prosperity, living the word of Elohim that blesses your soul, and loving of one another that enriches your lives.”
61:45 “But the same power of Elohim that is in me is within all who believe in the true light…”
61:56-57 “….As we stand, we three are united as one, and the power of three thus united is very great. Let us now unite our soul essences that they are three in harmony that move as one.”
61:61 “Verily, our Father and Mother in heaven are most pleased when we discover and use the gifts they have given us…”
62:27 “But the pure carefree joy and vibrant energy of youth that you feel here cannot be found away from the sea, for the sea is the reservoir of good aeon that Elohim gave to benefit all the creatures of the Earth, and where the land meets the sea the energy is released for the benefit of the Children of the Earth.”
62:30-31 “It will ever be so that people fight over desolate pieces of land, while staying away from the sea of bounty, which they fear. You must not fear the sea, for Children of Light are meant to also be children of the sea as well as the earth.”
62:36 “The sea is much more than water and fish. It is life. It is the renewal of the life of the mortal tabernacle wherein dwells your spirit and soul.”
62:45 “Yeshua nodded in agreement, saying, “It is as you say. But the difference is when you gave warning, you shared from what you had learned in life and sought to prevent the pain of another person. In doing this you demonstrated character, and it is character that is the fruit of your experiences and the evidence of your growth.”
62:46 “Know then that mortality is more than just a place to learn and grow and develop faith. It is the place where you demonstrate by your character your worthiness to exaltation in the eternity to come.”
62:47-49 “You have heard me say that ‘faith without works is like a cart without wheels’. By this I do not mean works such as the Pharisees do, meaningless actions simply because they believe those actions please God and show their devotion. Rather, ‘works’ are simply the character by which you live your life. Your character good or bad dictates your actions, your responses, and your interaction with others. These are the works Elohim looks upon and these are the works by which you are judged. Not how you cut or style your hair, nor how you wear your clothes, nor how many steps you take on the Sabbath.”
62:50-51 “But how you treat your fellow men and women, even when there is no one to see; and how you choose to do right even when there would be no one to see you do wrong; and how you are not apathetic, but are ever seeking for ways to improve your world and help the lives of your family, friends and fellow travelers in mortality. This then is the answer to how you grow. You grow by continually adding to the depth and quality of your character, and this is the path with faith and love, to heaven.”
62:53-54 “After a time, when no one spoke, he continued, saying, “Each day, mortality puts a weight of challenges upon every person. Some are small like the advent of a slight illness that comes for a day or two and then is gone. Others are great, such as an infirmity that strikes to cause ever increasing pain every day of life thereafter.”
62:55 “Relationships that are not harmonious can cause an anguish to the heart greater than the pain of any affliction of the body.”
62:70 “Seek therefore in prayer to be guided to greater knowledge and to better remember the things that you learn. Seek to be strong, not weak, and to live in ways that promote health instead of destroying it.”
62:72-73 “In your prayers therefore, do not seek solutions to your problems from Elohim, but seek from Elohim enhancement of your own knowledge and abilities that you might find a good solution for your own challenges, be they small or great. Even in that, do not seek to instantly know of that which a moment ago you were ignorant. Rather seek to be led to opportunities to learn, to find time to learn, to find a means to learn, and to remember what you learn.”
62:74 “Seek to become more by becoming greater than you were, rather than less by doing nothing for yourself, but only asking Elohim to take away your challenges.”
62:75 “Give thanks for your challenges for they are the seeds of your greatness and glory.”
62:85 “Let none be above any other, but all equal before Elohim and one another in their efforts to become the best they can in the areas they serve. “
62:87 “But also seek to be well-rounded and ever questing for knowledge in many areas. Though you may become an expert in one thing, ever seek to become more adept in many others as well and even an expert in more than one, even many more.”
62:88 “Never forget why you are here, and learning is among the greatest of reasons. You learn greatly from your experiences, but should learn no less every day from your studies and observations.”
62:89 “Nor forget that whatsoever you gain in mortality in knowledge, character and faith will bring you ever higher in the world to come, with rewards the less diligent will only be able to wish they had strived more diligently to gain.”
62:91 “Children of Light should be lovers of the sea, for it is the source of health and longevity. “
62:92 “Gaining knowledge does take more than a lifetime and with the sea you can give yourself more time, for it can renew the very life essence of your body and prolong your life and health far beyond the years accustomed to men and women in this time.”
62:94 “Yeshua answered, saying, ‘If you desire to add years to your life that you may have more time to learn and serve and prepare your character for the world to come, swim naked each day in the living, warm, salt sea for one hour. That, along with the proper diet, good amounts of pure fresh water to drink, and the other good habits of health I have taught you, will find sickness banished from your life and your years of opportunity upon the Earth greatly extended in number.’”
63:5-6 “To heal someone by giving of your essence requires pure love and faith, both on the part of the healer, and the person being healed. When a healing is thus done the love and faith is confirmed and thereby magnified. And that is the entirety and completion of the growth, save for future actions that may come because of the faith and love that was magnified.”
63:7 “But there are other means to heal besides giving of your essence and when the affliction may be small, such as a stomach ache rather than great, such as paralysis, then it behooves you as sons and daughters of Elohim, our Father and Mother, to gain and utilize knowledge before essence.”
63:8 “Gaining knowledge, and regularly using the knowledge gained, is as important as gaining faith, and in both this life and the next, the rewards for those who gain and use both knowledge and faith are great.”
63:9 “When someone comes to you with a sickness or affliction, you must first determine whether they are truly desiring to be healed. Many people complain mightily about their afflictions, but when given the cure, they are unwilling to take it because it may involve a change in their habits, which things they love more than they hate their affliction.”
63:42 “Therefore, hold your essence unto yourself until the moment when it is truly needed. Upon that time, with faith and love, release the light, and nothing will be impossible to you.”
64:3 “…Life is meant to have fun as well as to accomplish serious and great works…”
64:38 “We must take courage today and increase our light rather than shy away from darkness we should confront, ere it defeats us simply by fear.”
64:56-57 “For in these areas of pain and misery form vortexes of darkness, and they continue to grow and expand. They poison the aeon of area around them and are the cause of much further suffering among the people of the land, even as the old city of Tyre has been now for over three hundred years. In these places people who are continually overshadowed by a cloud of darkness become darker within themselves, and thievery, murder and all manner of atrocities abound.”
64:58 “Because these places continue to expand their darkness, much of the world would someday fall into darkness and evil if it was not countered by light. To prevent this, you shall now learn one of the great purposes of the Children of Light, and especially you whom I have called to be my Apostles.”
64:60 “This task: to seek out vortexes of darkness and counter them and subdue them with your light- this is your most important task to fulfill for Elohim while you are in mortality.”
64:61-62 “Gaining knowledge, adding to your character, growing in the understanding of the teachings of Elohim, raising your children well, being of service to others, and gathering and loving one another as brothers and sisters in communities, these are all wonderful and worthy endeavors, but they are pursued as much for your benefit as for others. But in countering vortexes of darkness you are directly serving God, and helping to preserve the Eden of Earth that Elohim has given to the children of men that they may become more than they are.”
64:105-106 “Now Yeshua spoke to them, saying, ‘You hold in your hand, not solid water, but a common rock of the Earth, in a most uncommon form, grown into the shape that you see it by the very intention of Elohim, within the bowels of the Earth. These wands though extraordinary, have no power of their own, but are useful tools to help you focus and magnify the power that flows in you, to call to you the greater forces beyond, and to impede and counter dark forces that may oppose you such as this terrible vortex of darkness we stand within even now.’”
64:108 “Yeshua spoke again, saying, “We are here to subdue the darkness and bring the light that this city and the lands nearby may no longer have a shadow of death hanging over them.'”
64:110 “If you find them to be Children of the Light in their hearts and the actions of their lives, share with them this knowledge that they too may be a force for light against the darkness.”
64:111 “We are standing within a dreadful vortex of darkness that has grown larger and larger, year by year, since the time of Alexander of Macedonia. It has brought a curse upon this city and land, insomuch that it deadens the love and light of the people and grips their hearts with passionless disregard for life or virtue.”
64:113 “Let us begin by getting to know this monster. It is a ferocious whirlwind twirling rapidly, counter to the path of the sun. We will subdue it by creating a more powerful opposing vortex of light twirling in harmony with the sun.”
64:114 “There will be some among you who can see the aeon of this vortex of evil with your spiritual eyes. Others will be able to sense it and feel it’s putrid breath with your aura. A few may be able to both see and feel it, and some will be able to neither see it or feel it at this time. Wherever you find yourself in your senses, you are all essential to our success.”
64:116 “Now become aware of your personal aura, your sacred aeon. Feel it inside of you and surrounding you. Feel its movement through you and around you.”
64:118 “Now let the circle become united, one aura melded in harmony to the next, and that melded in harmony to the one beside it, and so on, until all within this circle are of one harmony of light.”
64:119 “Now that we are one light we cannot be overcome by the darkness. Therefore open your spiritual eyes and the fullness of your aura that you might see and feel the presence of the monster whose maul we stand within. And speak out what it is you see or see not, feel or feel not.”
64:120-121 “As Yeshua directed they all opened their spiritual eyes and for some this meant their physical eyes were open, while others kept their eyelids shut but reached out with eyes unseen to see that which physical eyes could not see. And each of them opened the shields of their aura that they could feel the wrath of darkness they stood within.”
64:129-130 “Yeshua spoke once again, saying, “In your lives you will encounter vortexes of darkness of many sizes and power. Some will be smaller than a wisp of smoke from a camp fire. Others will be as this one is: monsters upon the land. How large and powerful they are depends upon how dark was the deed that created them and how many years they have had to grow.”
64:131 “Small vortexes you can deal with individually, depending upon your natural ability and training. Larger ones require more Children of Light to be united in a circle of light.”
64:133 “But one Adept alone could only subdue a vortex of the same size and power that seven to nine novices could subdue. Therefore, understand there is much greater power in two untied than there is in one, and more still in three, or twelve or more. Your power and intention is magnified many times by the number of you that stand shoulder to shoulder united as one.”
64:136-137 “Hold forth your wands with your right hand, pointing them toward the center of our circle. Repeat now this prayer after me.” And they repeated each few words immediately after he spoke them, saying, “In the name of Elohim, we call upon the powers of heaven to flow to us, and through us, to magnify us, that we might be one with the aeon of Elohim, that we might serve our brothers and sisters, and banish this darkness and free the land to live again in light. So be it!’
64:140-141 “Focus your essence to flow through and up your right arm, into your hand. Swirl it then for a moment building its power still greater until your body can no more contain it and it bursts forth from the tip of your wand. Let the power continue to flow through you and up your arm and out of your wand. Do not allow yourself to become weakened by loss of your essence, but open yourself to receive the limitless light of heaven unto you and send it out through your wand.”
64:144 “Continue moving your wand outward and flowing pure light through you and out your wand in unison with our brothers and sisters of the sacred circle, keeping your hand on the shoulder of the person beside you, and your wands are pointing outward away and opposite from the circle.” And the beautiful rainbow vortex expanded as they moved their wands outward.”
65:4 “I declare unto you that the greatest strength of a Child of Light is not something they can do with the strength of their arm or measure by their labor, but is their faith in themselves and Elohim empowering the gifts of spirit which in them dwell.”
66:3 “To diminish darkness and bring more light upon the world is one of your great purposes in life as Children of Light.”
66:5 “Every person born into mortality is given this life to create their eternity, and by the choices they make while upon the Earth so shall their eternity become.”
66:6 “But of you choice souls who are Children of Light, more is asked of you by Elohim, even that you would give a special life-long service to all those who dwell now upon the Earth, that they might have a greater opportunity to walk the path of light rather than darkness and inherit eternal glory rather than despair.”
66:7-8 “Evil and heartless actions create an oppressive darkness that remains long after the perpetrators have departed. The greater the evil, the more the darkness encompasses. So pervading and heavy may the aeon of darkness become that even good people become weighed down by its weight upon their hearts and minds, and coupled with the vexing challenges of life they may fall into despondency and depression, and good may turn to evil simply out of hopelessness and despair.”
66:10-11 “Even as evil creates darkness and weighs and oppresses, enticing men to the part of them that is darkness, so good creates light which frees and uplifts and calls men to the greater part of them that is light. This then is the special calling that Elohim has given to every Child of Light: to do good in the world, and create light which abides and uplifts upon the land, and more than this, to find darkness wherever it abides and spread such a brilliance of light upon it that it becomes but a shadow, no longer with influence upon the hearts of the people of that land or place.”
66:15 “Verily, I say unto you, it behooves you as Children of Light, to seek out the vortexes of darkness upon the world and subdue them and bring the light, that the world may grow in light, not darkness, and all upon it may have greater opportunities to become the good they are capable of becoming, and create the eternity of their hopes and dreams.”
66:17-18 “There are two ways whereby united in purpose you may subdue the darkness and encourage the light. The first begins in your communities where you should not suffer people or things that oppress, degrade or take advantage of the weak to be among you. The other is in the larger world, where you must seek out vortexes of darkness such as the one that was upon Tyre, and united in desire and focus, subdue it with the powers given unto the Children of Light.”
66:21 “In the days to come there will arise churches and religions built upon vestiges of my teachings and they will do both good and evil in the world. Join not to them, for they shall have a form of the light, but not the substance. “
66:22 “But seek only to find and discover other Children of Light and gather them to you, in whatever your circumstances are, and teach them the secrets of the kingdom.”
66:23 “And think not that you must build great temples to Elohim, for the only temple Elohim cares to see you build is the temple of your body, save the simple sanctuaries you build to gather together to edify and instruct one another with words and music and light.”
67:4-5 “Then he instructed them further in the mysteries saying unto them, ‘One of your gifts as Children of Light is to be able to float upon the air, even as a log floats upon the water, even as a bird soars on the breaths of hot air high into the sky. To accomplish this gift you must have complete faith in Elohim and faith in yourself as a son or daughter of Elohim.'”
67:10 “Remember, faith is power, and power is multiplied, not added upon itself, with each person that is united as one within a group with purpose. Even more so when it is you, my Apostles unto whom great gifts have been given.”
67:17 “Now to rise as one, all of our auras must be as one. Therefore, with your eyes closed use your aura to feel the aura of the person on either side of you and harmonize together until you are as one, then the person beyond them in the same manner, until all in the circle are in a harmony of one.”
67:18-19 “And they did as Yeshua bade. And when he knew that they had accomplished what he asked, he said unto them, ‘As one, begin to swirl your aura through your bodies in the circle. Keep it close, and build its power by swirling it faster and faster in the direction of the sun as it travels across the sky.’ Then he spoke unto them three sacred words which cannot be written, but only passed by the words of one Adept to another, and he told them to say these words over and over while using their auras to sense the weight of their bodies lightening, and focusing with their Xe and Ka willing themselves up into the sky.”
68:8-9 “And Yeshua further instructed the Children of Light concerning their dress and adornment, saying, “You have heard me say that it matters not to Elohim how you choose to dress or adorn yourself, or grow or cut your hair, save you do so with cleanliness and dignity, as is fitting of a temple of Elohim that you are. But you have also heard me say that it is both the inside and the outside of the cup that matters and not just one or the other. And though your choice of adornment is of no consequence to Elohim, it is of greater consequence to you than you have imagined.”
68:12-13 “But I say unto you that a path that looks only at the outside or only at the inside is a path of little understanding in the great light of truth, and it is only a path that strives for the purity of both the inside and the outside that finds the greatest light. Therefore, the caution is not to be enticed by either a greater love for either the inside or the outside, but to maintain both in a harmonious balance, for together they are your temple.”
68:15 “But when looking to the things of the outside there are many more traps of which you must beware, for more than the inside, the outside calls to your vanities and entices you into the ways of the world.”
68:18 “The people of the world are like a flock of sheep who blindly follow the leader where ever they go. Therefore when one who is admired begins to apply perfumes and gloss themselves with oil, the rest of the sheep think that they must emulate this fashion that they too may be considered in a similar light of admiration.”
68:19 “What of you Children of Light? You are a divine priesthood, a peculiar people, a chosen generation, for you have a fullness of the light of Elohim. Are you in the world but not of it, or have you followed after the fashions and styles of the world?”
68:22-23 “Then how is it that you can impress Elohim in the way that you dress and adorn yourself? Simply by honoring the creation and magnifying it. Consider Elohim has already dressed and adorned you with the color of your skin, eyes and hair, and the shape of your face and body.”
68:24-25 “For most men, you have been given that as you mature, hair begins to grow on your face, and for both men and women that the hair on your head does not cease to grow at any age, but does turn silver for nearly all as the years pass. Therefore consider that your hair and beard are one of the greatest adornments given to you by Elohim, and a true reflection of your outward beauty if you care for that which you have been given.”
68:26 “Does that mean that every man and woman should just let their hair grow unabated and unattended? Nay it does not. To show love and honor for the outside of your temple you must keep it clean and be creative with styles and adornment of both your hair and your beard, in ways of respect, even as a gardener weeds his garden and arranges it to best showcase the beauty of the flowers and herbs.”
68:32-33 “If you remove your beard or cut off the hair of your head, or as a woman shorten it like unto a man, consider why you are making that choice and if in doing so you are showing the greatest honor to your creator and the temple you have been given. If you are not doing it because it is the current fashion, and are not doing it out of disrespect to Elohim who created you differently, but only because that choice of appearance makes you most humbly proud of who you are as a son or daughter of God, then Elohim will not look upon you with disfavor and neither should anyone else.”
68:38 “Your hair is your crown, even for those men who lose some of their hair as they age. Elohim would not have created you with endlessly growing hair unless there was a very important reason for it, and that reason is that your hair is a special reservoir of your power and mystical gifts as Children of Light.”
68:40 “Though men and women, who are Children of Light, may be of equal faith and love, the women will more often be able to manifest their mystical gifts because their long unblemished hair allows them to call upon their greatest mystical potential and succeed where men fail.”
68:42 “Nevertheless, it is among men, few though they are, that more often the greatest power in the gifts of the Children of Light can be seen, for they have the advantage of being able to grow hair not only from their head, but also from their face. Perhaps a compensation for the hair they often lose on their head as they age.”
68:43 “Let us now consider the coverings of poison which have been in fashion to put upon the hair. Of what use is a torch if it is covered? And of what use is a reservoir of power, even long hair, if it is suffocated beneath a heavy perfumed oil or altered with an indigo or henna dye from the perfect form and color Elohim created just for you?”
68:47-48 “Verily, I say unto you, if you desire to be youthful in appearance and vigor and delay the onset of silver hair or even hope that it would not come at all, eat good foods in the manner in which I have taught you and move briskly each and every day. In this your temple will look far younger than its years because you have cared well for it, not falsely from appearance without substance, from being covered with a new layer of oil or dye.”
68:49 “If without vanity, you still wish to cover your silver hair in harmony, then eat the herbs and foods I have told you of, and your hair will retain its natural color until the day you die.”
68:50 “I have spoken at length about hair, which to many would seem a trivial subject, inconsequential to spirituality. But among you, the Children of Light, I hope you now understand that the condition of the hair of your head is of great consequence, for it is one of your most important reservoirs of power and you will never be able to become master of all the mystical gifts that could be yours if you cut and treat your hair and beards as poorly as do the people of the world.”
68:56 “There are several things which contribute to your ability to use your gifts. Chief among these are faith and love, but also important are knowledge, courage, self-confidence, tools that magnify and focus, and a reservoir of power in your temple to call upon. A wise Child of Light will seek after all of these things.”
68:61 “Adorn yourselves not with copper or silver, but only with gold, even if it is only threads woven into your garments, for this is the metal through which the powers of the heavens easily flow.”
68:62 “In the stones that you choose to wear in your rings and pendants and other adornments, abandon the trinkets of the world and choose only those stones of power which I have taught you, that you may always have near at hand tools to aid you in the use of your special gifts. “
68:64-65 “In your clothing, do not wear drab colors like the people of the world, for the colors of their clothes are a reflection of their conformity to the fashion of the day or to the poor state of their spirit. Rather, choose to wear bright and cheerful colors, even if only accents upon a predominance of white; that you will draw to you aeons of the same. In this be not gaudy, for you are not court entertainers, but in all things show the class of Celestines; for more noble than kings and queens you are.”
69:2-3 “Each one of you is a worker of miracles, for as Children of Light it is your blessing to be able to call upon the greater light of Elohim as you have needs, whatever those may be, insuring only that you are seeking that which is righteous and needful and not for riches or acclaim of the world. Yet you could live your entire life and never be the conduit through which a miracle flows, unless you understand the principles upon which the powers of heaven bring wonder upon the Earth.”
69:6-7 “But verily I say unto you, there are no miracles or magic, save what the ignorant call what they do not understand, which seem to violate all that they hold as natural and normal. In truth, every miracle from a healing, to a rock floating in air, is but the manifestation of a natural law created by Elohim that is unknown to the world, but given to be known and understood by Children of Light of uprightness and virtue.”
69:10-11 “And what are these natural laws to be known by the Children of Light but mysteries to the world? They begin with faith and love. It is by absolute faith in our Mother and Father in heaven, whom we cannot see, that we can call forces unseen to manifest that which is seen.”
69:15 “Understand then that undiluted and undistracted focus upon your desire is also imperative to your success. But no less than this is, you must also have a passion to see your desire accomplished.”
69:16-17 “By extending your arm and your finger, you are channeling all of the necessary aeons through a long conduit and the single small point of your fingertip. As the powers of heaven swirl inside of you and then travel through your arm they compress and increase their strength. As the aeon shoots from your fingertip it is both highly focused and of great power. This affect can be even further enhanced by holding another object that is both long and slender, coming to a point, and intrinsically holding Celestine aeons.”
69:26-27 “Galal nodded affirmatively and said unto Yeshua, ‘I have a witness in my heart and head that cannot be denied, nor would I dare even on pain of death. My witness is that I have a divine Father and Mother in heaven and that I am their son of spirit. So too have I a brother of spirit, who is their son of the flesh. And he ever watches over me as an elder brother should. And through them we call the Elohim, by our efforts and virtue, all good things come and all things are possible.’”
69:30-31 “Then rising, he again addressed the Children of Light, saying, ‘I have explained to you how to hold a stone in the air. Size is important and the larger or heavier an object is, the greater aeon is required to hold it or move it. The words you heard me command, ‘Kel Arz!’ are not found among the languages of men, but are words of power from the language of the Elohim. Spoken by unbelievers they are merely empty words, but spoken by a Child of Light, for a purpose of righteousness, with faith, love, passion and focus, they call upon a great aeon of the heavens, which overcomes the lesser aeon by which all things fall to Earth.’”
69:44-45 “Turning to the Children of Light, Yeshua said unto them, “When you have learned to harness all of the aeons Elohim has blessed the Children of Light to know, you will have no need for sticks or wands of crystal to aid you in accomplishing that which you desire. But until that day, there are tools upon the Earth that can magnify your abilities because they readily call to them the aeons you seek and further amplify the power that flows through you.”
69:56 “Nor even among yourselves should you manifest these gifts except in time of true need, and never simply to show another that which you can do, for to do otherwise calls forth pride which is a destroyer of gifts of the light.”
69:65 “Yeshua answered him, saying, “No Yuda, this is no illusion, and creating fire at your command is one of the more powerful gifts given to the Children of Light.” And saying that, he flipped the branch over his head and it tumbled in the air until it landed with a hiss in the lake where the flames were quickly extinguished.”
69:68 “And he spoke to them once more, saying, ‘Today you have seen some of the more spectacular among the gifts of the Children of Light, but do not forget that in your day to day lives the teachings I gave unto you about the miracles that come from herbs and minerals are of greater worth, for these are the skills you can use openly every day to heal the sick, uplift your spirits, prosper the land, and help create Eden wherever you are.'”
69:69 “Nor ever forget that your “gifts” are not special powers that people of the world do not have, but secret knowledge they have not, which allows you to call and use natural laws they cannot comprehend or call upon, for they are called forth by a faith, love and passion for the true light and the good it can manifest; all things which they have not.”
69:70 “Be not prideful, or boasting, but in humility and gratitude make your way upon the Earth, bringing the light and making the world a better place for all people.”
70:3-4 “…Behold the city upon the mountain that cannot be hidden. Let it be always in your memory, and may you ever strive to be like an unforgettable city upon a mountain that cannot be hidden. But more than this, let your light so shine that men see the temple that you are, by day and by night, that they may come to wonder, and then to seek, and then to know, the Elohim in heaven who have made the temple.”
70:45-46 “…To interpret a dream you must decide what type of dream it is, and there are five possibilities: Your most common dreams are simply your spirit of the night taking events of your last days and recreating the themes with real or fictional characters in scenes that may or may not exist in reality…”
70:50 “The other four types of dreams are dreams of fear, dreams of hope, dreams of lust, and visions of prophecy or revelation.”
70:66 “Visions of prophecy are rare and do not come to ordinary men or women, for they are sent by Elohim to warn those who walk the paths of Elohim of things to come. But they can come to Children of the Light wherever they are found without regard for race, sex, religious beliefs or social standing.”
70:67 “If you live your life with honesty and honor, show kindness and respect to others and treat your body like a temple of God, you can receive dreams of prophecy and revelation concerning that over which you have been given responsibility.”
70:94 “…The light of your hearts is beginning to resonate, filling all of your being with light. And so shall it ever build until the darkness around you can no longer overcome the light within you.”
71:27 “I have come to destroy the laws of men that pervert the light of Elohim, and by this I uphold the laws of God. It is only foolish men, full of their pride, and awash in their ignorance, who try to destroy the laws of God; for that which had no creation, can have no destruction. And that which is immutable, is immovable and unchanging.”
71:30 “Yeshua raised his hand and they became silent waiting for him to speak, and he said unto them, ‘I am, who I am, and those who know the light of Elohim know me, even as those who wander in darkness cannot see me, and someday shall fall off a cliff into an eternal abyss unless they find the torch of Elohim to light their path.’”
71:48 “Yeshua shook his head as he looked at Abraham, and pointing to a large flat rock beside the road, said unto him, ‘Truly the proud will never find the path to heaven, for only the humble can see it. But the high and mighty shall be given in justice even as they have dealt. If you would see what awaits such as those, turn over that rock and behold that which can be no trick, even the end that awaits those who see but are blind, and hear but are deaf.’”
71:60 “Yeshua nodded silently, then answered, saying, ‘There are laws of men and laws of God. The difference is, the laws of Elohim are few and simple; given to inspire, uplift and guide all people on paths leading to greatness and glory. But the laws of men are numerous and complex; most often given to subdue the spirit of man and cause him to conform to the will of the lawmakers.'”
71:64 “The will of Elohim is that men and women would know with an unquenchable fire in their hearts that they are children of God, and that they would prosper on the Earth, and return to heaven as greater Children of Light than they departed.”
71:65 “For this cause only, that the eternal exaltation of the Children of Light might come to pass, has Elohim given the Great Commandment and the Commandments of Sinai. What more is necessary to have harmony in the relationship of man and Elohim? Live these simple laws and you will grow greater in spirit, closer to God, and more beloved by your fellow sojourners in mortality.”
72:9 “Marvel not at these things, for nothing is impossible to the Children of Light if they have virtue, faith, love, focus and knowledge.”
72:10 “But to understand the mysteries of the Celestine realms of Elohim you must be willing to live your life even as the Elohim live theirs, and have patience and perseverance; for the knowledge is gained during decades of study, and the ability to use the knowledge, only with diligent and faithful practice.”
72:11-13 “Because the treasures of sacred ability come at the price of years of life and adherence to a path of virtue and righteousness, few are those who will walk the path until the end, though the gate is open for any to enter. But you are not esteemed any less by Elohim if you choose to not walk this path. For of no less worth is the man who is simply a loving and faithful husband and father, providing for his family, and a conscientious and contributing member of the community, or the woman who is a loving and devoted wife and mother, beloved by her brothers and sisters within the community for all the light that she radiates by her words and deeds. But for those who are called by the majesty of their inner light, there is much to learn.”
72:15 “While we were in Tiberius in confrontation with the Sanhedrin, eight Celestine powers of Elohim were called upon. These are aeons that flow freely but without form. They only come into focus when a Child of Light calls to them, becomes one with them, and focuses them.”
72:28 “It is not meant for us to be at war with the world, but to be unseen and unnoticed as much as is possible with our peculiar ways and colorful dress; in the world but not of it; to use the blessings of the gifts of Elohim to be of service to our families and brothers and sisters of light; and to benefit and bless the world at large, but only in secret benevolence.”
72:29 “But it must needs be that I walk a different path. So it is that in me the powers of Elohim must be seen that the word of it shall endure through the history of man, ever calling the Children of Light of each succeeding generation to the fullness of Elohim and the fulfillment of their truth.”
72:41 “Yeshua answered him, saying, “We are each here upon the Earth to be of service to our fellow travelers of eternity. You have your calling and I have mine. Two parts contributing to the same grand design.”
72:42 “I have come to bring the light, you have come to expand the light.”
72:43 “I have come to save the people that will be saved by giving them a path of redemption and exaltation. You have come to help them on their way and save the world upon which all live from sinking into a greater darkness. For if the world is in darkness, so too are the people of the world.”
72:44 “I have come to show life eternal and bring exaltation and glory for the worthy. You have come to teach life eternal, to find the worthy, and bring hope to the hopeless.”
73:17 “The weak man gives into his lusts, be it for food, or idleness, or sexual thoughts or proclivities. But the strong man grows mightier by each test of his strength, until the day when that which used to be a test, is a test no more, nor even a temptation, for he has overcome himself, and his weaknesses become his strengths.”
73:22 “Nevertheless, impure thoughts or unrighteous lust for someone other than your wife is like a poison that can destroy not only you, but also others whose lives you touch.”
73:27-28 “Much grief is left behind, and many fine qualities emerge, when a young man and a young woman marry shortly after their eighteenth year, as is the custom among most of the diverse peoples living in the land of Palestine. The blessings of this are evident in lasting marriages of love, where lust is satisfied at home with the beloved; where affections do not wander; where children grow up balanced, comforted in their hearts, and delightful in their dispositions.”
73:31 “In years of later adulthood, the passions of lust fade, even into nothingness, leaving those who built their lives upon nothing, with an emptiness that cannot be filled.”
74:27 “So it is with your dreams. It is a hallowed time where you remain still in the flesh, but can also touch a part of heaven and commune directly with our Father and Mother and the angels of heaven.”
74:29-30 “Dream time is a time when a part of your spirit is freed from the bonds of your body and this world, and can visit and commune with all other worlds, and other spirits where ever they may be, as well as travel and explore the world in which you live in ways your body never could. But this is also a time of great vulnerability for the unprepared. For even as a part of your spirit can commune directly with the Celestine realm while you sleep, so too can your spirit visit other worlds while you dream, and interact with the spirits of those dwelling there.”
74:32-33 “In your nightly prayer with our Father and Mother in heaven, ask to be shielded from all evil while you sleep, and be led only upon dream paths that will uplift and inspire you, and reveal greater light and understanding. Ask no less for the night than you do for the hours when you are awake. Thus you will be protected from that which would do you harm, and open to receive all light from heaven, both that which you ask for and that which is brought to you as a gift.”
74:34 “When you seek an answer to a question small or great, concerning matters either temporal or spiritual, ask in your nightly prayers to be shown the solution in your dreams and so it shall be given unto you.”
74:35 “Even if you do not recall your dreams, a part of your spirit of the day will remember the essence of what your spirit of the night learned and will be pulled into a resonance with it while you are awake.”
74:39 “Your dream time, when your spirit of the night visits the Celestine realms, is also your divine school of knowledge where you may learn and practice the mysteries of all things.”
74:61 “But teach the importance of dreams as a foundation of all gifts, both the small and the great; for it is through dreams that man communes most directly with God, and by this means the small may become great.”
75:18:19 “Thus, it is given to you to comprehend the justness and fullness of God that your lives may be fulfilled; and you will shine in the darkness, and all the world may see the light of truth. If it then be that those of the world who see your light choose to live in darkness, they cannot say on the Day of Judgment that they never saw the path of truth and light.”
75:20 “Verily, I say unto you, that the unrighteous lusts of the flesh and the wicked desire and use of money and power are the three greatest tools of darkness against the children of men.”
75:26-27 “Power over others is the most insidious of the three evils in man; for if you are in a position of authority, whether it is over your children, your workers, or the citizens of a land you rule, you are meant to be a steward to watch over and protect them, to help them have peace, and joy and growth in their lives. To betray this trust with unrighteous dominion is to give in to a great darkness because you are hurting others even more than yourself.”
75:28 But the unrighteous ever seek to be the masters of other men; and whosoever uses coin or debt or taxes, or a position of authority to enslave or grievously burden others, becomes consumed by darkness.”
75:31-32 “It will ever be the dismal lot of the virtuous to be downtrodden by unrighteous kings and rulers unless they stand side by side, unmoving in their light, despite the consequences. And it is only this, an army without swords, of righteous men standing united in the light; that cause the Caesars to fear.”
75:36-38 “Verily, you cannot be both a man or woman of God and a man or woman of the world; for the ways of the world are darkness and the ways of faith are light. You may live in the world, but you do not have to live like it. Even as you are in the world but not of it, so be one in the Light of Elohim despite all the world may do.
75:44-45 “Each day you must choose again whether to walk in the light or be lured into the shadows. As you must choose, please choose light, for in it, there are wonderful joys, both in this life and the next, while darkness brings only never ending despair.”
75:49 “Your life is meant to be a joy, a piece of heaven on Earth, no matter the size of your abode or the weight of the coins in your purse.”
75:50 “The principles and teachings of Elohim were not given simply to help a person be worthy for the world to come, but also as a code to live by, to enrich your life that you may have joy and fulfillment in every moment that you live in the flesh. “
75:54 “Live your lives true to the teachings of Elohim; live united in your truth, despite the adversity and scorn the world may bring upon you.”
75:55 “Living in the Light of Elohim, you have a gentle peace and fulfillment in your heart that those of the world can never know.”
75:56-57 “In your stance for that which is right, you give courage to the fearful, and hope to the hopeless. Standing for light, uncowed before the darkness, you open the hearts of those that seek the light; and by the light of your life, they will find it.”
75:82 “To pay an unjust tax is to demean yourself before the unworthy and to become a slave to that which is unrighteous. “
75:86-87 “But I say unto you, that any tax upon the coin, or land, or property held by a man, is among the most evil of darkness. Any Child of Light that pays such a tax, even under coercion, bares their heart to a poisoned dagger that will prod them ever further into the dark ways of the world and away from the light of Elohim.”
75:88 “When you give into darkness, you abandon the defense of light, and once abandoned, it becomes easier to do so again and again, until they who once were light become the darkness they once fought.”
75:90 “When the publican says one man must pay more than another because of his greater wealth or property, the door is open to all manner of evil; for no longer is a man his own master, but the slave to they who intrude upon his privacy and control what must be given from his purse and lands and property.”
75:92-93 “Verily, Elohim does not grant any Caesar, great or small, be they governor or priest, the right to take from a man’s purse, or lands, or crops or flocks, by compulsion. These are unholy acts against the sanctity of man and the nature of God, for they take away the privacy and peace of the home and heart which should be parts of heaven inviolate.”
75:94 “Taxes by compulsion upon a man’s wealth of coins, lands or property, makes him fearful and resentful of the government that should be his servant and steward.”
75:95 “Intrusion into the sanctity of the family and privacy of a man, and the forced removal of his wealth by those who rule, invite even honest and righteous men to do evil to avoid evil.”
75:97-98 “Only to Elohim should a man tithe ten percent of his annual increase, and this by choice and love for God, not by compulsion or fear of punishment. Increase is not a measure of a man’s wealth, but the amount that year that he gained above his basic needs to care for his family.”
75:100 “Hold your light high and give nothing to darkness of your own free will.”
75:101 “Be you rich or poor, do not give to Caesar that which you labored for because of love for your family and dignity for yourself, simply because Caesar so decrees.”
75:103-104 “As part of a larger whole, benefiting from common association, you owe it to your neighbors to contribute to society in ways that benefit everyone. But let those ways be by your choice, not by theft of the privacy of your home and the sanctity of your property, or by any form of coercion or compulsion by Caesar or his publicans.”
75:105-106 “If you let Caesar steal your wealth by compulsion, be it small or great, Caesar will think that he is the master and you are the servant, rather than the steward who governs with consent of the governed by providing a just government, else even the dictator is overthrown. But if Caesar considers you to be a slave, you are without merit. Your treasure taken by force will be perverted for purposes you know not.”
75:108 “Therefore, let not the coin earned by your worthy desires for good be given under coercion or compulsion, to enrich the Caesars big or small; let it not be taken from your children to build their palaces and to leave you with less that they may have more.”
75:109 “That which is taken by Caesar in unrighteousness, will surely be used for unrighteous purposes.”
75:111 “Verily, if you pay the publican under coercion or compulsion, from the fruits of your labors, you are helping to build the kingdom of darkness, not the kingdom of light.”
75:112-113 “Nevertheless, if there are to be communities of men there must always be taxes to support those things which are for the common good of all. But let these be just taxes, not given to excess beyond the need, not given to enrich the few upon the backs of the many, or forcing a man to contribute to something which his faith denies.”
75:114 “For this cause, only taxes upon use or consumption of items not your own, can be justified before God. In this way, each person is free to choose whether to pay the tax or not, by choosing to consume or not.”
75:119 “And Yeshua answered unto him, “Fear not those that can harm your body, only those that can injure your spirit. “
75:120 “It is better to stand for right than to cower in wrong, and evil is defeated not by acquiescence, but by action founded upon conviction and anchored in faith.”
75:123 “Verily, if must needs be, it is better to take your family and live in a tent in the wilderness, than to live in a city in a land where you must exist under the yoke of unrighteous taxation or compulsion.”
75:136 “…If you walk in the light, Elohim will always walk with you.”



76:5-6 “Hearing this, Yeshua rebuked them with love, saying, “I am not your Lord, neither am I your master. I am your brother, and you are my brothers and my sisters. Call no man Lord or master, be they a noble, a great teacher, or even a king. For you are your Lord and you are your master, and only if you esteem yourself not at all is there a place in your life for anyone else to be your Lord or master.”
76:9 “Children of Light, Children of God, know who you are, and with humility and understanding, esteem yourself greater than any Lord or master!”
76:11 “If you would prove to Elohim that you are Children of Light worthy of all that has been given to you, then begin by loving and honoring yourself and treating all with respect who reciprocate the honor, and debase yourselves to none, for you are Children of Light, Children of the divine Father and the Mother, and there can be no greater glory than that.”
76:20 “Know that I have established a sacred society among you. Call it a religion if it brings you comfort, but it is not mere beliefs and traditions that you hold, but a way of life and a wondrous path to eternity”
76:65 “Do not boast, or threaten or wish ill upon anyone. You have been given much, and where much is given, great things are expected. And though you may be mighty, that should never be shown to the people of the world except to save your life or protect your family or brothers and sisters. Let the Ganish see the great things that come from your actions, but never see that the actions come from you.”
76:74 “Each time you meet, consider what good you can do with your gifts of power, that is within your capabilities and brings a greater light. Consider these as worthy of your blessings: yourself, your circle, your families, your community, your world and all the people and animals therein; for Elohim has given unto the Children of Light to be the good stewards over all.”
76:77 “When you see great injustice in the world among the Ganish, do not turn away, for you are still a part of them even if they are not a part of you. Therefore, use your gifts to subdue the evil that lurks in men and bring out the good; that they might become more harmonious and forgiving with their fellow men and treat one another and the Earth and all its inhabitants with greater respect.”
76:83 “And this is your cause upon the Earth: to harm none and do good to many. Though you may be hidden from the world, through your good actions your light shines ever brighter upon them, and when you are in the service of this world you are in the service of Elohim.”
77:4-5 “The spoken voice alone can become a magnification of your inner or group power. All that is required is passion and unwavering focus upon that of which you speak. This activates and expands your aura which calls in still greater powers from beyond to aid you in empowering the words that you speak.”
77:7-10 “In a like manner, the singing of songs or whistling, or humming, can invoke greater powers to swirl upon you or the group that blends their sounds melodiously. For in this, harmony and resonance of the voices combined is vital, as disharmony or discordant sounds will usher in energies of darkness rather than light. The same is true for instruments of music. The sounds they make should bring a peace and uplifting of the spirit if they are intended to magnify the light. Therefore, with either your instruments or your voice, create harmonious melodies that stir the soul.”
77:12 “Each of the seven aeons of the body resonate to certain sounds and music, and when they are in resonance they heal and strengthen and expand.”
77:13 “Because rhythm and repetition are used to magnify specific aeons, drumming is very powerful in calling in and enlarging the desired energies, especially the drums of deep sound, not tinkling, and drums that beat in harmony with many others, with rising and falling tempo as is appropriate.”
77:15 “…once entranced into a focus of mind, heart and harmonic aura, by the rhythmic sounds, if you are moved to dance, not aimlessly, but in unison and harmony with others; naturally, without thought to the union; you greatly amplify the aeons of that which you are seeking to accomplish. But if your dance is not in harmony with the others, you sever the link to the greater powers.”
77:21 “Each of these skills can be added one upon another to bring still greater power. Therefore, drumming and dancing together is more powerful than either alone, even as drumming and dancing and singing or chanting is more powerful still.”
77:27 “You are Children of Light, which implies by your very soul essence that you must also embrace the essence of rhythmic sound and music and song and movement, for these are among the foundations of the powers that can be manifested by the Children of Light, especially when they are gathered together for common purpose.”
78:2-4 “Standing high on the prow of the boat, with Cephas offsetting his weight by sitting in the stern, Yeshua spoke unto the Children of Light, saying, “You are called the Children of Light because you have chosen to walk in the path the Father and Mother have given for the exaltation of their children. You have chosen not to take the easy road of the world, but have risen to the challenge of the higher road of Elohim that you might reap the greater rewards, both in this world, and the next. Unto you is given greater knowledge that you might manifest greater things with the gifts of God that have been given unto you.”
78:7 “Yeshua answered, saying, “If a man knows the winding secret path up the mountain to the treasure room, but he does not have the inner strength to make the climb, no matter how much he desires, the treasure will never be his. ”
78:8 “Verily, the treasures of Elohim can only be found by those who seek the true light and live it in their lives.”
78:9 “The lost will remain lost, until they repent and humbly seek the fullness of the light.”
78:13 “For even among your enemies you might sometimes find a friend, who when hearing and seeing that which they have never before imagined, might find a new and beautiful music playing in their soul which cannot be denied, even until they become one with you in the light.”
78:15 “The colors that you see: white, black, blue, red, green, yellow and all the colors that your eyes behold, are simply signposts guiding you to doors which open upon different aeons of power. Understand the signposts and you will know which door to open in your hour of need.”
78:18 “Colors can be used to move emotions and desires in any direction you wish, both your emotions and desires and those of others. The movement remains a subtle but powerful force in place as long as the color remains present with an undeniable presence.”
78:32 “The gifts of the divine Mother and Father to their Children of Light are intended to serve the purposes of Elohim. Attempt to use them for any other purpose and you will see them no better than you can your hand before your face on a dark and starless night.”
78:51 “Know that with every laugh you give forth to the world, the aeons of health add length to your life, even as the aeons of happiness add a serenity that ever overcomes the little pricks of life.”
78:54 “Again, there is nothing that you see me do that any Child of Light cannot also do with the correct knowledge, virtue, worthy need, and faith.”
78:60-61 “So too can color soften the heart of the angry, or anger the heart of the soft. Color can also open the mind to great thoughts or inspire the heart to noble deeds or fidelity.”
78:63-64 “I encourage you to wear brighter, more colorful clothing, and refrain from the drab colors so commonly worn among the people of Palestine. This can be bright sashes or simple accents of colors upon your clothes, and need not be your entire garment. If you desire melancholy in your life, wear the drab and dingy colors and they will assuredly overcome you with the thoughts and feelings for which they were created.”
78:71-72 “Now I shall tell you of one of the greatest powers of color. One that you can use even today, without any practice, and even if you are a Pharisee! This is the power of the light of the sun, which falls each day upon everyone. Within the light of the sun are all the colors of the rainbow and many more. Like the variety of foods that you eat, the properly balanced colors of sunlight in adequate amounts, are essential for your well-being, health and longevity.”
78:73 “You were created by Elohim as beings of light. The sun was put in the sky by the divine Father and Mother to feed their children, just as surely as the plants were put in the ground and the fish in the sea to provide substance for you.”
78:76 “But I say unto you that the consequence is significant. Every moment of sun light that shines upon you is a moment that you add to the length of your days upon the earth, and insure the health of your body as it passes through the days of your life.”
78:77 “Therefore, if you desire all good things in your life: happiness, health, longevity and success in your endeavors: do not remain awake by torchlight into the late hours of the night as the Romans so often do, but retire early enough to sleep that you can rise with the sun and feed yourself the marvelous power of sunlight in all its array of colors, for the maximum hours each and every day.”
78:78 “The light of the sun is a great conduit to Elohim; it comes from Elohim. Even on a cloudy day, the light of the sun pierces the clouds and comes unto you, feeding you, nourishing your body and soul, even as Elohim is always with you if you open your heart fully and let the love of the Mother and Father in.”
78:79 “Verily, if you wish to become the fullness of your destiny, you must embrace the fullness of the sun, and of light, for you are Children of Light, and light is the food of the Gods which feeds you, and ever beckons you to your greatness.”
79:3 “And Yeshua said unto them, “How often do you trod upon the ground and pass by stones big and small and think nothing of them? Yet to every stone there is a power given by Elohim and imbued by the forces of its creation.”
79:4 “When you were conceived in your mother’s womb, the moment of creation and the gestation of pregnancy had much bearing on the person you became; what your mother ate while you were in the womb, what stresses were upon her from life, and whether you were conceived in love or only in lust, all exerted forces that contributed more than you imagine to the person you are today.”
79:6 “Whether a man grows to become a mighty man or a weak and sickly man, begins in his mother’s womb. So too, whether a rock becomes just a hard piece of dirt or a stone with amazing properties depends upon its conception and gestation within the womb of the mother Earth.”
79:7 “Most stones and the elements in the stones have far more uses than you understand, even as clay can be used to make vessels of pottery, but also used to heal wounds and stings, and certain varieties even taken into your mouth and stomach to counteract poisons and other noxious upsets.”
79:8 “Know with certainty that there is no stone, no element, no type of soil, put upon this Earth save it was put by Elohim for the benefit of man. But the benefits of most are far more than you have ever known.”
79:16 “Whether a stone or a crystal, or a mineral has power unto itself, or is only waiting to be used as a tool, depends upon its birth and gestation, even as who you became depended in some part upon yours.”
79:18-19 “Where a stone is birthed and gestated will have bearing upon whether it can be used solely in a physical way that is easily seen with your eyes, or can be used in a greater way that affects the auras and energies of the people and things it is directed upon. Those stones that will have unseen power, both in themselves and as tools, are those that were birthed deep within the Earth, and have either clarity, or profound color, as well as a greater hardness than most other stones.”
79:23 “So, while anyone may use a stone for its physical properties, only a person of deep faith can call upon the unseen powers of the special stones of the Earth.”
79:61 “The men of the world know how to use the minerals of the land to build, and fabricate, and dye, and in some things heal. But it is given only to you, the Children of Light, to understand and be able to call upon the greater powers of the stones and elements and crystals, both as conduits of power, and of the aeon contained within some, waiting for those of true faith to call them out.”
80:3-4 “Elohim has put all things upon the Earth that are needed for your well-being and health, and plants and herbs are special storehouses of both, and much more. They can be used for healing and other uses both great and small, and every Child of Light should become as familiar in their use as the physicians of the kings, and as adept in their special properties as the priests of the Egyptian temples.”
80:6 “There is almost no effect you cannot manifest with the proper use of herbs and plants. You can make a man appear dead or raise one almost dead from sickness back into life.”
80:10 “For every malady there is an herb or potion of herbs, and for every need of mind or body Elohim has provided plants and herbs to be of benefit to man.”
80:28 “Each day, if you will drink teas from the herbs you are given to understand in your Qroms, you will live far beyond the normal years of man and live in health and vigor all of your days. Is something so simple and easy not worthy of the effort for a reward so great?”
81:8-9 “…The light of the sun is behind me, illuminating me, even till your eyes cannot stand to behold the light. But the light of the sun is also within me as it is also within you. Come to know the light of the sun that is within you, your soul’s essence, even the very light of Elohim, and there will be nothing that is impossible to you.”
81:10 “The physical light of the sun is a healing balm from Elohim that can cure illnesses of the mind and spirit, as well as the body.”
81:11 “But though the sun lights and warms all the world, the light within you is no less spectacular when called upon with knowledge and faith.”
81:12 “With the light within, which is the very essence of your soul, and a literal part of the Elohim, you can be one in mind and spirit with all living things surrounding you, from the grass beneath your feet, to the birds in the air, and your friends or adversaries that may be gathered round.”
81:14 “Even as the light of the sun emanates and radiates to fill all the Earth, so the light of your soul emanates and radiates from you, to fill the void beyond as far and as powerfully as you have the knowledge and faith to make it so.”
81:20 “It is through the light of your soul that all is accomplished. ”
81:22 “When you have great emotion and passion about anything, it awakens the light of your soul, empowering and expanding it.”
81:23 “Add to this righteousness of pursuit, conviction of purpose, knowledge of method, and faith unwavering, the light of your soul can expand so greatly as to fill all the world, even as does the sun in the sky.”
81:24 “Thus expanded, the light of your soul becomes a beacon that cannot be hidden. It is seen by all the hosts of heaven, and felt by all the powers therein. And all the powers of heaven shall come as you ask to fulfill the righteous purposes for which you have called upon them.”
81:40 “Where much is given much is required, and where the tests are greatest there stand the mightiest. ”
81:43-44 “You have heard it said by some to resist not evil, but I say unto you that evil is like the most noxious weed and if not resisted it will spread forth until it chokes all life from the land. Turning your backs upon evil will not make it go away, simply because you no longer see it. It will merely grow in power without opposition, until the light becomes darkness.”
81:47 “You are the Children of Light. You are the guardians of the world. You are the bulwark that stands between the sanctity of the Earth and all living things upon it and the darkness that would overcome it if unchallenged.”
81:48 “Therefore, ever seek out the vortexes of darkness and encircle them with light until they are purged and the land can breathe again.”
81:49 “And when evil rears its ugly head, be it from the actions of men or demons, even if it molest you not but seeks another, remember that you are lights to all the world, not just to yourselves; and if you are worthy of me, you will always seek to overcome the darkness where ever it descends and replace it with light.”
81:50 “Remember, you are not alone. I am always with you, and our Father and Mother in the Celestine realms hear your prayers and answer them.”
81:59 “Listen well to the words I speak and feel them in the depths of your heart: I will always be with you. As long as you hold fast to my light, I shall never be apart from you.”
81:60 “Wherever you are, I will be there beside you, and inside you, with a spirit that is more real to you than the flesh and bones you see before you now.”
81:62 “When you are taken ill, I will be there to help bring you back to health.”
81:63 “When you suffer a loss and your heart grieves, I will be there to comfort you.”
81:64 “When you are challenged by life, I will be there to gird you and strengthen you that you may overcome all things.”
81:65 “When you seek to grow and expand your light, I will be there to inspire you and uplift you on golden wings to the greatness you can become.”
81:66 “Verily, verily, I covenant unto you, as surely as the sun rises, my love for you will never falter, my faith in you will never diminish, and my promises to you shall forever remain true.”
82:35-36 “From one generation to the next, across all religions and cultures will wash the innate comprehension that mortal life is not the end, but the beginning of a greater eternity. This divine understanding will take many forms even as it now does among many: some will believe in a heaven of spirits, others of a continual reincarnation of the soul. Still others will believe in a paradise where they who were servants shall become kings, and others shall say to men that there is nothing beyond this life, even while the divine light of their soul makes hollow the false conviction of their words.”
82:37 “But this undeniable whisper of eternal life will not be limited to the understanding of a few, but undeniably written upon the souls of every person. In many and diverse ways the truth of eternal life shall encompass the earth and the soul of everyone therein and every person to be born in every generation to come.
82:38 “And for every generation to come this unknown understanding shall be the impetus to humble the proud and turn men from the darkness to the light, in hopes that their eternity might be greater than their mortality.”
82:39 “Because all things must be weighed in the balance and tallied for their worth, I shall suffer some of their sins that they shall need not suffer them all; and shall give a sacred portion of the light of my soul to take away a great part of the darkness from the souls of those who repent and live in my light, that they might have the purity needed on their day of judgment to enter into Celestial glory.”
82:40 “And it shall come to pass that those that repent of their darkness and live in my light, shall inherit the eternal life of Celestial glory their soul forever whispered in sure knowledge upon their heart and mind.”
82:57 “If the divine Father and Mother can breathe the breath of life into all men and creatures, think you not that they can just as easily give life back to those whom have died, and decree that the life given once more shall now be unto perfection and perish never again?”
82:97 “Within each of you is a piece of divinity, a piece of our divine Father and Mother who created your soul and breathed the breath of life into your body. And this spark can help you live in a different world, even while you still walk in this one, if you connect to your divinity with absolute faith.”
82:104 “But can you believe in yourself? That you are in fact a divine child of spirit of our Heavenly Father and Mother, and that there is nothing impossible to you if you connect in total faith to your divinity.”
82:105 “Can you have unwavering faith that the sliver of divinity in your soul is enough to conquer death, to forget the structures of belief created by the world and instead embrace a oneness with our divine Father and Mother, through whom all things are possible? If so, like Miriam, never will you taste deaths sting.”
82:106 “Finding that state of understanding and faith is to conquer the mountain of your purpose in life. It is the greatest choice of all, but few will find the faith to go there, and must therefore suffer the blessings or consequences of the reality in which they have the greatest belief.”
82:110 “Even as I came to be the voice and the love of the light, and to bring eternal life to man, when I am upon this Earth no more, you will have a shield greater than me in Miriam.”
82:111 “Because I am the creator and love all my creations, only my gentle heart goes unto them. Though the wicked grieve me greatly, I wait for the Day of Judgment for them to be called by their own soul to the house of their compatibility, be it darkness or light, bliss or despair.”
82:112-114 “Miriam has no such onus, and a far more fiery temperament as well. When she is filled with her calling, the powers of Elohim will be upon her that she may faithfully serve our divine Father and Mother. And they have asked that to serve them, she serve you and the Children of Light: not to take life, for that is forbidden to her, but to do all else to insure that the covenants the divine Father and Mother have made to the Children of Light are fulfilled. I am the voice and the light. She shall be the whirlwind and the majesty of Elohim made manifest.”
84:54 “I know that men will be uplifted or condemned on the day of judgment by every idle word they have spoken,” Yeshua answered.”
84:55 “I am the light that others follow, and my path is true and straight. If my words or tone offend, consider why, and reflect that even the life-giving sun will burn your skin like a fire if you do not act with prudence in its presence.”
84:75 “…Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”
84:78 “Have you never watched the farmers grow the good fruit? If a tree is good, its fruit will be good, but if a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad. A tree is recognized by its fruit, be it good or bad, and so am I, and so are all of you.”
84:135 “…The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven have been given to you, but not to them, because you have seen the light and embraced it into your heart, but they have seen the light yet kept their hearts closed. ”
84:136 “Whoever has been a good steward of his life will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever has not been a good steward, even what he has will be taken from him. ”
84:137 “This is why I speak to them in parables: Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: ‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.'”
84:138-139 “For the hearts of these people have become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn to the light, and then I would heal more than the infirmities of their body, I would enliven their spirit with the light that is never extinguished.”
84:155 “…The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, in his joy he went and sold all he had and bought that field.”
84:156 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it, for its worth exceeded all else.”
84:157 “Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish. When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on the shore. Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets, but threw the bad away.”
84:161 “May your affirmation lead you to greater light,” Yeshua said. “Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures, as well as old.”
84:176 “…Now all of you, remember to ponder upon my words often that you may understand them fully. Be at peace in your heart and in love with the light, and surely the Holy Spirit of Elohim will ever enlighten you to the greater truths.”
85:11-13 “If you heal a man by giving of your soul essence with love who is unrepentant and not committed to following the light, that healing will remain only until your essence dissipates from his aura, which will occur within weeks for most, but months for some. During the time while your essence of love remains with him, he will remain whole, and should he repent and seek the light during that time, his healing will remain and not leave him. But if he returns to the ways of darkness, it will drive your essence of love out of him all the sooner and he will succumb again to that which ailed him.”
85:20 “Never forget, I have not come to bring peace in the land at this time but strife, as the old does battle with the new. I have cast a blazing fire upon the Earth and I remain only long enough to see that it is well stoked, that it will become a wildfire that shall light the world.”
85:23 “Verily, it is not peace that I have brought, except the beautiful peace in the hearts of those who discover the light of Elohim.”
85:27 “Beware of the religious leaders of all shades. They come in sheep’s clothing but inside are ravenous wolves.”
85:30 “Bring forth the light that is within you and it will save you from any darkness. But bring forth not the light that is within you and you have no more promise than the man who has no light.”
85:38 “The more money you give away, the more your own light shall grow inside of you. And if you shall give away all you have to help those in need, great shall be your joy in both this world and the eternity to come.”
85:41-43 “Understand that exaltation does not wait for mortal death, but begins the moment you let the light of Elohim swell inside of you and burst out. Exaltation is a life of passion, enthusiasm, and full use of all of your strengths, resources, intelligence and gifts. Exaltation is much more than living forever, it is living in fullness, passion, excitement and curiosity, every day of both mortality and immortality.”
85:44 “As you live in the light you open the door to eternal life’s exaltation. And the great powers that have lain dormant inside of you awaken from their deep slumber beginning a miracle that will transform your life.”
85:45 “It is not anything outside of you that will transform your life, but the kindling of the light of Elohim that is inside of you. Now that the fire has started, fan the flames and the miracles will happen.”
85:86 “And I tell you this: that upon the rock of the testimony of the Holy Spirit of Elohim, shall the Church of Light grow as the Children of Light scattered across the world hear the still small voice within and heed the call.”
85:87 “And those so touched by the Holy Spirit shall become the pillars of heaven, and neither demons, nor the pains of man, or the hordes of Hades will overcome them.”
85:114 “Remember this my brothers and sisters: From everyone to whom much has been given, much will need to be reciprocated; and from those to whom much has been entrusted that have proven to be good stewards, even more will be asked.”
85:165 “Never doubt or fear. Hold fast to the light of Elohim that expands within you and it will ever guide you and uplift you and help you to understand things that are still mysteries to you.”
85:166 “If you remain committed to walk by the light, you will never stumble, but woe unto the man who digresses and walks into the darkness, for he will surely stumble because his light has been covered, and he may never find the light again.”
85:176 “Now has come the time when you must forever cast off the old that has chained you to a ship without a sail or a rudder or an oar, and embark upon the ship of God whose sails are full, whose rudder is sure and whose oars dip deep.”
85:178 “By your examples, so shall others become.”
87:29-30 “…Each of you has been given a sacred responsibility and called to fulfill the full measure of your greatness. Your life is a stewardship of the gifts and callings that have been given to you.”
87:31-32 “You are not in a competition with your brethren for whom will be greatest. Truly everyone can become equally as great in the kingdom of heaven by righteous living and tending to their earthly stewardship and expanding upon it. Magnify your stewardship and it shall magnify you.”
87:33 “Humble yourselves as little children and fulfill your stewardships to their fullest extents and you shall inherit an eternal glory and joy worthy of your efforts.”
87:34 “Let you who are the greatest live righteously and forever give humble service to those who are the least among the Children of Light and the yearning people of the world; not simply giving to them, but helping them to become more than they are. Do this and the fruits of your labors and the sweetness of your spirit shall bring you a just and beautiful reward beyond your comprehension.”
87:35-36 “But be not confused; the heavenly realms of the Celestine Kingdom are certainly a blissful reward for your faithfulness in mortality; however your arrival in the wondrous light is not the end of your journey, but just the beginning. Beyond the chronicles of time and for all eternity you will forever have the opportunity to expand and grow; and limitless are your possibilities and potential.”
87:37-38 “The question should not be Who will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Your life is your kingdom, and a wiser query would be to ask yourself, How can I be a better king of my kingdom today? As you are a superior king in the realm of your life, you are a better servant of Elohim. And the heavenly world that you shall gain in glory, because you have fulfilled and expanded your stewardship, is greater by far than this one that you see.”
87:43 “Many religions, even among those with practices strange to your understanding, contain a great deal of light in the universal and eternal principals of goodness that they teach. That is why they produce believers who are good and honorable people, no less worthy to be called Children of Light than you are.”
87:50-51 “Let those who partake of unleavened bread do so with a contrite heart, and gain a greater understanding that sin is like leavening, for it puffs up and expands in a person, or a church, or a society, even as leavening puffs bread, until the person, or the church, or the society is full of sin. From this festival, come to understand that if sin is not resisted inside you, or your church, or your society, then like the leavened bread it will continue to puff up until it overwhelms; and you, or your church, or your society, are full of sin and consumed even unto destruction.”
87:52 “Bondage and slavery to the sin is a greater bondage than any ever put upon the Children of Israel by the pharaohs, or a master who takes everything, even down unto your life.”
87:53 “Therefore, be wise in your stewardships, and joyfully study the traditions of all religions that help teach and understand good principles of light.”
87:54 “Do not be hesitant to embrace and adapt in your own manner the good things that others may teach, and their celebrations and traditions, if they help you to more easily understand and live the truths that you know.”
87:8655 “In the battle against the adversary within, you face your greatest foe, and you need to rejoice and embrace every ally you have that helps you not to become a slave to your weaknesses.”
87:56 “Even small weaknesses today, if not opposed, can grow to become great sins tomorrow; sins that destroy not only the sinner, but his family and even his nation.”
87:57 “Of the sins that lead you down into the darkness – lust is the most dangerous. Do not allow yourself to be led into darkness by lust for anything; be it idleness, food, money, sexual immorality, authority over others, or any other unrighteous desire.”
87:58 “Even one step on the road of lust and the gratification of unrighteous desires leads to another; even as every step into the light and the joyous living of righteous principles leads to more.”
87:59-60 “You are never simply standing between the light and the darkness, but always moving toward one or the other. Therefore, be ever aware of where the path your thoughts and actions are leading you, and choose the light. Be masters of yourselves and teach that principle to the Children of Light; for if you are not the master of your lusts and weaknesses then you are a slave to them.”
87:73 “When I rise, so shall Yudas and some of the saints who have lain long in the grave, and a few who have not been so saintly. And they shall return for a day to walk among those in mortality, save for Yudas who shall return to be numbered among you for a time. By this, it will be understood, even if not accepted, that the resurrection is not for me alone, but comes to all, both the saint and the sinner; for the path of progression is eternal; not just for a chosen few, but for everyone.”
88:1-2 “…As you eat this bread, remember my physical body which has labored tirelessly for your good. In that memory be inspired to do no less in your labors for the good of your brothers and sisters in the light. When I am no more upon this Earth, let the Children of Light meet together each week and pass the bread among them that they might eat it in remembrance of the life I have lived for them, and covenant in their hearts to follow my example, and uplift and do much good for one another.”
88:4-7 “…Take this cup and pour the wine among you; each into your own cup; and drink it in remembrance of my blood which shall be shed for you; not upon the cross at Calvary where mortality simply shall breathe its last breath, but upon the tree at Gethsemane where the torment of all wickedness shall be suffered; that those who repent of their sins and live the light might be freed from the anguish they would otherwise be called to bear. Let this become a ritual with the Children of Light when they meet together each week to edify one another and grow in the light: that they would be pure of heart, holding malice toward none of their brothers or sisters; and eat of the bread and drink of the wine in remembrance of me, and in this, renew their covenants with Elohim and to one another.”
88:12 “…You have heard me say that the greatest among you must serve the least if you are to come unto the kingdom of heaven, and so I come to wash your feet that you may know my love for you is simple and pure, and in my service to you I have happiness.”
88:20 “As I have done for you, so should you do for one another; that humility may ever be one of your greatest strengths – a strength that bonds you together in the light of Elohim.”
88:21-22 “Verily, no master is greater than his servant, nor is a messenger less than the one who sent him. For the greatness of each person is testified to every day, not by their station in life, or their knowledge, or wealth, or fame, but by the simple purity of their heart and the honest, humble light shining in their life as they seek to do good.”
88:24-26 “Remember as you go forth in the world to love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you, and all of the Children of Light, are my disciples, if you love one another with a pure and humble love. And in this you will have a sanctuary of peace beyond the comprehension of the world; one that will support you and uphold you, even in your darkest hours.”
88:31 “If you cultivate harmony in your soul, though all the world may be your enemy, in it you will find mostly friends. And a peaceful and loving spirit will insure your safety more than all else you can do in most circumstances. Therefore, most often, you should first endure much in peace before you respond in opposition.”
88:32-34 “But sometimes violence will come suddenly upon you, and often by those who know not your sweet spirit and care naught for your peaceful ways. Elohim does not ask you to go as sheep meekly to the slaughter, for you can do far more good every day that you live. If unopposed, those who would prey on the meek are embolden to prey on others, but those who are opposed with greater strength will prey on the helpless no more.
88:35 “Therefore, when despite your loving spirit and peaceful ways the minions of darkness would still rape your wife, steal your goods, compel you into slavery, or commit any other grievous sin against you, do not hesitate to oppose them justly and in equal measure, by whatever means you are capable. But if it is your life, or the life of your family, or your brothers and sisters of light that they seek to take, then you are justified to mete out to them that which they sought to deliver upon you, by whatever means you are capable.”
88:37-38 “For this cause you should daily cultivate your gifts of the spirit that can stand with hidden power in opposition to the unrighteous. If you have attained a level of competence, always use your spiritual gifts of power rather than traditional means of physical defense, because by this you can preserve your life without taking the life of another.
88:39-40 “But if you have not yet faith in your gifts of power, do not simply stand idly by praying for deliverance when you are attacked by those who would take all that you have, even unto your life and the lives of those that you love. But take a sword or staff to hand, call upon Elohim for strength, and be not hesitant to protect your life or the lives of those that you love from the minions of darkness who would take them or enslave them.
88:41 “Yet, if you will heed the inner voice of your secret guardian, seldom will be the times when you are in danger. As you travel, listen to the voice of the spirit of the divine Mother ever warning you and directing you to protected places.”
88:43 “Trust the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will ever be delivered into safety; even when at times it may seem that all is lost.”
88:44 “When trouble does come upon you, your gifts of spirit will protect you if you have faith in yourself and are in harmony with the light. But if you have not faith in your gifts of spirit, trust the strength in your arm and the courage in your heart.”
88:46 “Trust in your divine Father, trust in your divine Mother; trust in me, and trust also in yourself in the gifts and abilities you have been given, and all will be well.”
88:52 “Yeshua answered him, saying, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to heaven except through me by the light that I have brought. If you know me and follow the example I have given, and live the teachings I have taught, you are on the path that leads to eternal glory.”
88:61 “But listen well to my words, for verily I say unto you that any of you that have faith in me without wavering, and ask what you will of our divine Mother and Father, in my name, you will be able to do all the miracles I have done and ever greater than these”
88:63 “Therefore, whatsoever righteous thing you ask of them in prayer, in my name, that is of the light, I shall ask them to fulfill. And because I will be your advocate, that which you asked shall be fulfilled.”
88:68 “But when I am gone to the Celestine Realms, another comforter will come upon you in fullness, even the Holy Spirit, who shall touch your soul with a sure knowledge of the light beyond the comprehension of the flesh. This is the united spirit of the trinity of Elohim unto the children of men, but it comes to you through the essence of the divine Mother. And she will bring to you a testimony of the light that is even greater than the flesh you have felt, or the miracles you have both seen and heard.”
88:74-77 “The people of the world will never believe in the Holy Spirit of the divine Mother for they cannot see her; or feel her within their bosom. But you shall know her; and all the Children of Light who walk the path shall know her. For after the baptism of water will come the baptism of fire; even the baptism of the Holy Spirit – when the oneness of the Elohim shall come over you and you will know that which the eyes cannot see and the ears cannot hear; a knowledge you cannot touch or give to others, yet so complete that it shall fill every fiber of your being. And once so filled you will never again be empty; once so found, you will never again be lost; once so empowered you will never again be powerless, as long as you stay true to the path of light.”
88:81 “You have heard me say that I am going to die and resurrect and ascend into heaven, but that I will come back to you. Know that it is through the Holy Spirit of Elohim, which comes by the Mother, that this will be so. For I am in her and she is in me, and she will teach you all things you have need of, and remind you of everything I have ever spoken to you or revealed unto you. Through the Holy Spirit I shall come again unto you and we shall never be parted; for the union of spirit is greater than my presence in flesh.”
88:85 “I am the vine of truth and light; you are the branches; and my Father and Mother in heaven are the gardeners. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. And if I am in you, so shall the light be also. But the gardeners shall cut off every branch that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit they will prune so that it will be even more fruitful. Remember that no branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain on the vine. Neither can you bear the delicious fruit of the true light of Elohim unless you remain true to me in the light.”
88:88 “If a man remains in me, he will live the light and bear much fruit; but apart from the light nothing can grow.”
88:91 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, and you live the light that fills you, ask whatever you wish of the divine Mother and Father, in my name, that is of the light, and it will be given to you. This is the joy of my Father and Mother, that you would bear much fruit, living the light and teaching others to do the same by both precept and example.”
88:94 “If you live the light I have brought, you will always feel my love, just as I have lived the light of the Elohim as was given to me by my Father and Mother and have always felt their love.”
88:97 “But now I give a command unto you and my command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. And greater love has no one than this; that he would lay aside his own life to help those whom he loves.”
88:101 “Live in the light; bear fruit to be savored; and our divine Father and Mother will give you whatever you ask in my name.”
88:104 “If you were like the people of the world – if you dressed like them, and ate like them, and acted and spoke like them, they would love you as their own. But you are not of this world. You are Children of Light who have come from a realm of greater light, and have remembered who you are. And I have chosen you out of the world and given you secret knowledge and shown you your gifts. That is why the world will disparage and persecute you; because you are not like them; and care not for the things that they cherish. And you hold secrets and gifts which they will never know.”
88:154 “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you will inspire them to always remain true to the light. Give them the strength and resolve to always put down the adversary within, and the means to always overcome all adversaries outside of them.”
88:159 “May all those who seek the light find it; and all those who live it gather together as Children of Light that they may edify one another. May the Children of Light be brought to complete unity and abundance of all good things, even to the amazement of the world; that the people of the world will know that the Children of Light are blessed of God and that you love them even as you love me.”
88:163 “I pray your love will shower upon all who wander in darkness that they will see the light and heed it; and that those who have found it will take great joy in sharing it; that the Celestine glory shall be filled overflowing with the righteous.”
89:53 “Therefore let the weight of the sins of the world and the weight of the sins of all worlds come upon me. Let me feel the torment that all people would suffer without my light. I pray that you will grant that hereafter, any who repent of their sins and live joyously and fully in the light will not have to suffer at the last day, but will be filled with my light; even into your presence.”
90:58 “…worry not for the pains of mortality; for the soul is not the body and neither these men, or the Sanhedrin, or the Romans can do aught to my eternal soul.”
90:69-70 “Swords and weapons of violence are only for those who have not found the powers of spirit within them. And many who take up the sword for defense shall instead die by it. But those who defend with the gifts of spirit shall prevail, for the weapons of men cannot do battle with the powers of heaven.”
90:119 “Each man, and woman, make their own choices of whether to live in the light or live in the darkness everyday, even in the small things they say or do, and of course also in their larger acts of nobility or debasement.”
90:168-169 “Service is thinking of others and acting for their interests without taking gain for yourself. Service is not forcing your will upon others, or only assisting your friends or tribe, but instead acting unconditionally to help anyone in need who calls upon you with a humble heart and a worthy desire.”
90:174 “Service is the blessed path to heaven, but few will be the wealthy or rulers of men who find it. They who hoard excess unto themselves or squander it on riotous living during their brief mortal life, pay for their pleasures, not with their gold, but with their eternity.”
91:49 “…In the days of darkness uphold the light. I am always with you; always and forever.”
91:63-65 “In truth, like me, many, if not the majority, found enlightenment in his teachings which helped us to become more than we were- kinder, thoughtful, humble and helpful. So too were we astounded by his miracles which brought us to praise God and know with certainty that there is more to life than existence and that man is but an embryo of what he can become. He lifted us in spirit to places we had never been and brought a peace into our hearts that stills all turmoil.”
91:172-173 “…Blessed are you, for now you have seen everything and you believe. But even more blessed are those who shall come after you and not having seen will believe. And it is by the testimony of the Holy Spirit of Elohim that they shall believe, and such a testimony is greater than the witness of the eyes and the hearing of the ears, for it is a touching of the soul of man to the soul of God.'”
91:182 “Then Yudas made to come forth but stopped and spoke from across the room to Yeshua, saying, Lord of Light, I was dead and now I am alive. I was torn asunder and now I am whole; praise be to Elohim from whom all things, even life after death, can be.”
91:187-188 “An amazing miracle,” Cephas exclaimed in awe, “Yeshua and Yudas return to us again. I am at a loss for further words.” “Not a miracle,” Yeshua announced. “You merely see in the flesh the resurrection given by the Elohim to all people; some to resurrect to greater light, and others to greater darkness, by the purity or impurity of their soul.”
91:189-190 “Verily, the righteous live each day with happiness knowing something greater awaits in a life to come that will never end. But the wicked fear death, for they know in their deepest heart that they will be held accountable for their wickedness, and the darkness of judgment that awaits chills their soul.”
92:12-13 “You shall learn that which you have never known or imagined. And with the knowledge I give, you will hold the power of Elohim to do all manner of wonders, as long as you remain humble, and worthy stewards of the light you are given. Many of the things I shall reveal to you are the means to change that which is seen into something that is not seen; to affect and alter the minds of men and matter; to cause the properties of one substance to change into another; and how to travel in spirit anywhere in this world and beyond at the speed of thought to witness any event or to discover any secret of men.”
92:39-40 “Those who have not faith to believe in things unseen and unknown, or who are not pure in heart- but think selfishly and deviously, or who have not repented of their sins, or love not their bodies but destroy their temple with the things they put inside or outside, or care not for the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters of the spirit children of Elohim upon the Earth- these have no promise and they cannot benefit from a blessing. Not because you do not have the power, but because healing is a circle of light. It is only when the circle completes that the healing occurs.”
92:48 “As each are open to the light and have lived it in their lives, so each shall receive the portion that they can hold. So are the pure of heart and life made whole, and the less pure made less whole, and the impure not changed. For the Light of Elohim cannot dwell in unholy vessels.”
92:50 “When you are alone you are a single lamp of the Light of Elohim, but far from alone, for Elohim, the Father, the Mother and the Son are with you. You will forever have their Holy Spirit to guide and direct your paths as long as you live the light.”
92:51 “When you are in solitude, call upon the Father and the Mother in the name of the Son with focused thought, a clear intent, and a heart that reaches beyond the world, and you will be one with the Elohim; with the light, to accomplish the purposes you seek.”
92:52 “When you are gathered together, two or more reaching out to the Elohim, you must be of one heart and mind as you call upon the light and the power it brings. Focus your thoughts and let your hearts reach out until they touch the heart of Elohim and you are one with the light.”
92:54 “You are in the world, but you should not be like it. If a man lives in the ways of the world, how would he know how to be one with God?”
92:58 “As you live the way the Elohim live, your spirit is able to pass through the gate of light and be in their presence, even as you are worthy vessels to have the Holy Spirit of Elohim upon you that they can come and be in your presence.”
92:78 “It was not me Cephas, save perhaps as a catalyst. You simply heard and heeded the call of the greater Cephas beckoning you to become the fullness of the man you can be, even as all men and women are called by the inner voice of their soul to become more than they are; not in the ways of the world, but in the ways of the light.”
92:80-81 “Unto man, and others like unto man in intelligence and experience, has been given the opportunity to freely make choices of light or darkness in every aspect of their lives, beginning with their thoughts. This that they might begin to walk the path that leads to the realm of the Elohim, which realm is far greater than the Celestine realm of which you have learned so much and aspire even now to gain.”
92:83 “For the Celestine realm, though it is grander than your imagination can conceive, is merely a small part of the greater, more glorious realm of the Elohim that awaits the most faithful.”
92:84 “For where you now are, how you now are, even the Father and Mother once were, and where they now are, how they now are, you may someday become as you continue through this life and time untold that follows, to be one with the light.”
92:85 “When you are one with the light, you are no longer of this world, though your feet may still trod upon it.”
92:88-89 “…But while you still live upon this world, never become so much in the next that you forget that it has been given to you to be the faithful stewards of the world upon which you live, to guard it and protect it, and all of the creatures and life therein that are in need of your guardianship and protection. For all of these, all life upon the Earth other than man, are pure in the light of their creation. They are innocent of sin, save those that have been corrupted by man; but even then the sin is upon the corrupters not upon the corrupted.”
92:90 “Because the land and the sea and the sky and all creatures therein are innocent and pure in the light, when you call upon the light to affect them, the circle is immediately completed as the light runs through them, changes them as you have commanded, and returns to you.”
92:91 “The light is of Elohim and so are all things. And save for man who has been given knowledge of good and evil, the light sent out shall always return to the sender, for therein lies its resonance and abode.”
92:102 “By following the good words of wise men we can become good men ourselves, but by living in fullness the commandments and teachings of the Elohim can we become men of faith, in whom the Elohim can trust, and in whom the power of the light can come and abide, in this life and the next.”
92:112 “…Love him, even as I have loved you. Teach him what he is ready to learn and be not angry with him for that which he is not ready, for every person should be given the light only as they are capable of receiving it in good stewardship.”
92:128 “All that is asked of you concerning the lives of men and women of the world can be said by this: help them to remember who they are and help them understand how to live in harmony with the light of Elohim that they might inherit the fullness of their birthright from their Father and Mother in heaven, and a joy inside that surpasses all the world has to offer.”
92:129 “Remember that every person ever born upon the Earth was born in innocence. They came from the light and at the moment of their birth, all are pure Children of Light.”
92:133-134 “But know this: the light of Elohim still remains at the core of all but the most wicked. They are not unredeemable; merely lost. To show them by precept and example the way back to the light, is a stewardship I have given unto you. Even when the light is but a faint glimmer within them, it still calls them to be greater than they are; to do good and live with virtue and honor, even when their life may be just the opposite of that ideal.”
92:137 “Show them by the example of your life how to live in the light, and the benefits of health, happiness and love that abide with you everyday because of the light that you embrace.”
92:49-50 “They will desire to absorb you into a community of common darkness, where all walk the same wrong path; that they may no longer remember or consider that there was any other choice. With no other choice they can justify themselves as being just like everyone else. And if that is how everyone is, how could it be wrong?”
92:51-52 “Take heed that you are not caught unaware. At times the attacks upon your way of life may be strong and blatant. But at other times they will be subtle and insidious, so slowly eating away at your light that you do not even realize it is diminishing, until you find yourself in a place of great darkness without understanding how you arrived there.”
92:153 “But light has nothing to fear from darkness. It is only darkness that needs fear the light.”
92:154 “In a battle of good and evil, light will win simply by increasing the light.”
92:155 “Darkness is nothing of itself. It has no power; it has no form or substance. Darkness is merely the dimness of light, or the void left when light is no longer present.”
92:156 “You can bring a light into a dark room, but you can only make a room dark by taking away the light.”
92:157 “Darkness can only exist in the absence of light. It can only increase if light diminishes; it can only spread forth across the land if the light capitulates, and only win if the light abdicates.”
92:158 “But light increases with faith and desire and holding fast to that which you know to be true, and magnifies when it abides in Communities of Light.”
92:159 “No darkness, no matter how gloomy or pervasive, can withstand the light intent upon overcoming it.”
92:160 “Therefore, remember these things, and never fear the darkness or the evil intentions of men upon you, for you are the light, and the light shall always have the power to overcome the darkness.”