Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

The Destiny of Man


Approximately one thousand years before Yeshua has come to Earth, the prophet Yasvon is visited in her dreams by Elohim the Son, who answers her many questions about mankind. He explains in exquisite detail why we are here on Earth and what our personal destinies and potentials are.

1 Over a thousand years before Elohim the Son came to Earth, there lived in the city of Eridu, in the land of Kiengir of the two rivers, the descendants of one of the twelve groups of Savasi that had returned to Earth to bring back the light and lift the state of man spiritually and temporally.
2 This was the eleventh generation that had been born since the time the Savasi had first returned to Earth.
3 Quickly after their arrival, their ancestors had become one with the native people through marriage, and now they were indistinguishable from the Saggiga people who had come from the north generations before the Savasi had returned to inhabit and farm the rich land of the delta of two rivers.
4 Nevertheless, it was not forgotten among the descendants of the Savasi the stories of how their ancestors had returned to Earth to bring back the light, and though the Saggiga worshipped a wide variety of false gods, the descendants of the Savasi still remained faithful to the true light of Elohim.
5 Thus, it was that they still kept the ways of Elohim that had been taught to them by their parents and looked, with faith, to a prophet called of God to give them the pure guidance, light, and truth of Elohim.
6 In her forty-fourth year, Yasvon the Wise was called by Elohim and confirmed by unanimous support of the Council of Twelve to be the new prophetess when Hasslamar the Astute died.
7 And it came to pass that the prophetess Yasvon fulfilled her calling, and through her came a wonderful book of scripture concerning the destiny of man.
8 These are the words she spoke to the Council of Twelve and the Children of Light on that day so long ago:
9 “Beloved friends, it is such a humbling honor to be numbered among you, and to speak to you this day of a great dream from Elohim that came upon me seven nights ago.
10 Many times in my dreams, I have spoken with the divine Mother and received her loving guidance that we might all become better than we are and continue to prosper in this land.
11 Occasionally, the divine Father has also come to me in my dreams, and his presence, though equal in love to the Mother, is so very different than hers.
12 It could be no other way, for we are male and female and have been created in their divine images. Male and female we marry and two become one; that in the two that are one there is a balance of love and light and strength and wisdom; that we and our children may always be blessed by the balance.
13 But seven nights ago, someone came to me in my dream who has never appeared before. Though the divine Mother and Father speak often of him, never had I seen him or heard his voice. But on this holy night, Elohim the Son came unto me.
14 He told me that he had come to answer my question. In truth, I was surprised, though I should not have been, for I had been thinking much of late upon a most vexing question, but I had spoken of it to no one, save to Elohim in my prayers.
15 I had been pondering upon the history of man, from the times of Eden and Noah and our ancestors’ travels to another earth, up into this time in which we live.
16 It seemed to me as I reflected upon the history of man that time after time, there was a cycle of coming closer to Elohim and then falling away.
17 This could happen to one person in a lifetime or to a group of Children of Light over the span of many generations.
18 I contemplated how it could be possible for men and even Children of Light, in many times past, to witness marvelous wonders and miracles from Elohim and still walk away from the light and the joy that living in the light brings.
19 As I looked back upon the history of man from the time of Eden until the time we live, try as I might, I could not understand how it is that man never seems to learn from the follies of history and that the errors made by one generation, rather than being remembered as lessons of what not to do, are instead forever repeated by generations that follow, who become doomed by their foolish actions to suffer the same pains in mortality and immortality as their ancestors.
20 Why has this cycle never been broken? Is man so thick-skulled and dim-witted that no matter how many times he hits himself on the head with a mallet, he cannot comprehend what is causing the pain?
21 Why, throughout history, have men from Earth continued to war with one another and kill one another and do all manner of atrocities to one another, despite the evidence after every war that victory is hollow and that which is lost by both sides is far greater than anything won by the victor?
22 From our parents and grandparents, we know that in worlds beyond this Earth, this lesson has been learned, even by people more primitive than we of Earth are today. If it is so elsewhere, then why not here upon this Earth, with these men?
23 And how is it possible that Children of Light who have been blessed with knowledge and understanding and Celestine abilities above all others have ever been able to turn their backs upon the light and embrace the misery and loneliness of the darkness, even to participate in a level of war and destruction so great as to not be imagined by the men of Earth today, so great that those few Children of Light who survived were our ancestors who fled this planet.
24 But that which vexed me most was truly my incomprehension as to why after millennia of time, after repeated help and intervention from Elohim, after countless wars of pointless destruction, after countless lives of misery led by those walking in darkness, the state of man today upon the Earth is less than it was even at the time of our ancestors the Savasi or of Noah or of the Edenites.
25 Upon the return of our people from the stars, we have given the people who were here on Earth new technologies that have propelled them to greater heights of civilization, but are there less wars? Is man kinder and more compassionate to his fellow man? Has loving service to one another replaced forced servitude and slavery? Beyond our small circle, do people have greater love for the temple of their bodies?
26 As was promised, our ancestors have been the seeds from which the new civilizations of man have sprouted, but that is simply a level of greater comfort for the shell of man. What seed of light has sprouted within the eternal spirit of man? Why after millennia upon millennia is man still in so great a darkness, still repeating the errors of every generation that has gone before, instead of learning the lessons and becoming greater in spirit and love than every generation that has gone before?
27 This was the question I have pondered and asked of Elohim. And in a dream, Elohim the Son came to me, and these are the words he spoke unto me:”
28 “Beloved sister of spirit, to understand the answer to your question, you must more fully comprehend where those who dwell upon the Earth have come from, why they are here in mortality upon this Earth and not another earth, the fullness of the purpose of life, and the promise of life everlasting.
29 Mortality is not the first step nor the last, but a middle step in the eternal progression of man.
30 The Earth you live upon is only one of many earths that men live upon, so many in number that they are like the sands of the sea.
31 When children are taught in school, are the boys sent to learn beside the girls or the girls beside the boys? No, they are not, for the ways of the male are not the ways of the female; therefore, they are taught separately, in different manners, each for their greatest benefit.
32 Even within the schools of the boys and the schools of the girls, are there not still greater separations? Some learn quicker than others, and they are placed with their peers. Others need special attention to help them focus, and they are grouped with others like unto themselves.
33 By this, each has the greatest opportunity to learn to the fullest of their potential by being taught in a manner most in harmony with their spirit and studiousness, while the door still remains open to a greater harmony with another school if they desire something more in their life.
34 And so it is even in the hereafter, where each is drawn to that which is most in harmony with their spirit and their proclivities, be it light or darkness, but with the door always open to a greater light if they are willing to walk the path that leads to the door.
35 In mortality or immortality, it is upon this foundation of harmony that the eternal progression of man goes forward, that man may say, ‘Here I am today, but with greater desire and efforts, there I will be tomorrow because that is the tomorrow that calls to me.’
36 Thus, man is rewarded in mortality and immortality with the harmony of his choice, be it light or darkness, and is always afforded the opportunity to seek a new harmony and a greater light if he is willing to make the effort.
37 Therefore, think of each earth as a school, and to each school of mortality upon each earth are sent the students who are most in harmony with one another, be that harmony of light or harmony of darkness, that they will have the greatest opportunity to learn and grow and become more than they are.
38 Since the beginning of its creation, upon your Earth, some of the greatest lights of Heaven have been sent to be teachers, by precept and example, and you and the Children of Light are among them.
39 And they have been sorely needed, for your Earth has ever been filled with the malcontents of Heaven, those who, even in the life before life, were disruptors rather than peacemakers, doubters rather than believers.
40 Your Earth is their harmony. And their harmony is often war and destruction and abominations.
41 Unto these have you been sent and many other great lights of Heaven before you that you might teach by precept and example and raise their harmony to a greater height;
42 Not all the world at once, but line upon line, precept upon precept, example upon example, one person at a time.
43 Therefore, be not discouraged by the repetitions of the follies of man. Understand the harmony of the Earth upon which you live, even though to you it is disharmony. And know that despite the repetition of foolishness, you can change the world and bring it into greater light, one person at a time.
44 As to the purpose of life, there are many. But the greatest is to reach a state of consciousness in which you have an inner peace which transcends mortality, making you one in spirit, thought, and action not only with your Earth and all life therein, but also with the boundless light of the Celestine Realms.
45 In this, you are in Heaven even amidst the trials and tribulations of life, and no challenge or vexation of mortal life that comes upon you can sway or topple you from your inner serenity.
46 Before mortality, you lived in greater freedom; no one sought your life, forced you to pay taxes, or compelled you to act against your beliefs. You did not have to squander the hours of your life laboring at that which you despise just to survive and provide food and shelter and clothing for your family.
47 In the life to come, this freedom will be even greater and your spirit will soar upon freedom’s wings.
48 In mortality, you may not be confined in a prison of stone, but you are confined within the prison of your physical, mortal body and all of its weaknesses. You can fall sick or be injured physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, and you can die. But so can you live.
49 Never forget amidst the travails of mortality that you are sons and daughters of the divine Father and Mother and are connected in spirit to all living things, both on Earth and beyond. You are radiant rays of light that can illuminate the deepest darkness.
50 In the life before life, you were as you are now: sons and daughters of God. But that knowledge was ever present, and because of that, many came to no longer appreciate the great treasure that is their souls source, for the knowledge of it was always with them.
51 Now you are cast with the others into the darkness and forgetfulness of mortality for a lifetime. How can you best fulfill the purpose of this life? By reaching through the darkness and discovering yourself—the divinity from which you have come—and living the greater light which is revealed.
52 Love and nurture the temple of your body, for in that, you honor Elohim the creator. But do not forget it is but a temporary shell given to many imperfections, vagrancies, infirmities, disease, and death.
53 Nor forget that this very temporary shell is not you. It is only the physical covering of your soul for a breath of eternity.
54 Therefore, do not separate yourselves by the colors of your skins or hair or eyes or the beauty of your face or the youth or suppleness of your body, for these things are not you, merely an artist’s covering to hold the brilliant Sun of your soul.
55 The masterpiece is not outside of you. It is inside of you.
56 But for you to know and love your eternal soul and spirit, you must be one in spirit with the source of all creation, even our divine Father and Mother.
57 For by their command have all things come into existence, and there is not one thing that exists or has existed or will exist that is not from them.
58 You are a part of Elohim, and they are a part of you, even as you are a part of all that lives and all that lives is a part of you.
59 The cause for all of man’s problems and sickness and sorrow is that the connection between man and God, and man and all life has been severed. Reconnect man to God and man to all life, in heart and spirit, and the man shall be transformed from darkness to light.
60 Return to eternal oneness and there is no place for strife, sickness, or sorrow, for man only wars with that which is not in harmony with his eternal soul.
61 Cease looking at the differences between men on the outside and instead remember and embrace the divine inner harmony that all men can have through the divinity by which they were created.
62 The resonance of this Earth has been dim and dark, separated from the harmony of Elohim that is bright and light.
63 Guide those in darkness to the light by precept and example, and many will resonate again with the light that is the source of their creation and eternity.
64 All the sorrow that comes upon the children of men, all the weeping, all the pain, all the sufferings, come only when man is separated in spirit from the healing love of the divine Mother and Father, which is an abiding peace and tranquility that overcomes all sorrow and pain and grief.
65 You were created before this world was as true sons and daughters of God to progress eternally that someday you might even become as our divine Mother and Father now are.
66 In the life before life, you were closer to understanding and being one and in harmony with that awareness.
67 Now in mortality, a veil of forgetfulness has come upon you that you may develop faith that you might find your bosom welling up with feelings of overwhelming love as you connect again with your spirit to our divine Mother and Father, not from things that you see, which may be an illusion, but from that which you feel in your soul as it becomes one with all that is and rises to a new resonance as it recognizes the true harmony of its existence.
68 Remind yourself continually, until it is never forgotten, that your outer shell and the physical world are of little importance. Therefore, why should the challenges of the outer life cause you despair?
69 Be at peace and in harmony with your inner eternal soul and your eternal love and connection to Elohim and all that is, and nothing that assails you on the outside can affect your inner serenity.
70 It is your eternal soul and spirit that are of monumental importance, and all the mortal world has been created simply to help you more clearly find your eternal soul and, once found, to connect in a oneness of love to Elohim and all life; for the divine Mother and Father and all life are eternally a part of you, even as I am.
71 Seek to be one with the divine in your heart, soul, mind, and spirit, and no challenge of the world will be able to overcome you.
72 The men of the world seek to connect to the divine by making gods of kings and following elaborate ceremonies and rituals within a myriad of religions. In this, their spirit remains vacant, for you cannot find the spiritual, which remains forever in time beyond this world, with things of the physical, which are here today and gone tomorrow.
73 Therefore, have no ritual or ceremony of religion save those of simplicity that move your heart and soul to connect in a oneness with all living things, a oneness with Elohim, and a oneness with the divine that is within you.
74 You are in mortality to perfect yourselves to overcome your weaknesses and make them your strengths, to increase the length and breadth and depth of your good character even so much that your children honor you and hold you as their ideal, that many in need have been helped by your service, and that when you pass from mortality it will be remembered that to have been your child or your friend was a blessing that lives on.
75 As a Child of Light, your destiny in mortality is not to become a great leader or to be revered as a wise sage or a great healer, although you may become all of these things and more if it is your desire and focus.
76 But your destiny is far greater than any of these. It is a destiny given to all, but realized by few. Your destiny is simply to live up to the potential of your divine heritage and become as perfect in your life as is possible, given time and circumstances.
77 Begin with your attitude, for in this, you light the fires of your actions. Be sweet of disposition, praising of others, not critical. Be excited and curious, always looking to grow and expand your knowledge and good experiences.
78 Act with wisdom, ever mindful of the perfection you seek.
79 Remember the laws of health and vitality and live them well that your body might always be well, even into your ancient age.
80 Be moderate and temperate in all things, but also passionate in the joys of your righteous pleasures.
81 Ever seek to develop and maintain a perfect physique for your age, with health and strength and stamina that belies your years.
82 Never be satisfied with where you are, for when you stop reaching, you do not remain where you are, but slide backward to become less than you were.
83 Cultivate the garden of your mind. Nourish the flowers within that your garden may always remain vibrant, but also plant new flowers of knowledge each day that your garden may ever be growing and expanding, even until it holds flowers from all the world.
84 Be noble and pure in your thoughts. Purge your mind of pettiness, greed, vanity, jealousy, craving, and hurtful ambition.
85 Cultivate divine thoughts and sentiments. See the good in people and situations, and you will bring it out in them and in yourself.
86 Think not so much of what you can do for yourself, but more of what you can do for others.
87 Consider how you can be a light of benefit, happiness and help to others, especially to your family and those you love with a sacred love.
88 Let not your mind think along dark and crooked paths, but seek out the straight and narrow, illuminated by the brilliant light of virtue.
89 It is the weak man who gives up the light of his mind and turns it to darkness, becoming crude in language and actions, cunning, sly, manipulative, secretive, a hidden danger to all who know him.
90 Seek instead examples of greatness and light and emulate them. Be idealistic in your character and ever strive to reach your ideals.
91 Look at other men and women who have achieved at least a part of that which you seek, who have obtained the pinnacle of a mountain of character you desire to embody.
92 Consider how you can be like unto them, for surely as one man has become, so may others be; for in every light that you see, so too can you shine.
93 And if you thus endeavor for perfection in your life, not as a zealot, but in harmony, peace, forbearance, and love, then you shall find the bliss that you seek, the harmony of oneness, and the precious bond to the love of our divine Mother and Father that is the balm to all pains and the river to transcendent joy.
94 Even if you never reach the ideal you seek, be not discouraged, for if you strive faithfully, you will become the embodiment of the character which you sought.
95 Therefore, in your pursuit of sweet perfection, do not be a perfectionist or berate yourself for falling short, for perfection is not for this life but the next, and if you are seeking your goals with honest effort, you are achieving them even while you seek.
96 Verily, if you strive with sincerity and purpose to embody a divine character and never abandon your sweet spirit or idealism, you are a success in your endeavors of eternal significance, every day of your life.
97 Is it little wonder that even in a society of darkness that the man or woman who embodies such an ethical and moral character becomes a priceless jewel, a firm, reliable tower of light from which even those in darkness take comfort?
98 When you are challenged by mortal life, as you always shall be, let this be a time when the true divinity of your character comes forth. Do not allow times of stress and turmoil to shake you from your foundation.
99 And what is your foundation? You are a child of God, a Child of Light, literally a priceless son or daughter of divinity. Even through the fog of mortal upheavals and the tumults and tribulations, always remember you are still a child of God and shall inherit joy and kingdoms beyond measure, as you remain true to your light.
100 Elohim the Father and the Mother are the source of all things that exist, and you are a part of the source and they are a part of you. Even when the agitation and anxieties of life cloud your memory, it does not change the truth: You are a child of God, a Child of Light, a priceless son or daughter of divinity.
101 You are founded upon Celestine Light. You live, move, and have your soul filled with the divine light, whether you know it or not.
102 Everything that exists, that has existed, or that will exist, both the living and the inanimate, were created through the Celestine Light of Elohim. That divine light remains within them, a part of them, throughout all eternity.
103 Because the divine light of Elohim exists within all things from their creation, so Elohim remains in all things and all people. Elohim is all-pervading. By the word of Elohim countless earths and the stars that surround them were created, and the Celestine Light of Elohim is inseparable from them.
104 Though people and places may become shrouded in darkness, there will always remain at least a sliver of the light. And from that sliver, the light may always grow, even until it overcomes the darkness.
105 Therefore, remember, remember, when you are of weak faith or downtrodden by the torments of mortality, that you are ever a child of God whether you remember it or not, that within you waiting always to see the light is a divine perfection, a divine bliss, a divine love for the sacred and the holy.
106 When men do evil, they cover the light of their divine nature and hide it from themselves and others. The more evil they do, the more the light is hidden.
107 But never forget that no matter how evil a man becomes, he can never eradicate the divine light of Elohim that is inescapably a part of his soul forever.
108 And the same divine light of the soul that calls man to his greatness will also condemn the man who heeds not the calling and instead does evil in his life.
109 For after mortality, there will come a day of judgment, and it will be the divine light of his own soul that judges the man, when he looks into the light and sees his shadow.
110 If his light has been hidden by his evil acts, it will shine but a glimmer of its former glory and great will be his shadow. But if he has fulfilled his destiny, the light of his soul will be brilliant; radiating forth in every direction, even so much that there will be no shadow.
111 Thus, man is judged not by the Elohim, but by his own soul, by his light and his shadow, which shows without prejudice or favor how well he fulfilled his own destiny of divinity in mortality.
112 Now you live upon a tumultuous Earth. Disease, famine, pestilence, and war may overcome you at any time. If you live in the light of Elohim, you will be prepared, and through all these challenges, you will more likely stand, even while others fall.
113 Nevertheless, if your sojourn in mortality ends before you have been able to strive in fullness for your perfection, you have no cause to mourn, for your opportunity has not ended, nor can it ever end, for there is no end to your radiant, eternal spirit, and soul.
114 Remember, you are not the frail mortal shell which you see in the mirror, but a radiant, immortal child of divinity, which weapons cannot kill, fire cannot burn, disease cannot wrack, and sadness cannot overwhelm.
115 You were not born, nor can you die. You are eternal, permanent, beyond time, and death has no meaning for you. You are everlasting, immortal, indestructible, deathless, and without birth, save the birth of your spirit and soul through the love of your Heavenly Father and Mother before this world was.
116 Whatever tragedies, afflictions, or sorrows occur in your life, even unto death, happen not to you, but only upon your shell of mortality, the frail covering of flesh and bones housing your soul.
117 This oh-so-temporary shell does not need a pestilence or disease or war to destroy it. When it becomes old, if it survives the wars and pestilences and diseases, it will still wear out and cease to be.
118 Therefore, be not so concerned about the number of years given to your mortal shell, for there are a myriad of ways by which it can come to an end—some sooner, others later—but to an end it shall always come.
119 Be more concerned with your indestructible and immortal soul and what you can do in the years given unto you in mortality to perfect it and help it to radiate its glory. This is your destiny.
120 And if through accident or disease or war or tribulation, your sojourn in mortality ends before its time, you shall be given another, even until you have had ample opportunity to fulfill the full measure of your mortal experience.
121 Like unto the schoolhouse in your town burning down, the destruction of your mortal shell, if premature, does not end the opportunity for your soul to expand in mortality; for even as another school would be built in your town that you could continue your education, so shall another mortal shell be given unto your soul in another mortal life, perhaps even on another earth, that you might have the opportunity to fulfill the full measure of your mortality.
122 I say again, fear not the frailties of mortality, even unto death. Even were all life upon your Earth to be destroyed by the follies of man, you remain, you are not touched, you are not destroyed, for you are sons and daughters of God and you are as eternal as the Elohim.
123 Your destiny remains true and clear; you are not the body, but the soul. Your soul is you, and you are eternal.
124 You are light; you are good; you are one with all of creation.
125 Therefore, ever seek to fulfill the divinity of your creation, ever doing good, ever welcoming the resonance of the spirit of Elohim into the bosom of your soul, ever seeking the perfection of your being in every way. This is your destiny.”