Love, Faith & Stewardship

"Verily, I say unto you, this generation shall not pass away until all that has been hidden is brought again into the light; for it is the epoch for the fulfillment of promise"
Oracles of Celestine Light, Nexus 1:21

Holidays of Celestine Light

There are four major holidays (Holy Days) in Celestine Light, which coincide with the equinoxes and solstices.

Spring Equinox: Excelsior: Celebration of Renewal

Summer Solstice: Vitalta: Celebration of Life

Fall Equinox: Majakpler: Celebration of Abundance

Winter Solstice: Luminaire: Celebration of Light

Spring Equinox: Excelsior – Celebration of Renewal

During the spring time, in the northern hemisphere, new life begins to come forth. Buds prepare to blossom; young grasses and plants begin to peek through the soil and shoot up into the sunlight, bees are starting to stir, the eggs of insects laid in the fall are getting ready to hatch, and birds and animals are preparing for the births of the newborns.

In the church this is a time we set aside to consider our own renewal. During the week preceding the Equinox we fast during the day and eat only a simple meal at sunrise and a simple dinner after sunset. We refrain from sexual activity and look introspectively at our life as we seek a closer communion with God. We recognize the mistakes we have made during the year and through prayer and the righting of wrongs, seek to repent of our errors of the past, casting their weight off of our backs, and are able to go forth in our lives with our heads raised higher, in greater virtue and with better character.

On the day of the Equinox we celebrate with a feast, and to our friends and family who are present, ask forgiveness for our imperfections and mistakes, proclaim our love and affection, and promise to be a better father, wife, son, daughter or friend as appropriate.

Summer Solstice: Vitalta – Celebration of Life

Vitalta celebrates the birth of Yeshua of Nazareth, the greatest light unto the world, who was born on the day of greatest light in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice. This is a time amidst all of life’s challenges, to reflect upon our journey in mortality. Vitalta is a time to remember our purposes in life, to recommit ourselves to becoming a better person in every way.

It is also a time of joining together with family and community in joy, laughter, music, dance, games and watching and participating in performing arts.

There is a feast on Vitalta where extra effort is made to produce outstanding foods that are both nutritious and delicious, to remind us that good food should also be a part of a fulfilling life. This is a day of true celebration. The birthday party for Yeshua.

Part of the tradition is for each person to make or offer something of their creativity or talents: art, food, clothing, jewelry, a massage, etc. All the gifts are numbered and pieces of paper with each gifts number on it are put in a bag. Then each person who is contributing a gift, draws from the bag to discover their surprise.

Fall Equinox: Majakpler – Celebration of Abundance

At the time of the fall equinox we celebrate the local church Family of Light we are a part of, as well as the blessings of abundance of all types that we enjoy, even though we may live in humble means. There is a great feast to celebrate the harvest and we give thanks in word and celebration festivities to Elohim for the beautiful world that was made for us to live upon and we consider how we can be better stewards of the Earth.

During Majakpler we have talks and demonstrations elaborating on some of the principles of health and longevity revealed in our church.

This celebration is also a time of sharing with those less fortunate and to reach out to the larger community around us. A special effort is made to invite non-members to come and share in the joy, food and festivities of Majakpler. We take special note of the examples Yeshua gave in his life and make special efforts to be of service to mankind, beginning with our local Family of Light, and then our larger church family, and finally our local community. As it is a time of equal day and night, we reflect upon our own dual nature, how we desire the light but are tempted by the darkness; how important balance is in our lives, to be well-rounded and non-fanatical; and how to make good choices and take wise actions that increase our light and restrain our temptations, making us greater masters of ourselves.

Winter Solstice: Luminaire – Celebration of Light

Luminarie ends on the day of the winter solstice and begins 30 days before that date. It is a celebration and reflection upon the marvelous light Yeshua of Nazareth brought into the world. It is a symbolic time as in the northern hemisphere the solstice is the time of greatest darkness, like the darkness the world was in before Yeshua came and showed by his life and teachings the brightness of the light that can be. We put up many lights, especially inside the house, and of many colors to remind us that Yeshua brought not only great light into the world for us to live by, but also a fullness and balance of light.

During Luminaire members twelve and over participate in a modified fast to help attain a greater personal spirituality and communion with God and to be more cognizant of the poor who often must go without meals every day of the year. We eat two simple meals a day; one before or shortly after sunrise, and one after sunset, eliminating all snacks and desserts during this time. We also refrain from any type of sexual activity during the fast. Along with the fast, this restraint helps us to focus more intently upon our spiritual needs and energy. This is an important time, not only to establish a closer relationship with God, but also to make a concentrated effort to better develop our personal spiritual gifts and abilities. It is a time to learn greater patience and humility. It is also a time to make extra efforts individually and as a church family to help the poor and less fortunate.

Luminaire ends with a feast among family and close friends on the day of the solstice and an exchange of gifts with our loved ones, symbolic of the gifts Yeshua gave to all of us by his teachings, the example of his life, and his resurrection.